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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I did it! Twelve miles! :mrgreen: Twelve miles is the farthest I’ve run since May 2009 when I did the Run to Remember. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself right now! 😉


Before heading to Southie to meet our team, I ate my go-to breakfast: peanut butter + banana on Sandwich Thins (or whole wheat bread). I also drank an iced coffee with soy milk. So far, this meal is working out fabulously.


After breakfast, I packed up the “gear” that I take with me on long runs: Garmin 305, iPhone (for Pandora and snapping pics), headphones, and my new Spibelt. My TNT teammate, Elizabeth, used her Spibelt on last week’s week and it inspired me to get one for myself.

My Spibelt worked GREAT today! 😀 Usually, I hold my iPhone in my hand while I run, which, as you can imagine, starts to suck get annoying after awhile. So, I put my iPhone in the Spibelt, which made this morning’s run a lot more enjoyable. The Spibelt was also really comfortable. It didn’t bounce around and I barely knew it was there at times. I’m a fan.


As soon as Mal and I arrived at the South Boston Running Emporium, our coach gave us our 12-mile training route, which was two 6-mile loops around South Boston.

We started down West Broadway to East Broadway to the water, where the first water stop was located. Team In Training sets up water stops for us all along the course. The water stops are great because you can rehydrate (obviously) and catch your breath, but also because you get encouragement from the coaches and mentors that helps to keep you going.


For the next couple of miles, our team ran around Castle Island and along the Harborwalk.


Even though the sun was shining, the weather was chilly and super windy, especially along the water. It was so windy at times, I felt like I was running in place! 😯 The wind definitely made today’s run a bit of a challenge.


Even still, I enjoyed a gorgeous run along the ocean.

IMG_0358.JPG IMG_0369.JPG IMG_0360.JPG

Once we ran all the way around Castle Island, we headed back up East Broadway to L Street, which turned into Summer Street and looped around.


IMG_0364.JPG IMG_0366.JPG

At this point, we were supposed to take a left onto D Street, but I went right and got a little lost. I only ran about a 1/2 mile before I realized that I went the wrong way and turned around to head back down D Street to West Broadway. Oops! I’m terrible with directions. 😳


Once I finished the first loop around mile 6, I took the “fuel” that I brought with me: PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts.

Taste- and texture-wise, I liked the Energy Gel Blasts a lot. However, I wasn’t a fan of the size– they were kind of big. I actually had to stop running and chew them. Apparently, I can’t run and chew at the same time?! Mal really loves the Gu/gel (he thinks they’re easier to eat), so I might give it a whirl next week. Might as well try a few different fuel options while I can!


I cruised along for the next few miles, but once I hit mile 10, my legs turned to Jello. I even felt like I lost a bit of coordination with the strong wind. My legs seemed to do their own thing for the next two miles. Somehow, I made it to the end and finished in 1:49:45 (9:08 pace).

  • Mile 1: 8:53
  • Mile 2: 8:44
  • Mile 3: 9:09
  • Mile 4: 9:27
  • Mile 5: 9:06
  • Mile 6: 8:53
  • Mile 7: 9:04
  • Mile 8: 8:46
  • Mile 9: 9:09
  • Mile 10: 9:39
  • Mile 11: 9:36
  • Mile 12: 9:15


Success! 12 miles!! :mrgreen:


After saying goodbye to our team, Mal and I headed straight to P.S. Gourmet for iced coffees. I went with the Almond Joy flavor this morning. So delicious! 😀


When we got home, Mal started cooking breakfast while I gave Murphy a treat from Billy, the owner of the South Boston Running Emporium.


Of course, Murphy was psyched!


Second Breakfast

Mal made us egg sandwiches with bacon and cheese on toasted Sandwich Thins for our second breakfast of the day. I was sooo hungry and it tasted amazing.


After breakfast, Mal and I spent a good hour stretching and Tiger Tailing our tight muscles. As I always say, it hurts so good! 😉

I have lots to accomplish before tonight’s get-together at Dave and Marie’s house. Mal and I haven’t seen them in weeks!

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!



  1. I love the gel blasts, but haven’t been a fan of the Gu. The shot blocks were good though, also big but softer and easier to chew. I’ve found with the Gel Blasts that if you keep the packet warm so they stay softer they’re a bit easier to chew. 🙂

    That picture of Murphy eating his treat made me laugh so hard!! He’s so excited!

  2. WOW!! Way to go! 😀 That’s seriously something to be proud about. I know how it feels running in windy weather..but I’ve never been in such wind where it feels like I’m running in place. It’s great you didn’t let that hold you back, though 🙂

  3. What a beautiful morning and a beautiful run! Congrats! You are going to kill that marathon!

    I just got back from a 3 miler and it was tough, I’m not going to lie, but knowing that if I keep training that someday, I might be able to rock out the mileage like you do 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I LOVE that y’all are getting to do this together. What a treat and an awesome thing to share! (and a rarity for a husband and wife to be able to “run” together). Way to go!

  5. I ran today too and it was soo windy and cold. I ran with a tank on, not smart! Good for you on your run- great pace! You should be very proud. Did you take all those pics with your iPhone? They look great!

  6. What a speedy 12 miles!! I’ve got a 12 mile run planned for tomorrow, and my only goal is to not get injured doing it (I got injured during my 11 mile run last time I tried to train for a half-marathon). Hopefully it will go by as swimmingly as yours did!

  7. I am a big fan of the Jelly Belly sport beans. The flavors are good, some have added caffeine, and they are easy to pop into your mouth and chew while moving. I am creeped out by the gu’s still and the bloc/chews all seem too big in my mouth also, but the beans are just right! 🙂

  8. Congrats on 12 miles! I have always wanted to try out those gel blasts! I’ll have to pick some up when I go out to the store. I have a hard time keeping my energy levels up on long runs so hopefully those will help.

  9. another endorsement for GU &the spi-belt! i try to take the GU in slowly, over the course of a mile or so but it’s pretty tasty so that’s tough!

    Those are 12 speedy miles! congrats!
    And Mal’s time was? 45 mins? maybe an hour if he was off his game?

  10. I ran 13.1 today and passsed on the Gu (blech) in favor of some sport beans that I carried in my handy dandy zipper pocket on my pants (love it!) — you are NOT the only one that can’t run and chew at the same time…I really didn’t think it would be a problem…but it was!

  11. Congrats!! I remember how proud I was when I ran 12 miles for the first time. So strange that it’s almost a half marathon, but only training for you!

    Also, I’ve only ever tried GU gels but I love them. They are so yummy:)

  12. Aw! Murphy! Too cute! You and Mal are beasts, I think it’s so great that yall are doing the marathon together! Girl get that 12 miles! That’s awesome! Those egg sandwiches look like the perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

  13. Nice work on the run!

    How are you able to keep up your pace and take so many great pictures at the same time??

    Do you drive the route after to get the good shots?

  14. That is a fast 12 miles! Congratulations.

    I have a spibelt as well and LOVE IT. It was one of my favorite running purchases.

    Enjoy dinner with Dave and Marie!

  15. Good job on the run!! And what a well-deserved iced coffee!

    It’s funny – the weather looks sooo gorgeous out for you today that it makes me feel like it’s still summer!

  16. Glad you like your Spibelt! You’d be amazed at how much I can cram into that sucker. 🙂 Congratulations on the long (and windy!) run. See you at training soon! (And thanks for the pita chips– Nick only snuck a few, lol.)

  17. I was out in Boston today (doing the Harvard museum and Cambridgeside Galleria), and just wanted to say I can’t believe you ran in that wind! That wasn’t wind – it was superwind! Way to inspire!

  18. Awesome run! How do you manage your Garmin when you stop for photos/drinks, etc. Do you stop it and start it or just let it run? Does that have any bearing on your pace?

  19. Congrats on the mileage!! What a great feeling 🙂

    Don’t you just love the Spibelt? I just got one and it’s made running with an iphone so much easier! Have a great Sunday!

  20. Do you have a review of your Garmin on this site? I’m thinking of purchasing one and wonder what you think about yours. I notice you use it a lot, but are there any negative aspects of it? I’ve read some reviews online.

  21. I enjoy those energy blasts in the strawberry banana flavor, I also like the shot blocks- I mixed those in my spibelt for the last half marathon I ran and they worked great! Great job on the training

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