Two Burger Joints, One Night

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Last night, Mal and I met up with a couple of our friends for burgers””first at the Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill and then at Grass Fed in JP. Two burger joints, one night!

IMG_2157 (600x450)

Mal and I were pumped about visiting the Shake Shack. It was the first location in Massachusetts to open, so it was a really big deal, and, for the first few months, there was a huge line out the front door pretty much every night. Things finally calmed down, so we decided it was time to see what the Shake Shack was all about.

IMG_2159 (600x450)

The menu isn’t huge, but it’s a nice mix of burgers, hot dogs, fries, shakes, beer, wine, and dog treats. Check out the Pooch-ini! It sounds delicious to me! Ha!

IMG_2160 (600x450)

I ended up ordering the SmokeShack, which was a cheeseburger topped with Niman Ranch (remember when I visited their pig farms in Iowa?) apple-smoked bacon and ShackSauce. It was a really tasty burger. The meat was so tender and juicy, and practically melted in my mouth.

IMG_2162 (600x450)

Everyone else ordered the Shack Stack, which was cheeseburger and a ”˜Shroom Burger (crisp-fried Portobello mushroom stuffed with muenster and cheddar cheese) topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. They all raved about it, so I had a bite of Mal’s burger, and, holy cow, it was amazing. The cheesy, fried Portobello mushroom was incredible!

IMG_2163 (600x450)

Mal and I also shared a black and white shake with malt mixed in. It was SO thick and SO creamy!

IMG_2164 (450x600)

While ate our burgers at the Shake Shack, the four of us started talking about our favorite burger places. Our conversation ultimately led us to hopping in the car and driving to Grass Fed, one of our friends’ favorite burger joints, to try it out.

IMG_2165 (600x450)

Local folks: Grass Fed is run by the same people who own Ten Tables.

IMG_2166 (600x450)

Adult milkshakes? Hello! I didn’t order one, but, man, they sounded delicious.

IMG_2168 (600x450)

Mal and I shared “The Blue Devil” burger, which came with Stilton blue cheese, bacon, aioli, and crispy fried onions on top. Holy goodness, it was amazing. The combination of flavors was heavenly””I loved how they all melded together.

IMG_2169 (600x450)

We also ordered the Beet Fries to share, which were really good. I wasn’t sure how beets would taste as fries, but I ended up eating a lot of them. They’re fried in corn starch, so you definitely get a fried flavor with a little bit of beet mixed in. I wonder if I could recreate these babies at home?

IMG_2170 (600x450)

Questions of the Day

What’s the best burger you’ve ever eaten? Who has the best French fries?

Some of my favorites: In-N-Out Burger (burger), Five Guys (fries), The Yard House (truffle Parmesan fries), The Publick House (French fries in a the paper bag).

P.S. It’s Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven!



  1. OMG this post is making me drool. Burgers are one of the foods I almost always order when I treat myself to a meal out. They just can’t be beat, and I’m loving the vast array of toppings and combinations that restaurants are coming out with these days. So much more than meat, bread, and cheese!
    Burger, fries, and a shake. Hmmm…that just might be on the radar for my friday night out.

  2. The best burger I ever had was at the Market Table in Hanover, New Hampshire. It has local smoked bacon, VT Cheddar, Tomato, & Lettuce on a homemade brioche roll. It is so delicious!
    The Market Table fries are also pretty good but my favorite are at the Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction, VT. They are deliciously seasoned & served with a garlic aioli. Oh my lord, I could eat these things all day!
    Next time you go to Vermont, go to both of these places. Hanover is right across the border!

  3. Favorite burgers (In no particular order)
    -In n Out (animal style cheeseburger)
    -The habit (Fresh Burgers….the best onion rings)
    -Shakes and Buns ,Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas (the best sliders ever!!!)

    P.S. I cant believe you guys hit 2 burger places in a row…that is kinda awesome
    P.S.S. Not sure how I feel about beet fries, but that blue devil burger looks sinful…yummers!!!

  4. I love In’n’Out. I used to live in California where In’n’Outs were all over the place. I had heard great things about Five Guys but I didn’t think it was that great. I love the fries and ranch at Red Robin. I can’t go there too often because I totally stuff my face. I really want an adult shake now.

  5. I just found my new favorite burger spot Vertigo (I don’t think it’s a chain, but maybe?) I had the Southern Pride which was a beef burger topped with fried green tomato, pimento cheese and creole remoulade. SO GOOD.

  6. I haven’t been to In-n-out in ages! When I pass it on a run I always contemplate stopping but I think it would make it difficult to finish the run- I love umami burger also and a place called Stout.

  7. I went to Shake Shack for the first time in NYC on a recent trip home and liked it a lot. The cheese fries were delicious! But in NYC, calorie counts are required by law at all restaurants, so seeing how many cals were in each thing really opened my eyes. Great to try once but I think I’d gain 100 lbs if I lived close by!

  8. Amazing! Grass fed is so delicious! Plus you can sub a black bean burger on any of their regular burgers. My fave burger place is The Gallows in the South End (Boston), their “Seoul” burger has kimchi and a fried egg!! Second fave would be the burger at The Haven in JP- goes great with all their Scottish beers on tap! 🙂

  9. These look amazing. I have heard about the place in chestnut hill and I would really want to try it out but I don’t eat red meat, or hot dogs, and I hate mushrooms! Damn lol butt that other place looks amazing! My favorite alternative to a burger is a black bean burger, so need to go try grass fed!

    AND I have a place you have to try if you have not tried it yet, its called B. Good, and its pretty much amazing. They are Eco friendly, use all local farmers ect, and they have a veggie burger and sweet potato fries! Yum.

    I wrote about them here-

    Sara 🙂

  10. We always loved Wild Willy’s Burgers in Watertown, and the parmesaen fries at the Met Bar in Natick Mall (great burgers, too). Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. I’ve decided I can’t read your posts before my lunch break, or I’ll crave whatever you post 😉 Haha, I just had a grass-fed burger for lunch even though I packed my lunch today!! AHHH!! By the way, two burger places in one night–you’re my kind of blogger! 🙂

  12. That mushroom burger looks great – still never been to Shake Shack or In-N-Out. I’m not sure I have a “best burger ever” to suggest – nothing that totally blew me away (I might need to get on that now, huh?). I did have an amazing veggie burger and duck fat fries at Village Whiskey (inside Revel Casino) in Atlantic City, NJ. Best fries I’ve had are the sweet potato fries at Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace. So good. The burgers there are also near the top of my tried-so-far list.

  13. The best burger I ever had was in our hotel in Dublin. Maybe it was because I was just so hungry at that point, but I swear it was the most perfect bacon cheese burger ever. Otherwise, I really like Bobby’s Burger Palace.

  14. love me some shake shack! the shroom burger by itself is my fave! i can’t figure out how to eat the shack stack (although my husband has no problem). lol.

  15. The East Ender Burger in Portland, ME is made with grass fed beef, locally made bacon, blue cheese crumbles and a homemade brioche bun.. It is to die for!

  16. The Kiki’s Burger at Bachi Burger in Las Vegas is seriously the BEST burger Ive ever had hands down. So many different flavors that work amazingly together in that burger. mushrooms, carmelized bacon, sweet onion marmalade, and gruyere cheese. now I’m really craving it haha!

  17. We have a chain up here in Ontario called The Works that has about 70 burgers on the menu. You can get everything from peanut butter to mac and cheese on a burger. My favourite has sauteed mushrooms, bacon, cheddar and onion rings on it.

  18. I suggest going back to Grass Fed ASAP to get a Salted Caramel adult milkshake…I’ve only had one a couple times but they are ridiculously amazing.

    Also agree with one of the other commenters that The Haven’s burger is one of the best I’ve had.

  19. Wow all of those burgers look amazing! There is a place called “The Counter” on Santana Row in California (I’m pretty sure there are a few other locations, too) that makes a mean burger similar to the ones you guys ordered from the Shake Shack. Now I’m wishing I was either on the East Coast or back in Cali for dinner tonight! 😉 I’ll have to start searching for a good burger place in Seattle 🙂

  20. Seriously, you made EVERYONE that reads your blog want a big old juicy burger now! My all time favorite is in Tempe, AZ … the Jalapeno Turkey Burger at Four Peaks, let’s just say aside from dripping with cream cheese and jalapenos they also top it with onion rings. It’s AMAZING! I also love that you do what I do, pick the healthier or low calorie option and then sample some/steal some of your hubbies! I totally do that! Best of both worlds!

  21. The best burger I have ever eaten has to be at Red Robin (their turker burger is the bomb!)… Runner up is Five Guys… Chili’s burgers are good too (medium rare). The best fries go to Alexia’s frozen sweet potato fries! LoL! Not from a restaurant but I love them fresh out of my oven!

  22. Please let us know if you recreate the beet fries! I’ve never ventured into preparing beets but this sounds like a great way to work my way into it!

  23. I love Five Guys’ fries, Red Robin’s sweet potato fries & Royal Red Robin burger (fried egg on top!) and a local place that has a burger on French toast topped with a fried egg, cheese and maple syrup 😀

  24. One of my favorite burgers is the Banzai burger at Red Robin. Five Guys has a good burger as well, but their fries are the reason to go with that yummy spice seasoning. Smashburger has a decent burger as well, and their smash fries are to die for. Big juicy cheeseburgers with bacon on top are definitely one of my favorite foods, and will now be on the menu at some point this weekend! That mushroom looks so delicious, I want it now!

  25. I’m not a huge burger person, but every once in awhile I’ll get a big craving for one and they are always soooo delicious when I that happens. I love five guys fries. They fact they you can order them and end up with a bag full is both dangerous and wonderful.

  26. All burgers served medium well. burgers are dressed with market fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and our special house sauce. your choice of Humboldt grass-fed beef, Diestel turkey patty or our House Made veggie patty. burgers are served with a sampling of shoestring fries, coleslaw or an upgrade to sweet potato fries.

  27. Beet fries! How cool!!

    Best burgers are either from Five Guys (I love their cajun fries, too) or Cheeseburger in Paradise. Man, now I am craving one!

  28. Looks so yummy and good but I have a question. How can you eat all this red meat with UC / Crohn’s ? My best friends husband has Crohn’s and has battled it for years and one of the top foods he should never ever eat is red meat. Along with anything with foods with little seeds like sesame, tomatoes, strawberries etc etc. How are you able to eat all this and not get sick? I would love to know so I can tell him!

    1. Different foods affect people differently. There are a lot of things that give me issues, but red meat is not one of them.

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