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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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So, I haven’t been doing a great job following my 8-Week Half Marathon Training Plan, but I’m going to try to do better in the coming weeks. I thought I could handle 5 days of CrossFit + 3 training runs each week, but I’m now realizing it just isn’t going to happen””at least not right now. (Maybe it’s something to work toward in the future?) My new workout schedule will probably be 4 days of CrossFit + 2-3 training runs each week. I think I can handle that. We’ll see how it goes!

I was actually planning to go to CrossFit tonight, but my upper back and shoulders are still sore from Tuesday’s workout. (Wall-Climbs are my nemesis!) So, instead of having a mediocre workout tonight that could potentially leave me exhausted for tomorrow’s WOD, I’m skipping tonight’s class and starting fresh tomorrow. Plus, Saturday’s workouts are always a blast, so I don’t want to miss it.


A 10K was on my training schedule for today, so I hit the treadmill for a sweaty workout. It was a lot of fun and really challenging. I love those kinds of workouts.


I liked this treadmill workout because it started out at an easy pace and built speed every 1/2 mile. By mile 4 or so, the speeds started to get pretty challenging, but I kept telling myself:

only 3 more intervals

only 2 more intervals

only 1 more interval

Which helped me mentally motivate and pace myself by breaking down the run into smaller parts. I also reminded myself that I wasn’t running that much faster on each interval, so I knew I just needed to keep trucking along. Plus, the faster I ran, the quicker it would be over! When I hit 6 miles, I picked up the pace and sprinted to the end. I love finishing strong. I also love this workout (if you couldn’t tell)!

I finished 6.2 miles in 52:34, which was an average pace of 8:28, and my fast 10K ever. I beat my current PR by 41 seconds! Woohoo!


Before heading to the gym, I snacked on a banana.

IMG_0007 (800x600)


IMG_0005 (800x600)-3

Ok, it’s an old joke, but I still think it’s funny!

IMG_0002 (800x600)-2


After my workout, I threw together a quick lunch: deli ham + provolone cheese with guacamole on whole wheat bread. On the side: salad with truffle oil and balsamic vinegar. Quick, easy, delicious.

IMG_0008 (800x600)-2


A few hours later, I snacked on another banana, but this time with a scoop of almond butter. I guess it was a two banana kind of day. < —- TWSS?

IMG_0012 (800x600)

I’m off to walk the pug, and then I plan to sit on the couch and drink wine for the rest of the night.

Happy weekend, friends!



  1. Hahahaha, that picture of Murphy just made my day. Who knew he was such a liar! I think I may have to steal this idea and use it on my pupper. Hope you don’t mind. He tends to tell little fibs all the time and I think it’s time I called him out on it 🙂

  2. I just wanted to say I thoroughly have enjoyed reading through your blog and I like the motivation I feel seeing the meals you eat! You actually inspired me to start my own blog to document my journey! Thanks and congratulations on ll you’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish!


  3. There are many things I like about this post, but I REALLY like your hard wood floors! Classic New England home beauty!

  4. I literally laughed outloud at that joke…both times. So you know, I think you’re okay to use it a few more times 😉

    It’s definitely a two banana kind of day…or two coffee kinda day if you’re me!

  5. 3-4 days of Crossfit and 2-3 sport specific workouts are what Crossfit Endurance recommends. So you are good 🙂

    Try to make sure at least 2, better if 3, are more strength based and/or less than 12min metcons. Sometimes u need to adjust the workout for your goals so maybe its half the rounds at a heavier weight or its less reps and heavier weight, etc.

  6. That’s an impressive run! I did something similar today, but with my 4 mile run! I love getting faster and faster during the last mile, because half of me wants to get it over with and the other half wants to see how far I can push it!

  7. I think treadmill workouts like that can go by faster than a solid run at the same pace. I also tell myself things like that to keep myself going. I’m on week 4 of the couch to 5k program right now, and I had to laugh when I read that 6.5 mph was a nice, easy pace. 6.0 mph feels almost like a sprint to me right now! Something to work toward, that’s for sure.

  8. Wow that is soo much Crossfit, how ambitious, I am impressed. Way to go on the 10k! Your evening sounds lovely and I think I will do the same. :-). Happy weekend to YOU!

  9. Love your plan for the night! My sister is running the Boston marathon and she also does Crossfit…. It has been challenging but she has determined that Crossfit works for her twice a week… She is gaining strength while not tiring. The rewards of working out/running feel so awesome… When you really love those endorphins it is difficult to rest… Believe me I know! It seems as though as you continue with Crossfit and running you begin to be more increasingly intuitive with what works for you mentally and physically. I really love that you have found something that drives you ton push yourself so hard! Very inspirational 🙂

  10. Your treadmill 10k PR is fast as my race 10k PR! I need to give that workout a go haha! My problem is I always hop off the sides on treadmills when I start to get boreddd…

  11. Thanks for this 10K outline! I’m nursing an injury and have to keep to the treadmill for a while. I’ve a half marathon scheduled in 3 weeks… so I am definitely trying this tomorrow at the gym to keep my fitness up.. sounds like a great workout!

  12. i have been meaning to ask for a while. I am so confused by your picture on the top left of your blog. it looks like you have a pool chair strapped to your back. LOL. what is that behind you?! i always try to figure out what is going on and just can’t!!!

  13. I’m glad you gave yourself a break after the tough workout~ it’s so hard for me to admit when my body is tired at times, I just want to push through! But I have a better chance the next day if I take it easy:)

  14. I’ve never tried a treadmill work out. I’ve been so bored lately with running miles on the treadmill and outside that I think Im going to make this my Tuesday work out. Thanks for the idea!

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