V-Day Scavenger Hunt Winners

Thanks to all 193 of you who entered my Valentine’s Day Photo Scavenger Hunt!! I really had no idea if it was going to be successful or not. I just wasn’t sure if people would take the time to look through old posts for photos, but from the responses I received, you guys had a blast! I’ll be sure to keep Photo Scavenger Hunts in mind for the future! By the way, I loved all of the ridiculous photos of Mal that you guys dug up! I was cracking-up seeing what you found! :mrgreen:

Selecting the Winners

I tried to be as fair as possible with picking the winners, so I have explained my method below. 

  • First, I created a “Scavenger Hunt” folder in my Gmail account. As your entries came in, I filled them away into this folder.
  • Once the deadline past, I used the Random Integer Generator to select 5 numbers from the 193 entries. 
  • Using these random integers, I then selected the email entry in my “Scavenger Hunt” folder with the corresponding number. 

Random Integers:

25  137  152  58  162

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Alexia L.
Christiana, TN

Anna C.
Washington, DC 

Michelle K.
North Canton, OH 

Kathleen H.
Evanston, IL 

Sarah M.
Brooklyn, NY 

MANY THANKS to everyone who entered!!! What a fun blog contest! I hope you all enjoyed the photo scavenger hunt as much as I did! :mrgreen:

Winners: Keep a look out for your V-Day Care Packages in the mail in next few days! I hope you like them! 


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