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Hi, guys! How’s your Thursday going so far? I’m actually at MGH right now for my colonoscopy, so I wrote this post this morning to update you guys on a few things going on in our lives right now.

I survived the colonoscopy prep… barely. 

I remembered the prep being so much easier the last time! Between breastfeeding and being hungry ALL THE TIME + having my appointment in the afternoon instead of the morning, it was a pretty miserable experience at times. Haha! When all is said and done, it’ll be close to 48 hours since I’ve eating any “real” food. I ate 4 boxes of Jello and drank a whole container of chicken broth, but that really doesn’t count as food to me! Mal already told me that he’s going to buy me a chicken quesadilla at Anna’s before he picks me after my procedure, and I seriously can’t wait! And my mom sent me cider donuts and pumpkin spice Milano cookies yesterday, so I plan to eat a bunch of them when I get home. FEED ME!!!


Murphy has a UTI, but he’s on the mend. 

Murphy’s second urinalysis showed blood and bacteria (and some crystals) in his bladder, so the vet put him on 10 days of antibiotics. She doesn’t think it’s a lifelong issue that will need diet changes and constant monitoring, but she wants to take another x-ray of his bladder after the antibiotics to make sure all of the crystals are gone. And Murphy’s gunky eye is already a zillions times better, so he’s on the mend!


Quinn had a rough few days, but I think we figured it out. 

My poor peanut. Monday was the start of three unhappy days for him. I know the little guy is overtired, but he won’t sleep because he’s so gassy and uncomfortable, which is a new issue for us. What’s been happening is I’ll nurse him and then he’ll get gassy, burp-y, and spit-up, so I will keep him upright and we’ll walk around the house for an hour or more to try to settle things. I’ve also tried Gripe Water a few times and every burping technique out there with no luck.

Mal and I have called Quinn’s pediatrician three times in the past two days to try to figure out what’s going on with him. The first theory was that Quinn is getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk, which is making him gassy and upsetting his stomach. Quinn eats every 3 hours or so, and I don’t make a ton of milk, so the nurse, who I spoke with at our peditrician’s office, suggested alternating breastfeeding with formula to give my breasts some time to really fill up. (I’m sure my 48-hour Jello + chicken broth diet isn’t helping either!) Quinn has had formula from time-to-time in the past, so we gave him a bottle between nursing sessions, thinking it might solve his gas issue. No dice. He was just as gassy after the formula!

The next possibility was that Quinn was sucking too hard on the bottle when we gave him formula, which put extra air in his system and made him gassy. We’ve been using the same slow-flow bottles since he was born, which were never an issue until now. We actually thought the slow-flow were good for him because he tends to suck down bottles in a matter of minutes, so they would slow him down a little. We tried a new nipple and burping him halfway through the feeding, but again Quinn was super gassy and uncomfortable after eating. We asked the nurse if it could be some sort of GERD issue, but she didn’t think so since he wasn’t splitting up that much. I don’t eat much dairy and rarely have caffeine, so we just hoped things would work themselves out.

After a total meltdown and freak-out last night, we called the nurses again. (We are totally those new parents.) We didn’t know what else to do and Quinn was losing it. (I felt so bad for the little guy. I wanted to cry! Ugh, it was awful.) At this point, I think the nurses were out of ideas too, so they thought maybe his new teeth were bothering him. They suggested that we give him some Tylenol and we did, but I don’t think it did much for him because he was still miserable.

Eventually, after crying for three straight hours, Quinn was hungry again. I nursed him and he finally fell asleep. The poor kid; he was totally exhausted. He slept for 8.5 hours last night (with a 3:30 AM feeding) and then another 5 hours after that, so he woke up in a great mood this morning, but, after he ate, things were still kind of rough. He was gassy, burp-y, and crying once again, so I ran out and bought some gas drops that one of the nurses recommended. Within minutes of giving Quinn a dose, he was completely calm and then he went right to sleep in his crib. I think we solved the problem? Maybe?


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  1. Hi Tina!! I so wish I would have posted about Gas Drops! I actually was going to, but I don’t often post on blogs and felt like I would be a butt-insky! My first son is almost 21 now – but Oh My!! I remember the hours of screaming and farting!! Those symethicone drops helped him so much. What really helped the most though was having him sleep in his carseat next to our bed – somehow having him in a sitting up position helped him move his gas out — I used to put his carseat inside his bassinet! He is still farty – but he is now in college! Hang in there –

  2. not sure if this has been suggested but trying giving him a “baby bike ride” after eating. just lay him down and move his feet in a bike pedaling motion to get that gas out. it’s also kinda fun for you so win/win “)

  3. I have to tell you I had the same exact issues with my now 5 month old. Literally called the doc all the time and they suggested formula too which I didn’t listen to… Doctors know nothing about breast feeding. I have had such ups and downs over the course of the last five months. Literally the only place he would sleep was in the swing bc I think it helps with all thr gassiness. I spent so much of my day lying with him on top of me just farting and crying. It could be your diet but it’s so hard to figure it out.

    I will say though that babies have very immature digestive tracts and after trying Everything one day he just wasn’t gassy anymore! I guess his body matured… Hang in there! It’ll get better 🙂

  4. I hope you and Mal figure everything out with baby Q! He is lucky to have such great parents!

    This weekend I am going to watch my mom run a marathon! She wanted to do at least one more before she turns 50 on the 8th!!

  5. I’m not sure why that nurse thought that more time between feedings would help your breasts fill up, because that’s patently untrue. You need to nurse more if your supply is low, and make sure you are eating and drinking enough. It takes a lot of effort from your body to make milk, and it looks like you’re on a relatively low-calorie diet, especially considering the amount of working out you do. You also might want to check out kellymom.com for tips on all things breastfeeding, including specific foods to eat to increase your supply (oatmeal with brewer’s yeast mixed in was a staple for me when I was nursing), foods you might want to try cutting out of your diet to help Q’s gas troubles, and other tips for low supply.

    Supplementing with formula is going to make your low supply WORSE, not better. Spend a couple of days at home with Q and nurse, nurse, nurse him. Your body will start to get the message!

    1. @Marybeth: I completely agree with this post!! Can’t say enough!! Formula is bad for milk supply. Kellymom is awesome. And nurse nurse nurse to help supply. No supplementing unless he is losing weight dangerously. I bfd two girls and simultaneously donated over 3000 oz of milk to a local milk bank with each dd!! They’re digestive systems aren’t mature yet and it takes time and unfortunately crying and gassiness is what you have to deal with in the meantime! It’ll get better with time!!

    2. @Marybeth:

      I was going to post the same thing about breastfeeding. It is all about supply and demand. If you are going to feed a bottle of formula, you should pump during that time. If you are really committed to breastfeeding, you should seek out the help of a lactation consultant. Pediatricians/nurses typically aren’t breastfeeding experts. I have a 3.5 month old and went through a lot of trouble trying to breastfeed. I wasn’t able to increase my supply and spent most of the first 2 months pumping. Nothing wrong with formula but if you can keep up the breastfeeding go for it.

    3. @Marybeth: This is 1000% true. Tina, if you want to breastfeed Q instead if giving him formula, please please take this advice. And get to a Le Leche League meeting. Hands down that was the best thing I ever did. If you are okay formula feeding and want to stop nursing, take that nurse’s advice because she was sending you down that path. Feeding two people takes a lot of energy. Eat plenty, drink tons of water, and slow down 🙂

    4. @Marybeth: I couldn’t agree more with these women. Topping up with a bottle to let them “Refill” is just silly advice.

      If you’re needing to “top up” then I can’t highly suggest an SNS or Lact-aid. You can “top up” and BF at the same time.

      Has he been checked for tounge/lip tie? — by someone who has put their hands in his mouth? I know it sounds silly…but you’d be horrified at the times “professionals” miss this and it causes wind/gas, it causes less emptying of breasts and thus a decreased supply.

      Have you cut dairy totally out of your diet for a week? my friend has this exact issue.

      I would immediatley suggest starting him on a baby probiotic

      if you’re going to use formula, please do your research, especially in America. Most are FULL of crap..Hipp and Holle are probably the best formulas out there.

      If you do have to top up and formula doesn’t agree with him, I can’t highly suggest enough looking at sourcing donor milk. We use donor milk, and it’s the best thing we’ve done. We’ve never had colic, etc. We also use Holle brand formula and a baby probiotic.

      Doctors normally get a few hours on BF in their whole entire degree. I would highly suggest that you seek advice from a Int’l board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) will be after their name.

      jack newman is also a great resource along with Kellymom xo

  6. So sorry that you had a rough few days. We had our second a few days after you had Quinn and we had a super easy first month. Then we hit a fussy period that went from occasional to whenever she was awake. After MANY MANY doctor’s visits where they said she was ‘healthy’ and trying different formulas (she was on formula from day one) I insisted that they test her poop and sure enough there was blood. Blood that I could not see mind you. They did 2 more tests and the same thing. So we switched to a dairy free, soy free formula (by prescription) but she still screamed when she ate. Turns out she also has severe reflux and requires 2 medicines to tame it. We see a GI specialist. Needless to say it was a ROUGH 2 months but we are starting to ‘see the light’. I hope you get answers but if the gas drops end up not working long term don’t be afraid to be pushy with the doctors and request a GI visit. We went to Children’s Hopsital. They have multiple locations. Good luck. It is SO hard to see your baby unhappy.

  7. Hi Tina!!

    I’m an avid follower! I just love your blog.

    I’m a mom of 2 girls who I’ve breasted exclusively. Please, please do your research on foremilk/hindmilk imbalance before giving formula. I’ve had the imbalance with each baby and the easiest solution, and one that helps their stomachs rather than do more damage, is block feeding. Block feeding is when you nurse from one side for a 2-3 hour block and then switch to the other breast. I swear this will fix your problem, save your milk supply from decreasing or vanishing….which could easily happen after supplementing. I’ve struggled with every nursing issue imaginable and strongly encourage you to look into this solution first.

    I hope Q’s tummy gets better soon.

    You’re doing a great job!!

    Meag Olson

  8. I agree with the other commentors, I cannot believe the nurses gave you such terrible advice! That is literally the last thing you should do, every time you forumla feed and don’t pump or nurse you’ll decrease your supply more and more. Poor Q and poor you! You should be nursing every two hours, minimum. That’s the best way to maintain your supply (increasing your caloric intake and making sure you’re not overexercising will really help as well). Smaller meals will be MUCH easier on Q’s poor little tummy, also. Remember their little bellies can only hold 3-5 oz total, and extending his stomach will greatly increase his discomfort. If you have to do formula (which is so much tougher on a sensitive baby’s stomach to start with, it’s so much more work to break down those larger proteins, so that’s likely one of the reasons he’s in pain), make sure to do paced feedings as others have mentioned, and try an elemental formula. Kellymom.com, local LLL meetings and laction consultants are your friends! Good luck!

    1. @Grace: …and an added bonus of nursing more frequently is that many babies find nursing soothing for teething pain (though for some it’s the opposite). My baby (also a Quinn) was exactly like you describe – she was/is an awful teether and we suspect suffered from silent reflux. Nothing helped until I started nursing her around the clock, sometimes for several hours at a time. I had to do this until around 5.5 months, at which point I noticed her gradually becoming less and less miserable. She’s now an extremely happy 17 month old 🙂 Hang in there – those first six months were extremely trying for me …it get’s so, so much better!

  9. I second what everyone is saying about breastfeeding more often. My 3 month old was having similar issues and my pediatrician said its not just dairy that can cause reflux but EGGS too and I notice you eat a lot of eggs. I cut out all dairy and eggs and it helped so much I also have issues with overactive letdown. My son has to suck till my milk lets down then pop off until my milk slows down or else he gets chocked abs gets reflux

  10. Talk to an LC. Usually the ones at the hospital will talk to you for free. It’s supply & demand so you actually want to nurse MORE not LESS. Also oatmeal can help as well as increasing your calories to produce more milk. Good luck!! Gas drops were a life saver with my son, we used them a ton the first 12 weeks.

  11. I work as a nurse practitioner and I’m also currently breastfeeding my now 6 month old daughter. I ended up eliminating dairy and gluten from my diet and she was instantly a much happier baby. No more crying, gas, massive spit ups, etc. It took about 3-4 days to see results. Sometimes babies are just fussy/gassy at certain stages because their digestive tracts aren’t developed enough-hence the dairy/gluten elimination. It was 100% worth it for me!

  12. I’m not a mom, so I really have no comment on the whole breastfeeding thing…but why the sugar-free jello? And orange jello at that?!? I was always told no red, purple, or orange products prior to a colonoscopy. And I would think that the sugar-free products would just make you even gassier than the prep itself…not to mention deprive you of even more nutrients!!

    Anyway – love your blog & I hope your colonoscopy goes OK. The prep is WAAAAAAAAY worse than the procedure – you’ll get some answers soon!

  13. Mommy’s Bliss gripe water is the only one that worked for my baby’s gas and hiccups. Try it, it’s a lifesaver! It’s at Target, CVS, RiteAid and they have a $1 off coupon on their website.

  14. So sorry to hear about Murphy…thinking of that little guy!

    And sorry to hear about Quinn…you are not alone on being those parents 🙂 xoxo My biggest fear is what I am eating hurting her or keeping her happy. Right now I am most worried about her not eating enough! Thinking of you!!


  15. Gas.Drops! They are a life saver. Either in the bottle or between breasts (or half way through if you feed a breast and pump one like I did some times). Also – when they are this age every minute feels like an hour. My two are 16 months apart and I finally learned with my second that sometimes it is just OK to go with the crying – it will NOT last forever. Also – I realized that a lot of times the advice people give you when they are not right in the middle of it (like you are) is based on what helped them after a period of time – not immediately – it is just that they remember it being the cure. It is hard as a new Mom to trust your gut – but do. Listen to everyone – say thank you – take the little pieces that work for you and don’t worry about the rest.

  16. This sounds like what my son went through. It was so frustrating! I block fed, cut out dairy, gluten…nothing seemed to work. I started him on a high quality probiotic (Organics3 GutPro) which I think helped. He is 20 months and he still takes it. We eventually discovered he had an allergy to eggs, which I was eating ALL OF THE TIME. Good luck – I hope it’s a phase that passes quickly for you!

  17. Hi! I went thru something similar with my son – lots of repeat 1st time parent frantic calls to the pediatrician, trying a bunch of different remedies, etc, so I feel your pain! My son ended up having pyloric stenosis and had to have surgery 🙁 As tough as it was to go through (for him & us!), he was back to normal afterwards. Not saying Q has anything similar, but definitely DO NOT feel bad about “bugging” his Dr – that’s what they’re there for (& get paid the big bucks lol). If I hadn’t insisted on an emergency weekend appt, my son (& my husband and I) would have continued to suffer even longer. Trust your Mommy instincts, doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st, 2nd or 10th child – you know what they need!! Good luck and I hope what is working well now continues!

  18. Glad the gas drops worked! We used to do ‘extended burping’…I used to sometimes pat and rub my baby’s back for up to 5 minutes to help get things moving in there. He found it relaxing and seemed to spit up less too. Also I would hold him upright after feeding…kind of like how we don’t lie down after a big meal.

  19. Hi Tina –
    I was just going to say that a certified lactation consultant might be beneficial, especially if you are questioning your supply and things. I had to use one with my last kiddo even though I had breastfed my previous two without issues. Baby Q sounds like he had many of the same issues that my youngest (now 15 months) had. After working with the lactation consultant on all our issues and cutting out dairy, things went much, much smoother with breastfeeding. Hope things get better soon.

  20. I hope you get good test results from your colonoscopy. No fun to go through all that with a young baby.
    Ditto others on the breastfeeding. You might consider fully eliminating some things from your diet. I was skeptical that dairy could really affect my baby since I only had a little yogurt or ice cream here or there. But it made huge difference. Formula will only decrease your supply. Of course, supplement if you need to or prefer to go this route.
    Have you considered probiotics?
    Hang in there! I hope things improve all around.

  21. Sorry to hear that Q is full of gas, not nice for him or you. My sister got some drops and it really made a difference for my neice.
    Well i am doing the whole30 and i have to say it is going better than i thought it would. I have also signed up for my last run of the season in November and i am so pleased i have to keep my running mojo flowing.

  22. Sorry Tina but you got some poor advice there. Lactation consultant, la leche league meeting and or the book the womanly art of breastfeeding highly recommended. The best way to increase your supply is to feed more not less. Throw out your schedule and whenever he’s upset just breastfeed. This advice saved my life with a very very fussy baby.He’s gorgeous and you are doing a wonderful job! Best of luck.

  23. Also wanted to say well done on the colonoscopy while breastfeeding. I did that too recently, not fun. Enjoy your first meal!

  24. Gas drops are the best! They saved mu life when I thought I was going crazy. My daughter had such a gad problem and would cry and cry for hours. I also switched to Dr brown bottles and it worked wonders!

  25. Good news? It’s Friday! OK, I am a little late to the party, but other good news is that your readers give great advice! I second the kellymom.com, it was invaluable for me while I was EBF my twins. And Mylicon Drops, sometimes nothing “natural” works and you have to do something else. And there is nothing wrong with that. Good for you, mama, for sticking to it and working with Little Quinn. You are doing great! And Mal too! Being parents is never easy, but so worth it.

  26. I feel your pain with the baby gas issues, my 16 month old daughter has had the same problems since birth. It is so hard to watch them wriggle around in pain. The most successful thibg we did (which was so hard for me !) was no caffeine and no decaf coffee. For some reason both really bothered her. Giving up coffee was almost enough to make me switch to formula 😉 it was hard! Lol good luck with your little dude!!

  27. Hey Tina,
    I dealt with a super gassy baby too, make sure to look for other signs of GERD besides spitting up, my guy had silent reflux. Also we gave a milliter I think of maylox, it really helped. But they do grow out of it, I didnt believe it but right around 4 months or so he stopped with the gas. I hate how the mention of formula really gets everyone so hyped.

  28. Hi, I’ve never actually posted a comment on a blog before but I’ve been a reader for a while. I hope the magic drops continue to help but have you tried a probiotic for Q? I have an 8 wk old son who a few weeks ago was having really gassy fussy episodes especially in the am, I didn’t want to become dependant on ovol or gripe water and started him on Biogaia drops and it’s been a lifesaver! He has been sleeping better and doesn’t seem to be in pain from farting like he was before.
    Good luck!

  29. As I read your post I kept wondering if you had tried the gas drops…. they are wonderful… I also found my eating habits also played role in my daughters gas and it would sometimes take a couple of days to work it’s self out… It’s also amazing how much your little ones pick up on your mood and stress. And it sound like it’s been a stressful week for you….

    I’m glad Quinn is feeling better in time to enjoy the weekend….

  30. I also recommend the gas drops after EVERY feeding. I had two little gassy babies so unfortunately there was a lot of crying in my household (theirs and mine!). I don’t know if they suggested this, but doing some leg exercises with him (having him do bicycles with his legs) can help the gas move out quicker too. If you notice he’s very upset when put down or laying down, this could also be a sign of acid reflux (which my first had).

  31. Oh, man! I remember those days. I think mine was younger than yours, though. I vividly recall a 3AM run to Walgreens for Colic Calm, Gas drops, anything and everything. The one thing we stuck with, for a good year was a probiotic (for his reflux, too). Expensive stuff, but really seemed to help. Good luck!

  32. Just my two cents…if you want to continue EBF then yes take all of the above advice – it is great! BUT there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving Q formula. Yes it might impact your supply, but you do what is right for you and your baby! My son is just a few days older than Q, and I know how overwhelming things can get. Just reading some of these comments have stressed me out. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate right now and if supplementing with formula helps then by all means – do it.

    1. @Molly:

      Molly, I totally agree! There is absolutely nothing wrong with supplementing with formula, and all moms need to do what is best for them and their babies. I think the posters above are especially just concerned with the troubling and false advice that Tina’s nurse gave her about skipping feedings to build supply. While it’s totally ok to have someone give the baby a bottle, skipping feedings without pumping is a sure-fire way to TANK one’s supply, not increase it. I would be really sad if another struggling new mom got some bad advice here!

  33. I am going to have to agree with most the posts above. I’m a Nurse Practitioner, and I can say that nurse gave you poor advice….probably would be a good idea to increase cals and maybe decrease exercise intensity for awhile and pair it with foods that are known to help with milk production. Another thing- do you pump? It may be worth pumping and actually seeing the amounts your producing before you feed your son. I agree that supplementing with formula is acceptable, but if you’re wanting to exclusively breast feed I wouldn’t give up on it! Sounds like you are on the right path, you’re doing awesome!

  34. Hi Tina, I just wanted to tell you that you have the most gorgeous little baby boy, he is seriously a cutie. It sounds like you are having a pretty rough time at the moment and stick a colonoscopy on top of that and it is not much fun, you seem to be coping brilliantly so well done mama. I just wanted to suggest you think about seeing a lactation consultant, truly they are the experts on breastfeeding and I saw about 5 of them when my baby was tiny and very fussy. Are you spacing your feeds every 3 hours for a specific reason? When a baby is fussing, the best thing to do to calm them is to feed, doesn’t matter how often you do it, your breasts will keep up and even start making more milk. It is a wonderful comfort for the baby and also for you because you have to stop and sit and rest for a while and gaze at your gorgeous bub. I can also highly recommend the La Leche League book “The womanly art of breastfeeding”. It is brilliant and I wish I had discovered it earlier. Best of luck Tina, I hope things are looking up for you.

  35. HI – Discuss probiotics with your doctor. This happened with us too and my little guy when he was 2-3 weeks younger. We discussed all the hindmilk kind of stuff, I changed my diet for 3 weeks all this stuff and nothing. We did try gripe water, which I have read is helpful for some but others thing it is bologna. It works in other countries because there is alcohol in it 🙂
    So probiotics, we forget our little babies bellies are still really developing and really not mature. We had a lot of similar symptoms and I was pulling my hair out. Our doctor recommended Culturelle for Kids. It is spendy but was worth it. She cited and gave us several studies on the benefits of probiotics to help fusiness / gas / colic like symptoms. It may be worth a conversation! Good luck!

  36. Also, I agree with a few other comments I saw, keep pumping it will eb and flow a little bit. If in a pinch try some formula, there is nothing wrong with that so you can see if it helps and fills him up. BUt just low stress and some of the other aids that can help production – flax, brewers yeast, fenugreek pills etc all really helped me.

  37. My little guy was also so gassy!! And it helped putting pressure on his belly of it wasn’t immediately after eating. Also, I didn’t want to constantly be giving him gripe water with unnecessary sugar so my mom suggested boiling fennel seeds which is one of the main ingredients in gripe water and giving Noah a few ounces everyday. I would boil about 6 ounces every other day and offer him the fennel water throughout the day. For us, it worked like a charm.
    Hope this helps, and Q feels better soon! I remember those days, tough!!

  38. Oh Tina! You seem like you have so much on your plate right now. You do whats best for you and Quinn! Happy Mama makes Happy Baby and Happy Mama makes Happy Mal I’m sure. Lots of pressure on you lady. I hope you are feeling well.

  39. I agree with a lot of the above posts, don’t supplement with formula unless you really want your supply to drop. Sometimes it helps to just keep nursing and allow them to really empty each side, check out kellymom for more info, but That way they get the fatty milk and not just the watery sugary milk foremilk. He also could just be going through a developmental leap, just be gassy, or just having a bad day. It is super hard to not be able to get your baby to be happy but we all have our days so babies can have them too! My 2.5 years had an afternoon like that, everything was hard and upsetting, I am not sure why, he napped and slept in. But he just needed some more mom and dad time, a few extra hugs and attention.

  40. Those gas drops were a lifesaver for us when our 1-yr old son was a small baby. I think it was because I had such a strong letdown and he would gulp so much he got bad gas. Now that he’s older and my supply has regulated more we don’t need them.

    My heart goes out to you regarding your colon issues. Does the doctor think a Paleo diet would help? Take care of yourself and give yourself a break once in awhile. Naps are a necessity with such a small baby!

  41. I just saw this post and had to comment. It sounds like Q was going through a rough patch. Their digestive system is immature until they are 6 months old Gassiness and spitting are very common. Also, the sphincter that separates the stomach is not loose as babies so the stomach acid and formula is came back up the pipe. If a baby is projectile vomiting that can indicate GERD which is more severe than GER (That is the most common one i see). They can perform a barium swallow test if you are concerned. I work at WIC as a nutrition educator going on 3 years (now doing an internship to become a RD!yay) so probably have seen at least 500 babies in that span. Unfortunately, we see may MD’s recommend formula when there are issues with BF. They even will give formula to EBF babies without the mom’s knowledge in the hospital. Now, formula is not our enemy (My mom tried BF but I ended up formula-fed) BUT it will decrease your milk supply as others stated. You didn’t mention if they rec’d you pumping when giving a bottle of formula. What’s ironic is many formulas cause spitting up and gassiness. I’ve seen mom try try 4 or more formulas before finding one that works for their two-week old. Another thing to consider is that if he is getting formula btwn feedings, he may skip a normal BF feeding. The formula sits on a babies stomach and is harder to digest by the body whereas BrM is easily digested so that is why BF babies are hungry so much. Some 6 month old babies still BF 8 times/day (avg is 4-6 feedings/daily). Tina, you are doing a great job. being a mom is hard work!! I just wanted you to know the pros and cons of giving formula in case your MD’s office didn’t educate you on that 🙂 It will get better. Just remember, us our moms have our good and bad days just like baby.

  42. Wow, you are a brave girl for this post, who knew people could be so opinionated about your breastfeeding…

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