Afternoon Wine Tasting with Uncorked With Steph

Hi, friends! Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend?

We had a wonderful weekend with its highlight being a Saturday afternoon wine tasting that we hosted at our home.


My sister recently started her own business with the Traveling Vineyard called Uncorked with Steph, so we invited some of our family for an event with her as our wine guide.


Tasting wine was a ton of fun and my sister did an awesome job taking us through the four steps of wine tasting and explaining the various food and wine pairings.


The tasting itself was more than just trying different wines. My sister actually suggested specific food pairings for each of the bottles that we tried, and it was crazy how the different flavors would change and enhance the wines.


For instance, we paired both goat cheese-stuffed dates as well as sushi rolls with the Pinot Grigio and each one brought out distinct flavors in the wine. It was really cool!


And, of course, I loved trying so many new wines. I almost always pick Sauvignon Blanc when I want a glass of wine, so it was fun trying new ones, especially wines I wouldn’t normally pick for myself. I actually found a red that I liked!

SAM_7989 (1280x853)

We really had a great time at the wine tasting, and I can’t wait to host another one soon. (Perhaps for my birthday? Wouldn’t that be fun?!)

IMG_4507 (1280x1280)

And it was soooo nice catching up with our family. We all shared some good laughs together, and a wine tasting was the perfect excuse to get together!

IMG_4508 (1280x1280)

The evening concluded with more wine and a couple of pizzas.

IMG_4514 (960x1280)

A little someone decided to eat his slice under the kitchen table. I actually think he was trying to hide from Murphy! Ha!

IMG_4517 (1280x720)

If you’re local and would like to host a wine tasting (it’s free and SO FUN), please reach out to my sister via Facebook! (She’s also on Instagram @uncorkedwithsteph.) Related: If you love wine, Traveling Vineyard is an awesome way to make some extra money. Feel free to chat with my sister about that too!

Question of the Day

Would you rather drink… 

White or red? 

Sweet or dry?

Oak or unoaked?

Big and bold or crisp and clean?


  1. I’ve gone one wine tours, but never talked pairings. How interesting and certainly a tasty event! Red and bold in the cooler months, white, sweet and crisp in the summer.

  2. Fun! I’ve heard great things about these wines – Wine tasting sounds like a great reason to get together if you ask me 😉 I’m love both white or red, totally depends on my mood and the occasion!

  3. I am ALL about the super dry, robust red wines 🙂

    A friend of mine recently started a monthly free wine tasting around the corner from my place. It’s super fun to have the opportunity to taste new wines (especially because I so often fall into the rut of getting the exact same wine over and over again, because $$).

    <3 wine.

  4. What a fun way to bring people together! I have alot of wino’s in my life that would like this, maybe some day! I prefer a Riesling as my go to but I love to drink red because of its health benefits (although the hangovers aren’t very nice!). And I’m not a big fan of oak flavor.

  5. What an awesome event! If this business was in Europe I’d definitely look into it! I’m definitely all about the big, bold, red wines! Bonus: Say yes to antioxidants too 😉

  6. *That pic of Q under the table is so cute!
    *I’m a red…. not sweet wine drinker.
    *I like the two-buck-chuck from Trader Joe’s. Open it up ~ let it breathe and use an aerator and you’re good to go!! 😉 We don’t have TJ’s here in KS, so whenever my friend comes this way from MO, I’ll have her bring me a case.
    *Those wine tasting parties are just getting big here ~ I need to schedule one.

  7. I love wine of all types. I used to be just a white wine person, but now I LOVE a good cab sauv or malbec. It mostly depends on the season or what’s going on.

  8. I love wine, but I am not an expert. I tend to drink what I already know and like instead of branching out. Sometimes I will pick a wine based on the label! Where are those cute spout pours from??

  9. Sweet whites, please!! I did my first wine tasting in San Antonio over Christmas and I really wanted to like the reds…but I just can’t!! Also, I can’t explain how happy seeing those Papa Gino’s boxes made me…always went there as a kid with my dad and it still holds a special place in my heart as cheesy (hah) as that sounds 🙂

  10. I loved reading this! I used to be a traveling vineyard rep like at least 10 years ago! How cool that they are still around!!! I have no preference with red or white. Depends on my mood.

  11. Wine tasting at my house the other night. It’s where you hid the wine labels and then try/rate them without knowing what they are. Any party with wine is fun!

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