Tuesday In Meals + Boston Launch 4 (aka Lobster Sneakers)

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Good morning, friends!

Exciting news: The Boston Launch 4 (aka lobster sneakers) from Brooks Running are available for purchase today!! Aren’t they the most amazing sneakers ever!? If you or someone you know want to purchase a pair, be sure to hop on it. These babies typically sell out!

2017 Boston Launch Lobster Sneakers Boston Marathon

And here’s this week’s TUESDAY In Meals because I couldn’t quite get my act together on Monday after a red-eye home from San Diego. I hoped to sleep on the flight and power-through the day once I landed in Boston, buttttttttttttt that didn’t happen. I succumbed to a 1.5-hour nap and then ate crap most of the day. Ugh, when I’m sleep-deprived (or stressed-out), I make THE WORST decisions when it comes to food. I did, however, get my act together yesterday with regard to food prep and healthy eating, so Tuesday was a much better day!

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potatoes and hot sauce
  • Snack: Vietnamese cold brew mixed with decaf cold brew (50/50) + a homemade protein muffin (the recipe bombed, but it was still edible) heated in the microwave with a scoop of sunflower butter
  • Lunch: A “mixing bowl salad” with arugula, chicken breast, a hard-boiled egg, provolone cheese, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar + a Beauty Burst
  • Snack: Honey Nut Cheerios with sliced banana and almond milk
  • Dinner: Taco Cauliflower Rice Bowl (recipe on CNC Instagram)
  • Dessert: Siggis coconut yogurt with chocolate chips

Questions of the Day

Do you know anyone running the Boston Marathon this year?

Sleeping a plane: Yay, nay, or hell no?



  1. My husband is running his first Boston marathon this year! I’m so excited to come cheer him on, and even more excited after reading about Boston through your blog (long-time reader here)!

  2. I can fall asleep on a plane but never fall into a good solid sleep. Once the drink cart comes out I get woken up and then its a restless sleep from there on out!

  3. Just ordered my husband the Lobster Launch 4s. We are vacationing in Maine this summer, they’ll be perfect!

  4. Hi Tina – I know you are a Trader Joes fan, and also like spicy things. Have you tried their Harissa salsa yet? They had it on one of their end caps a few weeks ago with chips. I bought some, and have been putting it on my egg scrambles and OH. EM. Gee. Soo good!

  5. I would love to see you post on how Quinn does when you travel. I am curious. I am going on a trip tomorrow for five days, the first time I’ll be away from my 18 month old

  6. Looks like you ate just fine still on Tuesday? I only wish I could be so healthy when I’m tired!

  7. One of my friends here in Milwaukee is running!!! Geeze I used to sleep on planes now I have kids and I don’t do much traveling by myself.

  8. LOVE the lobster shoes!!!! I am so excited for Marathon Monday – I have quite a few friends to cheer on this year and I am so proud of and inspired by them. Really amazing.

    I wish I could sleep on planes! I have a tough time sleeping anywhere other than a bed. I fly back to Boston very late Monday night and I’m sure that means the whole week will be full of poor meal choices since we usually use the weekend to shop and prep for the week. It’s tough to pull it together during the week!

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