I Tried Goat Milk (and Liked It)

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Good morning, friends! How’s your Thursday going so far?

I feel like this week has been a whirlwind, which is a nice change from the previous couple of weeks where I felt like I was a day ahead, but life was really a day behind. Whomp whomp. Anyway, my morning yesterday started bright and early with a walk around the neighborhood with my favorite pug dog. I typically walk Murphy before Mal leaves for school, and I soooo love our early morning routine together.

After our walk, it was time for coffee! My taste for it has come back (hooray!), but I don’t crave it like I used to… well, in the quantities that I used to. I used to drink coffee all morning long. I would typically stop in the afternoon (unless it was a special occasion), but I would sometimes drink three 16-ounce glasses most mornings. Now, I’m good with one 16-ouncer in the morning and don’t crave anymore once I finish it. It’s quite the change for me, but I like it. It makes me appreciate my morning glass of Joe a lot more.

Recently, I started using goat milk in my iced coffee. I got the green light on trying dairy in my diet, but Kelli suggested easing in with goat milk products first. It’s typically easier to digest than cow’s milk and so far, so good!

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about the taste of goat milk, so I was kind of expecting the worst when I tried it, but it’s actually really good! It reminds me of the leftover milk after eating a bowl of Rice Chex. Is that weird? Maybe? Well, that’s what it tastes like to me. I guess it’s just a tad sweeter than regular milk. I definitely like it and see it as a regular addition to my morning iced coffee routine in the future. I also like its nutrition facts – it’s way more nutritious that other milk alternatives that I’ve tried!

With iced coffee in hand, I sat down at my laptop and got to work until Quinn woke up. Once he’s awake, we cuddle on the couch for a bit and then I get him ready for school. He’s obsessed with the kid’s multivitamin gummies from Whole Foods lately, so once he’s ready to go, he gets one for the ride to school.

I drop Qman off at school and then head straight to Starbucks to get my work on. While there, I break into my breakfast that I brought from home: Scrambled egg whites with kale and chicken sausage. My photo doesn’t do it justice, but I swear it was an awesome breakfast!

Mid-morning, I started to get a little hungry, and I had an Orangetheory class on the agenda, so I snack on a banana.

Then, I pack up my things, and it’s OTF time! I hadn’t worked out in 5 days, so I was really excited about a tough sweat session!

I leave class a sweaty mess and pop over to Bed, Bath & Beyond to grab a few props for a photo shoot with the National Honey Board the next day.

Then, it’s off to Fresh Market to grab a few groceries for the photo shoot. While there, I grab a free sample of their Spring Blend, which has flavors of caramel and butterscotch in it. Hellllloooo! Delicious!

After running my errands, I walk back to my car and enjoy the sunshine. We’ve had a gloomy spring here, so it was really nice to finally see some SUN!

When I arrived home, I was more than ready for lunch, so I whipped up a random mix from the fridge: Sautéed kale, roasted parsnips, ground chicken, green onions, and feta. Mmm!

Then, it was off to the porch to get some more work done and enjoy the beautiful weather. I also finished my iced coffee from the morning.

Afternoon snack: Rice cake with White Bean Honey Spread – recipe coming to CNC soon! Side note: Later that day, Quinn saw me eating some with a spoon (straight from the jar) and asked me what it was. I told him “cookie dough,” so, of course, he wanted some. He loved it and actually ended up eating a small bowl of it with a spoon. I’m pretty sure it was his first time ever eating beans! 🙂

Once I wrapped up work for the day, I picked Qman up from school and headed back home to relax. He helped me take out the pillows for our couch on the back deck. He’s such a good helper! 🙂

Then, we played outside for awhile while we waited for Dada to get home. (He was purchasing Qman’s new swing set!!)

Dinner was quite tasty! In the mix: Carrot noodles (from Trader Joe’s), peas, chicken breast, feta, and a bunch of Everything but the Bagel Seasoning (also from TJ’s). I received a few questions about the carrot noodles from TJ’s and they are awe-some. So easy to make (just heat in a skillet) and so tasty (I actually burnt mine a little by mistake and it made them taste so good)!

Questions of the Day

Have you tried the carrot noodles or Everything but the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s?

Have you ever tried goat milk?

Is it summer where you are?



  1. I love goat’s milk. Reminds me of my Grandma as she always gave it to me as a child. The weather is all over the place in the UK right now!

  2. It is definitely Summer weather here in Pennsylvania! Yesterday hit 90 or above and it’s expected to do the same, today! It’s unbelievable how much of a contrast the temperature is here from this past weekend. On Saturday, it was in the high 40’s-low 50’s!

  3. Obsessed with the bagel seasoning!! My husband is hooked, too. There is nothing that it doesn’t work with (except sweet stuff, ha), yum. I used it on some sautéed spinach/onion/garlic, so good! Thanks for introducing me to it!

  4. It is DEFINITELY summer weather here (here being Connecticut). It’s been muggy and hot (80s-90s!) for the past few days and while some people are complaining, I’m loving it. It’s been so rainy lately and not very warm, so I’m totally okay with the really fast transition.

    I have yet to try the everything bagel seasoning at Trader Joe’s but I NEED to get my hands on it. Have you tried the everything crackers at TJ’s? Also so good!

  5. I tried the carrots noodles last week and loved them, so went back a couple of days later to stock up. I liked the flavor and texture and the fact that they are frozen so even more convenient to have on hand.
    The bagel seasoning is terrific too – been using it a lot on roasted potatoes.

  6. Everything bagel seasoning is sooo good! It’s strange; I normally wouldn’t choose an everything bagel, but I put this seasoning on everything.

  7. I have been wanting to try that everything bagel seasoning. Need to pick some up this weekend at TJ’s. I’m not sure about the goat milk. I feel like a holistic practitioner I should be on that train, but milk kind of weirds me out.

  8. LOVE the bagel seasoning! Although my digestion hasn’t been great this pregnancy (burping strong flavors is not fun!) so I’ve had to lay off it a bit but that will be temporary!

    I love that you told Q that the spread was cookie dough! I do that with my son, I tell him everything is chicken and he will eat it! But if I say for instance “its pork” he will reply with “I don’t like that”. Looking forward to the recipe!

    I live in Mass. too, this weather is fantastic and about time!

  9. I’ve been wanting to find goat milk yogurt! I’ve heard such good things about it. I like dairy but do tend to breakout a bit from it.

  10. I’ve never heard of goat’s milk being easy to digest but either way–dairy is hard to digest after childhood because we lose the ability to digest lactose. This is normal and is what happens to all mammals since consuming milk after we’re weaned is completely unnecessary and even harmful when it’s another animal’s milk. If you’re wanting milk in your coffee to make it creamier I recommend switching to soy, almond, or coconut milk. They are so good and are definitely easy to digest 🙂

  11. I love your day to day routines with healthy diets.I love drinking goat milk it tasty and healthy for our body. Goat milk contains less lactose (milk sugar) than cows milk, which makes it easier on our stomachs simply because we need less of a particular type of enzyme to break down the lactose.

  12. I remember my nephew who have tons of allergies drink goats milk instead of cows milk. Not thought trying it myself, but I’ll give it a go if I see it on the supermarket shelves next time.

    Oh and last weekend we saw a pug. They are so cute, really want one!

  13. I love both the carrot noodles and bagel seasoning! They’re a staple in my diet as of late. I’ve also weened myself off of multiple coffees in a day! It definitely makes my morning iced coffee that much more special. It’s become part of my “me time”!

  14. Hearing your thoughts on goats milk makes me wants to try it! Also, I have the same pair of Brooks running shoes! Which I actually decided to buy because of you! 🙂

  15. I use the Everything but the Bagel seasoning on roasted veggies. Most recently had on lake chips and roasted broccoli….YUM

  16. I LOVE the Everything But the Bagel seasoning! I first saw it on your post and I put it on everything! My favorite is an English Muffin with avocado + the seasoning. Yum!!

    Also super glad we’re finally getting nice weather here in Boston! At least for a few days… I’m definitely over the cold, gloomy weather!

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