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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Monday!

Remember my Cookbook Challenge from this time last year? Well, I’m challenging myself once again, but, this time, the focus is vegetables! (Apparently, I’m all about challenges this month!)


My time at the Dole Healthy Lifestyles Summit really motivated me to add more veggies to my diet. Nearly every meal that I ate there included a ton of delicious vegetable dishes. Most of them didn’t seem to difficult to make, so I want to challenge myself to cook similar veggie recipes at home. So, from now until the end of the year, my goal is to make at least one new veggie recipe each week. My hope is that once I start making these recipes, I’ll realize just how easy it is to incorporate vegetables into my diet.

Feel free to join me in my Veggie Challenge. I’d love to share some recipes!


With my Veggie Challenge in mind, I added sweet potato wedges to my breakfast this morning. BAM! More vegetables in my diet!

_MG_5243 (800x533)

Breakfast also included scrambled eggs and iced coffee with coconut milk.

_MG_5255 (800x533)

Weekly Workouts

Here’s this week’s workouts:

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Body Pump + 3.5-mile run
  • Tuesday: TRX + 6 mile run
  • Wednesday: SurfSet class
  • Thursday: Pilates-Based Mat + 3-mile run
  • Friday: Ultimate Conditioning
  • Saturday: Off

Be Thankful Challenge

I’m thankful for pugs and how much they make me smile.


Question of the Day

What’s your favorite vegetable recipe? Please share!

Most of my favorite veggie recipes come from this cookbook!



  1. That picture of Murphy is hilarious! I had roasted asparagus last night and it was GOOD! Just used some olive oil, salt & pepper. 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

  2. my fav veg easy recipe is a cabbage salad:

    purple cabbage
    soy sauce
    rice vinegar
    sesame oil

    So simple, uber healthy and yummy!!!!!!!

  3. I’m looking forward to your veggie recipes. I tend to just roast my veggies or throw them in a skillet with a little water and olive oil spray. I’ve been seasoning everything with crushed red pepper and garlic for the last year. I need some change!

  4. Whenever I “forget” to eat my veggies, I go for the really deep leafy greens to make up for it. 🙂 My favorite is kale sauteed with sesame oil, a dash of tamari, and an extra sprinkle of roasted sesame seeds. It also works great in the oven, though more often that not I forget to pay attention and end up with kale chips. Yum too!

  5. I love the idea os sweet potato wedges for breakfast. I’ll have to add that to my routine 🙂

    My newest fav veggie is roasted cauliflower with salt, pepper, and italian seasoning. Then top with a little bit of gruyere and serve. YUM!

  6. I’m on the challenge with you…how long I love cauliflower too!!! I also add pumpkin and unsweetened applesauce to my oatmeal in the am. woo hoo!!!

  7. Tina,

    I love the veggie challenge! I think I will give it a try…and your workouts this week. SUPURB! I love BodyPump and TRX, but can you tell me more about SURFitness? I am interested!?!

    Thanks Tabatha

  8. I just found your blog and am really enjoying reading it. My favorite veggie dish right now is quartered brussels sprouts sauteed in a little coconut oil until browned and cooked through. I also add a splash of balsamic vinegar in the last minute of cooking. They are tasty and filling! I love adding the leftover sprouts to my salad the next day. ~Leslie

  9. Your post now has me craving sweet potato wedges and eggs! Yum! I have been on a roasted butternut squash kick myself. I could eat it everyday!

  10. I have recently been trying to add more veggies to my diet too! First, I started with adding them to my daily omelet (I have chickens = free eggs = eating eggs every day). Then, I wanted more options for snacks so I started roasting veggies like cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I love putting a little Adobo seasoning on them. Delicious!

  11. I wanted to ask you if almond or soy milk don’t curdle in your coffee? I only use cow milk but want to try other milks but I’m afraid they could curdle. Thanks!

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