Treadmill Workout: Make It a Double

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Hooray! More treadmill workouts! I know you guys love ”˜em.

Yesterday, on my half marathon training plan was 6 x 400m with 90 seconds rest. I hadn’t run in nearly a week, so I was ready to dominate this workout. Ninety seconds seemed like too much rest, so I cut it down to 45-ish seconds between intervals. Here’s how it looked on the treadmill.


Including a 1-mile warm-up, I covered 2.80 miles in less than 25 minutes. My run took much less time than I expected, so I decided to tack on a second treadmill workout. I haven’t done too many any long runs to prepare for my half marathon next month, so I figured better late than never and set out do an additional 5.20 miles to make an even 8 miles for the day. Here’s how this workout looked on the treadmill.


This workout took me about 44 minutes to complete.

Obviously, you can do one or both of these treadmill workouts depending on your goals and how much time you have available to you. You can also decrease or increase the speeds based on your abilities.

Happy running!



  1. I’m a treadmill junkie and usually don’t have problems with motivating myself to hop on and go, but lately I’ve been rrreally craving a real run outside!! Having said that though – I am with ya on the intervals. They’re definitely a great way to pass the time!

  2. Yay intervals! It’s not too bad that you aren’t running as much. I have been doing similar training for my half and I am finding that the intervals are really helping out on my speed and overall endurance, even though I’m running less.

  3. Your CrossFit-inspired runs seem to really be paying off – you’ve gotten so speedy! (Though I think you were to begin with :)). It’s amazing how much of a role speedwork plays in making you an overall faster runner!

  4. I love your treadmill workouts.

    Seriously, thank you so much for posting them over the years – they’ve single handedly managed to get me through the winter so far (NE England, UK = lots of ice in winter!) Sometimes I double them up and/or alter the speeds, but I’d never be able to create one for myself. I usually just plug in a speed and go out of my mind with boredom for 12-13 miles. Ugh.


  5. Intervals are the way to go with treadmill workouts. It helps with the complete boredom that comes with running in place. I don’t mind the treadmill but I can’t wait to be able to do more runs outside once the time changes and there is more light in the evening.

  6. For being only 5’4″ (I think that’s what you said your height was), you sure can run fast! I’m 5’2″ and have never even attempted running 7.0mph. Way to go!

    On another note, my husband is going to start Crossfit. I hope he likes it as much as you and Mal. I would try it but I’m training for a full and don’t want to overwhelm my body. Maybe after…

  7. Wow, a double treadmill workout?! Would love to try the first one, but does it take a lot of time away when changing speeds? So if you are resting for .05 miles, isn’t that practically the time it takes to reduce the speed, then speed up? How do you count it?

    1. @Christy: When I finish an interval, I just change the speed to the rest one and then use the distance counter to go .05 miles before changing speeds again to do the next interval.

      1. @Tina: This was going to be my question. I’m doing couch to 5K and tried it on the treadmill and felt like I spent the whole time hitting the up and down buttons. I will I will have to look for buttons that move beyond +.1 and – .1.

  8. I’m a little nervous for the DC half! I haven’t done any (2) long runs and I’m worried. I’m also doing cross fit twice a week but I dont want to be dragging by the finish line! Are you planning on inserting some long runs in the next month?

  9. Hi! I have been following your blog for awhile now, and love it. I am slightly addicted to the treadmill (because I live in Oregon which makes for a rainy few months of no outside running) but I always get bored. You have inspired me to make my workouts so much more interesting and go by so quickly. I did this double workout the other day and LOVED it. I bumped it up so my slowest speed on the second workout was 6.8 to then 7.2. It was such a great way to get in 8 miles in just slightly over an hour! Keep posting these, I will continue to try them out! Oh, I’ve also done TONS of half marathons and I really suggest you do at least ONE 12 miler. Something just happens to your legs after mile 11…and it’s good to know what it feels like. Sorry for the long comment!

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  11. I really like the idea of those intervals. I’ve been reading up on them lately and trying them on my own treadmill and I’m beginning to think the interval training idea is pretty sound. I just had a question with how you did it. Was the only change you made to the speed? Did the incline stay the same the whole time? I’m wondering if for an interval you kept the speed the same but raised or lowered the incline for certain distances or something. Or maybe a combination of both? Any ideas are much appreciated, thanks!

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