Update On That Gross Cough

Hi, guys!

We’re back from our epic, end-of-summer vaca to Vermont. We had THE BEST time, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, especially with regard to traveling with young kids. The parents out there know that a “vacation” with little kids is typically just a “trip,” but we really enjoyed ourselves. Blog post coming later this week!

We spent most of the day yesterday getting our lives together – unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, etc. Today, we’re back at it with a mostly regular week. Mal is back-to-school next week, so he’s getting his classroom organized today and tomorrow, and I’m catching up with one million emails and projects. I have a busy September with lots of travel, so I’m trying to plan ahead as well. As much as I’m going to miss summer, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine.

This morning started bright and earl, and I fit in a bunch of work before Quinn woke up, but I still had a few quickie items to finish, so I brought my laptop downstairs to the living room while he watched some TV. Please note: The abandoned Pull-Up in the middle of the floor, which was NOT mine or Murphy’s. Ha!

After some wake up time, I got Quinn dressed for the day and then headed out to check for our Horstra Farms delivery. We ordered chocolate milk this week, and Quinn was pumped about it!

On the menu for breakfast for me: Scrambled eggs with baby spinach, toast with Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter, strawberries, and plenty of iced coffee with vanilla bean collagen and unsweetened vanilla Ripple milk.

While cooking breakfast, I dropped a piece of spinach on the floor, which Murphy IMMEDIATELY grabbed to eat, but, apparently, decided he wasn’t a fan. I guess there is a food that he doesn’t like!

He does, however, love a mostly-empty jar of peanut butter!

Ok, so that gross cough that I’ve dealt with for years now… it’s bronchitis. Right? HOW!?! HOWWWWW!?! I’ve had bronchitis for nearly 2 years now. I don’t even understand how this makes sense, but a CT scan and pulmonary specialist confirmed it. My mind is still blown, especially after TWO rounds of antibiotics with zero improvement. I’m on round #3 now, but I only have a few days left, and I’m still coughing up phlegm multiple times a day. If the antibiotics don’t work, we’ll have to do more testing, so I hope they kick in ASAP!

Question of the Day

Is there any food that your dog won’t eat? 

Anyone ever struggle with never-ending bronchitis? 


  1. I had bronchitis for over 3 months and no antibiotics killed it. They put me on Advair steroids that helped but made me gain weight if I ate anything off plan. It was crazy! I took myself off the steroids and ordered Dhist a natural supplement and took guafenasin a lot. I pray you get the help you need because my friend has the same thing now in Birginia. It’s like a super virus!

  2. Tina, what a bummer about bronchitis, especially for so long undiagnosed. I am experienced in bronchitis, as I usually have prolonged coughs from respiratory illnesses. Usually it’s related/due to allergies, and immuno therapy/allergy shots do help. Good luck.

  3. Less than 10% of bronchitis cases are caused by bacteria. The majority are viral, meaning antibiotics won’t solve the problem. Bronchitis seems like a strange diagnosis based on what you’ve shared, especially because of the duration. At this point, it would be considered a chronic bronchitis which is typical in smokers, which I know you aren’t haha. But there could be some link I’m missing. Anyway, I know you’ve mentioned being evaluated for sinus issues along the way. Were you ever told to try Flonase for a good month or two? Post nasal drip can be pretty silent but cause exactly what you are describing. Especially if you aren’t short of breath or wheezing or anything like that. It’s a corticosteroid which sounds scary but it doesn’t act systemically. I actually had a similar problem with plegm, though it caused constant throat clearing or a sensation of feeling like I had to cough to get the phlegm out. I’ve been using Flonase for about 3 months and elimated some foods I thought may be contributing (dairy) and I no longer have the problem! Will be interested to know what happens! Hope you feel better soon

  4. I am so glad I am not the only one with a 4 year old who just tosses her “bed time underpants” (aka pull up!) on the floor anywhere. So hilarious!

  5. I’m sure your MD or pharmacist mentioned it, but be careful exercising while taking levofloxacin. A very common side effect with it is tendinopathy or tendon rupture, particularly worrisome in active individuals.

  6. Have you tried an albuterol inhaler? I have a reactive airway and usually get a cough that won’t go away after I come down with an upper respiratory infection…but 48 hours max of albuterol a few times a day makes it disappear like magic. It’s so odd bc I get sick like once every 3 years and recover quickly— I will have no symptoms except a pesky cough that can go on for months. I move a lot so sometimes I have to go to more than one doctor before someone will prescribe albuterol instead of a heavy duty cough syrup. Feel better soon!

    1. We’ve always been told, by multiple doctors, that if the albuterol works then you have asthma. Inhaler will not clear up your symptoms other than those associated with asthma.

  7. Levoflaxin is STRONG stuff. My husband just finished taking it – it can make your body/joints hurt and more susceptible to injury. I hope you kick this bronchitis in its pants! *HI-YA!* (insert karate chop)

  8. I read your post about your cough when you first had it – crazy I am reading about it now again. Can I ask you if you have any German in you on your mom or dads side? My grandmom had something VERY similar happen to her –

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