I used to be terrified of taking a day off from working out

I used to be terrified of taking a day off from working out. It would kind of eat me up inside… almost like it was something I needed to check off my To Do list for the day.

And it was even worse if I splurged on my nutrition AND missed a workout. Gasp! I’d feel guilty and bad about myself until I got my next workout in.

If you’ve been following me any length of time, you know I used to go to Orangetheory most days of the week. Near-daily attendance was expected, and I was not one to buck expectation. I wanted the results that going regularly promised me I’d get.

Until I discovered I was doing a lot of damage by pushing myself so freakin’ hard.

Don’t get me wrong, working out is good for you! I would never tell a client NOT to get moving. But I do caution against exercising too hard.

To get the best benefit from a workout, you’ve got to choose workouts that are:

1) designed for your fitness level and

2) are not too long, too intense, or too frequent.

Personally, I recommend workouts that are less than 60 minutes in length and focus on building strength for increasing metabolism and improving fat loss.

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