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From baby oil and baby soap to baby powder and diaper rash cream, there are so many products that come into contact daily with our children’s skin. And when they get older, there’s sunscreens, body wash, shampoos and conditioners, lotions – even when these products are marketed specifically toward our little ones, how do you know if they’re safe? A tiny amount of a harmful chemical in a skincare product might give you or me a rash, but on a smaller, more sensitive body, the effects can be a lot worse.

Have you checked out the ingredients on that diaper rash cream tube? BHA, parabens, fragrance – no thank you. And that Johnson’s bottle of baby oil, the main ingredient of which is synthetic mineral oil, a byproduct gasoline distillation? I’d like that far away from my little one’s skin.

I mean, how hard can it be to find something safe, non-toxic, effective and soothing for my children’s skin and at bath time? Something where the ingredients aren’t just “safe” because they haven’t been researched enough, but are actually proven to nourish? Luckily, you just have to look in the right place! Beautycounter has a fabulous line of products for babies and kids. The ones I’ve tried are so gentle and effective!

Ever since I started using Beautycounter products for Qman, I’ve felt a huge sense of relief. It’s so reassuring to know exactly what’s in the products we use as a family. I love knowing that the products that we intend to be beneficial (i.e. sunscreen) ARE actually healthy for him. And the products are so fun to use that he actually enjoys getting lathered up before we head outside. Hey, pale skin! Qman calls calls the Face Stick his “tiny kid sunscreen.” So cute!

I hope you find these to be as helpful for your family as they’ve been for mine!



  1. I have two baby showers coming up and these items would be perfect! It’s so disappointing that so many companies are okay with having harsh chemicals in their products — especially ones that are made for babies / kids!

  2. My family LOVES all the Beautycounter products. I use all the kids stuff on my girls and my husband and I both use their skincare. I love the peace of mind that comes with it!

  3. Just a sunscreen tip – I tell my (never, ever still) two year old when I put sunscreen on that we’re “painting a rainbow” on his face. He loves it! We obviously change it up – sometimes we paint a tractor, sometimes a sunflower, but I describe what I’m painting as I put sunscreen on. He loves a sunscreen stick too!

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