Valentine’s Day Celebration + Romance Just Isn’t Our Thing

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Good morning! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Mal and I celebrated with an early dinner at Scarlet Oak Tavern. We actually weren’t planning to do anything for the holiday, but then we forgot to use a gift certificate that we received for Christmas the last time we dined at Scarlet Oak, so we gave ourselves an “excuse” to visit again for Valentine’s Day. Hey, whatever works, right? 🙂

scarlet oak tavern (768x1024)

Mal and I met at the bar and then ordered a round of drinks to start.

IMG_1314 (768x1024)

While we looked over the menu, we caught up with the day and then exchanged Valentine’s Day cards. We kept things simple this year and promised each other we’d ONLY exchange cards. Mal and I both have a history of saying we’re not going to buy each other gifts for special occasions, only to “surprise” each other with an actual present. We BOTH kept our promise this year!

IMG_1315 (768x1024)

Mal’s card was super sweet and played off his math “abilities.” Well, lack of math abilities…  let’s just say it’s a good thing he’s a history teacher! Haha!

IMG_1322 (1024x768)

My card played off Quinn’s recent obsession with comparisons. His current favorite is: “Big, bigger, BIGGEST,” which he yells at the top of his lungs, so this card was perfect. (Inside it said “HAPPIEST!”) Mal loved it.

IMG_1320 (768x1024)

After we exchanged cards, we shared our favorite romantic moments from our relationship. I initially suggested creating a Top 10 list, but neither of us could come up with that many! Ha! It was actually pretty hilarious and just goes to show you how un-romantic we are. Obviously, we love each other like crazy, but I guess the whole romance thing just isn’t our style. I dunno. We’re happy and it works for us! 🙂 Anyway, Mal and I manged to come up with five things for our list.

Our Top Romantic Moments

  • Our engagement weekend in New York City. Mal totally surprised me with an engagement, and we had such a nice time wandering around the city that weekend. Now NYC, especially around the holidays, is a special place for us.
  • The Infinity Bar on our honeymoon. My gosh it was beautiful. The chef even came out to introduce himself and made us a special dessert. It was definitely a romantic evening.
  • Dinner at Morimoto when we visited Oahu. It was an unforgettable meal, and we had such a great time. What a night!
  • Our first real date after Quinn was born. It was a whirlwind few months with a newborn, so it was a much-needed night out for a number of reasons!
  • When I was 41 weeks pregnant, standing in the kitchen of our old house in the middle of the night eating egg sandwiches on hamburger buns because my water had just broken. Everyone told me to eat something before going to the hospital, so Mal whipped up a couple of sandwiches for us. I don’t even think he was all that hungry, but he ate an egg sandwich with me anyway. I remember looking at Mal and thinking: Holy cow, THIS IS IT. This is the last time it’s just us.


After that, our cheese plate arrived and we dug right in. Oh, how I love a good cheese plate!

IMG_1354 (1024x1024)

For my entree, I went with my go-to dish from Scarlet Oak: Salmon Caesar Salad. It’s seriously the best.

IMG_1333 (1024x1024)

Obligatory date night pic! 🙂

IMG_1340 (1024x1024)

Question of the Day

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being super duper romantic), how romantic do you consider yourself/your partner/your relationship?

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  1. Here’s how un-romantic we are.

    Last year my hubs was in the hospital for VD getting his gallbladder out. So.. we just kept our cards from last year and exchanged them this year!

    Eh, if you treat each other well all year VD should not be a big deal, IMHO.

  2. In the 6.5 years I’ve been with my husband I can think of maybe two romantic situations: engagment dinner and our wedding (even though I was a goof ball during our vows!). We really are not very romatic at all, I mean at the end of our wedding ceremony we walked down the aisle to “another one bites the dust”, ahaha good times! But neither of us are “romantic” people. So I’d say a 2?

  3. I love you and Mal’s relationship, and I don’t even know you which makes me A CREEP. 😉 My relationship has its romantic moments for sure. We like to surprise each other with romance, but I wouldn’t say its a daily or sometimes even weekly deal. We also aren’t overly sappy. But it’s important to let the other person know of your love for them, but everyone has their own style. If it’s a super romantic Friday night date to an expensive restaurant, cool. If it’s high-fiving each other on the sofa in your sweatpants while eating gelato out of the pint together, also cool. I’m obviously the latter!

  4. This is super cute! I feel better after reading this and seeing the comments from others. We are definitely NOT romantic. After being together for so long you kind of stop being that way, but I think it’s the everyday moments that count. We just exchanged cards, too!

  5. We’ve been together 12 years and while we both have our romantic moments I’d have to say we are closer to a 5. LOL It’s okay though we both know how we feel and are very very happy! I say do what makes you happy!

  6. My relationship is definitely lower on the romance scale. My guy asked where I wanted to go to dinner on Valentine’s Day and I suggested crossfit and takeout instead, which he was equally as happy to do.

  7. You guys are so cute! We aren’t very romantic either and if we are we don’t like to talk about it to other people haha. Our engagement weekend was one of our best memories too! Same situation, surprise weekend getaway 🙂

  8. Im glad that we’re not the only ones who aren’t terribly romantic! We’re probably a 4. We just spent an awesome week in Cabo last week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. on our last night, the housekeeping staff surprised us at turn-down with rose petals on the bed and candles. We just laughed because it was lost on us! At 24 weeks pregnant, I just wanted to watch tv and go to sleep! Ha!

  9. On a Romance Scale of 1 to 10, I’m about a 2, and my husband is a -1. It’s just not our style. It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, or that we’re not nice to each other, it’s just how we roll. We still have plenty of fun though! Once we got married, we started a new Valentine’s Day tradition – my husband cooks us dinner (this year it was surf & turf), and I cook dessert (homemade molten chocolate cakes with ice cream), and that’s it. Tonight I’ll swing by Target and pick up some of the deeply discounted leftover chocolates (I might even share with him if he plays his cards right……)

  10. I feel like the meaning of “romance” really changes as you go through different phases as a couple. Right now, any little thing that my husband takes the time to plan feels very romantic – even if it’s just that he takes the lead on ordering take-out, or making the arrangements with a sitter (instead of me) and picking a restaurant, however casual. With 3 kids and one more on the way, the littlest things are so meaningful! He is an amazing partner in that he shoulders an equal burden with the kids when we are both at home, and to me that is romance… maybe it sounds boring, but it’s beautiful to me!

  11. We’re probably a 4-5. Our most romantic moment was probably our engagement in Thailand. I got my husband two boxes of candy, and he bought me a climbing harness for Valentine’s Day. And we each got each other Nike Metcons for Christmas. That’s our romance!

  12. Ah, I admire your guys’ relationship!! Happy belated love day 🙂

    I was with a total romantic who wasn’t able to be there for me on a deeper level so romance can only take you so far, anyway 🙂

  13. I think there is so much pressure to have these great romantic moments but sometimes romantic means something different to everyone. The moments where we laugh a TON are the most romantic moments we could have in my eyes!

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