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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning!

I totally forgot to snap photos of my eats for my usual Monday in Meals post, so I documented what I ate yesterday (Tuesday) instead, which means you get a fun liverwurst recipe! For real. Ok, here we go. Get excited!

Decaf Marylou’s iced coffee with collagen hydrolyate 

IMG_5503 (1280x1280)

Two eggs with nutritional yeast on top of toasted sourdough with ghee and iced coffee from Gunther Tooties 

IMG_5501 (1280x1280)

Carrot salad

IMG_5504 (1280x1280)

From my RD friend Nicole at Whole Health RD: Carrot salad is a simple hormone balancing tool. A medium-sized raw carrot eaten daily can lower anti-thyroid and inflammatory substances, reduce liver burden, and assist the GI tract and liver to detoxify endotoxin and estrogen. The recipe is 1 medium carrot (shredded), 1-2 tsp melted coconut oil, splash of your favorite vinegar, lemon, or lime juice, and a dash of salt. Super simple. The salad is best eaten on an empty stomach before a meal or snack, preferably before midday. If eaten with a meal, it can lead to hypoglycemia in some people as it will slow the absorption of nutrients from other foods (raw carrot fibers can inhibit the absorption of certain minerals if eaten with other foods).

Veggie casserole with liverwurst and blue cheese

IMG_5506 (1280x1280)

I know”¦ you’re probably thinking WTF, but I promise it was quite tasty. And if you can’t stomach the idea of liverwurst, sliced sausage (or no meat) would work too. The recipe is basically layer your favorite sliced veggies in a baking pan. I used sweet potatoes, zucchini, and spinach, but anything you can slice would work. Then, layer blue cheese crumbles, ricotta, and your choice of meat in between. You can totally wing it. My layers from bottom to top: sweet potatoes, blue cheese, zucchini, liverwurst, ricotta, spinach, blue cheese, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and shredded Jarlsberg. Finally, cover the pan with tinfoil and bake at 375 degrees F for 30 minutes. Wicked good.


If you’re wondering why I am eating liverwurst all of a sudden, it’s because Nicole suggested it as a really great source of protein and nutrients. She actually suggested eating straight up liver, but I’m not quite ready for that, so she recommended liverwurst as an alternative. Liverwurst kind of looks and tastes like a flattened hot dog when sliced, and I actually like it much better than expected. You can find liverwurst at Whole Foods and other specialty health stores. (I bought the pork liverwurst from Wellshire Farms.) Nicole also recommended US Wellness Meats.

Mini milk chocolate peanut butter egg

IMG_5502 (1280x1280)

Bananas sautéed in coconut oil mixed with Greek yogurt and cinnamon

IMG_5492 (1280x1280)

Baked sweet potato with Greek yogurt, asparagus, and freshly grated Parmesan + a few slices of Quinn’s orange 


Three Gluten-Free Almond Joy Cookies 


Questions of the Day

Have you ever tried liver or liverwurst? If not, would you?



  1. I don’t see liver in any form in my near future. But I love the chocolate egg post delicious and nutritious lunch, totally my style!

  2. I will vouch for Tina. Although I haven’t had liverwurst in years, it is good. This is coming from picky eater too.

      1. I have been trying to balance hormones as well, and I have found Yogi Teas “women’s energy” tea to be a really helpful addition!

  3. I love Liverwurst. I haven’t had it in years due to the fat content. It used to be the only way I could get my dog to eat his medicine, he loved it as well.

  4. I LOVE liverwurst. When I was pregnant, that was all I wanted. Well, liverwurst, mayonnaise, and butter pecan ice cream lol. It’s hard to find a quality source of it if you don’t live near a WF. Maybe someday I will make it once our farm is up and running!

  5. Does Quinn eat the same meals you do or do you make separate meals for him? I refuse to make my son different dishes, but he would not go near that liverwurst veggie dish!

  6. Tina- I started eating liver too since it’s a powerhouse for so many vitamins and minerals. At first I tried cooking liver just how I would cook up meat and that was not a good idea. My doctor gave me a recipe for liver pate and I seriously cannot get enough of it- It’s absolutely delicious! I can share the recipe if you’d like :). I love all your food posts and how much of a variety you have!

      1. @Tina:

        Here you go! I hope you love it just as much as I do 🙂

        Liver Pate
        1 cup whole milk OR 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 1/2 lb. grass fed liver chopped into roughly 1 inch pieces 1 small onion chopped
        1/2 cup red wine
        1 clove garlic crushed
        1/2 tsp. Dijon mustard
        1 sprig of fresh rosemary
        1 sprig of fresh thyme
        1/2 Tbsp. lemon juice
        1/4 cup butter sliced into 4 portions
        salt and pepper

        -Soak sliced liver in milk OR 1/2 cup lemon juice for 6-24 hours.
        -Drain liver in colander, rinse with filtered water.
        -Sauté liver and onions in a couple Tbsp. of butter or Ghee until the liver is browned and the onions are tender.
        -Add wine, garlic, mustard, herbs and lemon juice and cook uncovered until most of the liquid is gone.
        -Cool and blend/process to a smooth paste in the food processor along with the 1/4 cup butter added 1 portion at a time.
        -Add salt and pepper to taste.
        -Serve on celery pieces or gluten free toast.
        **Once the pate is finished it will keep in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for up to a week.**

  7. I grew up eating liverwurst (well, we call it leverpostej – from our Scandinavian roots!), and it is really good! It’s the only way I’ll eat liver. My dad sometimes makes a hunk of liver for himself in a frying pan…buuut that’s a bit much for me. 🙂 PS, try it on crackers with some diced/sliced dill pickles!

  8. I loooove liverwurst. My naturopathic doc suggested liver too. I can eat it but I don’t yet really enjoy it. She said eventually I will really like the taste. ummm ok 😉
    Until then I take frozen liver pills and taste nothing but still get the incredible benefits. I usually take about 10 -20 “pills” a day. Basically you freeze raw liver for at least two weeks (kills any bacteria) Then you partially defrost the liver and cut it up in to small pill size pieces. You take them frozen and don’t taste a thing!!! It has really helped me. Awesome energy and a weird side effect: my very sensitive to cold teeth are now not! I went on vacation and while away obviously didn’t take the pills and the sensitivity came back. Once I began taking the pills again about 2 weeks later the teeth sensitivity went away again!! Google frozen liver pills and you will see more info everywhere about it Chris Kresser has an article about it too. If you don’t like the idea of eating raw liver I bet cooking it and cutting up in pills then freezing would work just as well!! Hope it helps!

  9. cant see the problem with liver, i eat liver at least once a week, maybe 2-3 days in a row. i guess it makes a difference where you live.

  10. I was the kid in elementary school who brought a liverwurst and mustard sandwich for lunch. No one ever wanted to trade with me!

      1. Not really toxins but a ton of Vitamin A, which can be toxic if consumed in excess. My nutrition professors talk about, specifically, polar bear liver as a “vitamin A bomb” (really- you can google it!). But unless you’re eating polar bear liver there’s not much to worry about.

          1. @Tina: Actually it is not hard to eat daily recommended amount of Vitamin A with fresh fruit and vegetables. By only eating one small carrot a day you cover your daily requirement for it. Dried apricots, parsley leaves or kale are other good and easy accessible non-meat Vitamin A sources.

  11. I’m German and Liverwurst is super yummy in my opinion. I used to eat it on a bagel everyday for lunch in middle school. So many of my friends would trade me for my sandwich because they loved it too. I just wouldn’t tell them what it was. 🙂 I’ll have to give this recipe a try. Thanks!

  12. liverwurst is really good. I call it liver pate. I think neese’s offers it in the store. I buy a canned version and spread it on banh mi, baguette etc. if you have eaten banh mi, there may be a thin layer of it on there.

  13. I can’t eat straight up liver but I’ve been sneaking small amounts into meals at least 2 or 3 times a week – can’t even tell it’s there 🙂
    And I put collagen hydrolysate in my morning coffee too!! (and at night I put it in my herbal tea).
    great post!
    I’m looking forward to that liver pate recipe someone mentioned as well.

  14. Fun fact: I used to adore liverwurst as a child (it was really common to eat this growing up in Germany), and was completely weirded out once I learnt what it was made of 😉 I remember that it tasted delicious though.
    Have you tried eating it with mustard or horseradish?

  15. My husband loves liverwurst. We get it in a roll here in Australia, and use it more like a spread or pate. He would love this dish! Will definitely be trying the carrot salad- delish!

  16. I use to eat liverwurst a lot. I would put it on rye crackers with cornichons and mustard. Hmmmm…it has been awhile. I may need to try it again.

  17. Curious as to why you are adding Collagen Hydrolysate to your coffee? The bananas in coconut oil with greek yogurt sound amazing…I’m going to have to try that out real soon.

    1. @Erin @ Erin’s Inside Job: Erin, make sure you drink enough water. It is important to anyone to drink about 2 litres (8 glasses) of fluids each day. Between other various functions in the body they are extremely essential to cope with raw vegetables in daily menu. The fiber present in vegetables needs liquids to perform its functions and pass via digestive tract smoothly. Obviously it doesn’t mean you have to sip water directly after having carrots. Just make sure you drink small amounts throughout the day.

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