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Hello, Boston! Oh, how I have missed you so. 


It’s funny. When I lived in the city, so many things annoyed the heck of me: lack of parking, unreliable public transportation, high cost of living, trash and dog poop everywhere (well, at least where we lived). But, now that I live outside of the city, I miss all of that stuff. So, having a “night out on the town” was really something special for me. (Oh, how things have changed!?!)

Tonight, Mal and I drove into Back Bay and scored a metered parking spot across the street from the Other Side Café. We had time to spare, so we popped in for a beer.


I’ve walked by the Other Side Café a million times, but never stopped in. It has quite the reputation as a “hipster” hangout, so I wasn’t sure whether it was my scene or not. Well, I discovered that it is totally my scene– and Mal’s too! 😀


It reminded us a lot of something you’d find in Burlington, Vermont, so, of course, we felt right at home. We’re Vermonters at heart! 😉

As soon as we sat down at the bar, the bartender welcomed us and asked what we’d like to drink. The Other Side Café has an amazing selection of (mostly local) microbrews, so Mal and I wanted to weigh our options before we picked one. The bartender sensed that we needed a little guidance with our selections, so he asked for our taste preferences and gave us a mini beer tasting of 6 or 7 varieties. So cool! :mrgreen:


Eventually, I decided on the Pretty Things Our Finest Regards, a barelywine with a medium body and lots of malty goodness. It would be a great beer for sipping in front of the fireplace on a cold winter day. I’m a big fan.


Mal and I would have stayed at the Other Side Café all night long, but we had an event to attend! The nice folks at Ibex Outdoor Clothing invited me to the Winter Welcoming Party at their new store on Newbury Street.


The message that accompanied the invitation mentioned Vermont’s American Flatbread. Obviously, this got my attention””Mal’s too! 😉


By the time we arrived, the Ibex store was already bumping!


Ibex Outdoor Clothing specializes in Merino wool and organic cotton clothing, wool cycling and bike clothing, and is a designer of sustainable clothing and apparel. Basically, it’s high-quality active gear for cold climates””like that found in Boston or any part of Vermont.


Ibex is pricey stuff, but you can tell it’s top-of-the-line gear.


Yes,  I wanted all of it.





Mal and I stayed at the event for about 45 minutes. We did some Christmas shopping, enjoyed a cocktail, and devoured a few pieces of American Flatbread.


Holy yum! 😀



Jazz hands! :mrgreen:

(This was my attempt to model a pair of sweet Ibex gloves, but my husband is not a photographer and I am not a model! 😉 )


After the Ibex event, Mal and I were still pretty hungry, so we headed back to the Other Side Café for dinner. I ordered the Spicy Lettuce Wraps.


Inside was ground peanuts, carrots, cilantro, and garlic. On the side was a soy sauce-based dipping sauce. I have no idea what was in it, but it was spicy.

I LOVED this meal! I have plans to recreate it at home next week.


What a fun night!!! (Although it makes me miss Boston and Burlington! 😕 )

Good night, guys!



  1. What a fun night!! I lived in Boston when I was in college and now I live north of Boston with my husband. Every time I go into Boston I realize how much I miss it! Of course, I wouldn’t trade having a driveway and a backyard for anything! Can’t wait to see the wraps recreated next week, yum!

  2. I loooove Boston! I visited the other weekend and it is just such a cute city! My only issue with it was that cabs kept telling me they wouldn’t take me where I wanted to go because my destination was either “too close” aka a 45 minute walk away at night by myself (not fun) or “too far”. Overall its such a great city though!

  3. Wait, you found a meter in Back Bay?!?!?! That’s gotta be some kind of holiday miracle, lol!
    Looking at those photos made me a bit homesick. Sounds like a fun night!

  4. My friend Ashleigh and I LOVE that place!!! Great food! Next time you go I strongly recommend the BLT with Tempeh Bacon or the Tempeh Buffalo Sandwich. AMAZING!

  5. Oooh, I’ve had beers by Allagash before!
    Top of the line gear…too bad that first item was made in China! I am interested in an alternative to SmartWool or Patagonia though. And I don’t think I trust Lululemon’s recent venture into merino wool as it’s also made in China (and more expensive than SW & Patagonia) I’ll have to check out other items by Ibex.

    I’ve been to Burlington a couple times – we’ve been up to Stowe to ski 3 times, and I can’t wait to go back!

  6. The Other Side Cafe is so good! I really like it there.

    I love love being close to the city but I really don’t think I could ever live IN it. The traffic, the parking, the pedestrians…they’d drive me absolutely insane if I had to do it on a daily basis. 😉

  7. The city is a great place to visit …

    Any time you and Mal want to get away to VT you’re welcome to sit around our bonfire anyday. We’re just south of St. J (not too far from Cabot). so you can check out the other side of the state.

  8. I keep meaning to go try The Otherside Cafe!! That’s pretty impressive you found parking near Newbury haha. This post just makes me remember how much I love living in Boston too 🙂

  9. oh how funny tina, you live all the way over there in boston and you show me a fun place to go that i have never heard of, american flat bread, right here in portland, or. thank you, i will be heading there for sure this weekend!

  10. You were in my neck of the woods! I’ve always wanted to check out the Other Side Cafe. Glad to hear it’s as good as I hoped it would be! 🙂

  11. Agree with the above comment on the made in china. A focus on sustainable clothing hopefully would place more emphasis on local manufacturing. Maybe someone at the company would talk to you to discuss some of these concerns raised by readers.

  12. Yum I love the Other Side! When I lived in Boston they used to have a pressed peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich on their menu….soooooo delicious!

  13. I’ve been feeling the same way ever since moving out to the ‘burbs! Overall, I’m happier out here, but there are definitely aspects to city life that I miss.

    The Other Side Cafe has an amazing breakfast/brunch menu also… their iced coffee is awesome!

  14. I’m also a Vermonter at heart! What a great club to be in 🙂 Those places look so much fun! A little taste of Burlington in the big city! Really neat! ~Take Care

  15. Hi Tina!

    Have you seen the beanie that fits your ipod and has a built in headphone? I read about it in my SHAPE magazine and I thought it was so cool. Thought you may be interested since I’m sure it snows on your side o’ town… and you’re a runner 😉

    By the way… it is 4:30 am as I type this comment… … …

  16. Am I missing something, in your glove-modeling photo you weren’t wearing the gloves!? Funny. I live in NYC and there are definitely things that drive me crazy but there are soooooo many things I will miss when we move out of the city. I’m sure we’ll get nostalgic when we come back…

  17. As a native Vermonter I’m glad you feel at home here. 🙂 I’ll definitely be checking out The Other Side cafe the next time I’m in Boston. Have a great weekend.

  18. the Otherside is a good time!! I’ve been in once or twice.
    looks like such a fun event – I almost went! Would have been nice to meet ya 🙂

  19. LOVE that you two are Vermonters at heart! Vermont will always be in my heart even though I live in DC now! And on my ankle, where my snowflake tat reminds me of my native home! Looks like a fun night! xo

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