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Good morning! Happy Friday! How was your Valentine’s Day?

Mal and I had a really nice Valentine’s Day. We agreed to keep it low-key because we’re off to Hawaii on Sunday, so we spent the holiday at home with some fun gifts and Thai take-out for dinner.

When Mal got home from school yesterday, he was super excited to give me my Valentine’s Day present, which was a goodie bag full of travel items for our long flight to Honolulu. Isn’t that a great gift!?!

010 (640x480)

I’ve never owned an eye mask before. I’m excited to use it on the flight. I hope it helps me sleep!

005 (640x480)

Mal was most excited about the beauty products that he selected for me. He said he wanted them to have a spa theme, so he even did internet research to find the best products. Isn’t that sweet?!? I loved everything he picked out.

001 (640x480)

I also really loved the book that Mal bought me: Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know. I’ve wanted to read it for awhile now, and I’m so glad he remembered.

On Wednesday night, after he had already bought the book for me, I randomly told him that I wanted to read “the book with the dog face on the front,” so I could figure out what Murphy was thinking. Mal played dumbed, but he definitely knew I was going to love the book.

007 (640x480)

While Mal was at CrossFit last night, I organized his Valentine’s Day surprise, which was a scavenger hunt around our house. (I know, we act like kids, but, hey, we have a lot of fun together!)


Murphy “helped” me hide clues and presents around the house for Mal.

015 (640x480)

016 (640x480)

020 (640x480)

Murphy really didn’t understand the whole scavenger hunt thing.

018 (640x480)

When Mal got home, he was pumped for the scavenger hunt.

026 (480x640)

He (and Murphy) had a blast searching all over the house for his Valentine’s Day gifts.

028 (640x480)

030 (640x480)

031 (640x480)

032 (640x480)

One of the clues involved dinner”¦


We got take-out from Lime Leaf! It was delicious!

034 (640x480)

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to everyone who entered my Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt! I hope you guys had fun. Here’s your winner:

Katelynn W.

Congrats, Katelynn! Please email me at to claim your prize!

Questions of the Day

How was your Valentine’s Day? What’d you do? Who was your valentine?



  1. Awesome gifts 🙂 I love dog books so I’ll have to check out Inside of a Dog. I just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain (about a dog and his owner) and I loved it.

  2. That’s sounds like so much fun!!

    Is it wrong that when I was filling in the blanks on that clue I thought you were supposed to put the rum in the coconut? 😉

  3. Not to be mean, but I find your blog very self gratifying. Its great to vounteer, but also good practice to not blog about it, but do it out of the goodness of your heart. You are probably a good person, but I get a very selfish vibe from your blog. Sorry,

  4. Ohmygosh, I read the first part of this post wrong and thought the picture of all the travel goodies was FROM you FOR Mal. I was so confused! Love the scavenger hunt idea.

  5. We had a low key Valentine’s Day as well! I made dinner and dessert complete with heart shaped everything (beets, polenta, parsnips, cake.) I really started experimenting and tried making an oatmeal heart-shaped carob cake, and let’s just say after 45 minutes it looked like soup! So at that point I added in coconut flour and raw oats which made it actually bake a little bit more….I was really skeptical but it actually tasted really good! And my man said so too, which is quite uncommon when I decide to experiment by leaving out main stream ingredients (flour, butter, sugar etc.)

  6. We just watched “National Treasure” the other night and at the end of the movie, the woman (who’s name I can’t remember) hands Nicholas Cage a map to find her. My husband said that I should him one sometime. So I made him a “treasure hunt” where he had to pick up items on the way (like margarita mix) to find our table set for a Mexican food night! He loved it!

  7. I read inside of a dog over my winter vacation last year. So interesting! I don’t have a dog (but I’m a dog lover), but the book still really gave me an appreciation of the dog’s point of view. You’ll love it.

  8. Couple things: 1, I LOVE your blog. I’ve been wanting to try crossfit for awhile but I’ve been intimidated because it looks so intense. I do lots of stuff at my gym, classes, etc but I knew crossfit was a whole new level. I finally tried it (thanks to a Groupon) yesterday and I think I’ve officially ‘drunk the koolaid”. So excited and I appreciate the motivation I get from your blog!

    2, my hubby of 10 years (10 years and 3 kids later!) and I kept it way low-key this year. This was our first year celebrating without candy (since the kids get so much at school) so we decided homemade was the way to go. So we made each other fun little valentines and left them for each other to find all week. His to me was a bunch of origami birds he made and arranged (in couples) around a note that said “Love Birds” referring to our first anniversary where the server labeled us as “The Love Birds” on our ticket. So sweet! Plus, I decorated the dining area for a fun heart-shaped breakfast for my little girls. Then we played Valentines’ Bingo last night after dinner with the kids and had fun prizes for them like a bike ride with dad and a picnic in the park. Seriously a fun day!

  9. HaHa!! I just bought that book for my husband (for Christmas) and ended up swiping it to read. It’s interesting 🙂 I found myself telling a girlfriend of mine some of my new-found knowledge and I think she was probably thought I was crazy..

  10. Good luck on that flight – hope you’re flying business, it is going to be loooong! Too bad you couldn’t stop in Kauai – it is really the best.

  11. Valentine’s day was low key for us too. My husband and I just went to dinner in NYC… and the next day I made him dinner at home with candles It was sweet. We usually keep it low-key , no gifts or anything too crazy.

  12. Looks like you are set for your guys’ trip in para para paradise 🙂
    You are one lucky gal with a Valentine like Mal! (yay rhyming! haha) I hope you guys have the best time! Can’t wait to see the food you eat down there, that’s my favorite part 🙂

  13. How fun! I love doing stuff like that too…my hubs would never think to do a scavenger hunt for me, but I’d love it! He does know me well enough to know that a case of 12 kombuchas for Valentine’s Day is the key to this girl’s heart 😉

  14. I spent most of it in the car actually because I’m on a trip to San Fran! As for valentines, I’m hoping I can still pick one up here! 😉 Just kidding! It was my dogs and family of course!!

  15. ooo! I got that book for christmas, i havn’t read it yet, it’s in line with all my other books. You have to review it once your done!

  16. That’s such a cute Valentine’s Day! I feel like the ones that are low-key are always the sweetest. I had two exams on V-Day this year, so I was too busy studying to do nothing (by myself) but my wonderful parents were kind enough to send me hydrangeas and wine to my doorstep it was so cute!

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