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Good morning!!

With holiday travel just around the corner, I thought you guys might be curious to see what’s on my “must-have” list. These items are ones that I almost always pack because they help me stick with my healthy habits and, honestly, they just make life easier! Here’s a recap of my favorite travel must-haves from my recent trip to San Francisco!

  • Running Sneakers – I typically wear my sneakers to and from my destination because they’re comfy and it saves some room in my suitcase. Plus, being active (in some capacity) while I’m away is a priority for me!
  • Protein powder + collagen – I typically pack both protein powder and collagen, so I have options! 🙂 I typically add them to iced coffee, oatmeal, or mixed with mashed banana or nut butter to add some extra protein to my diet.
  • Spruce & Co Screen Cleaning Wipes – I love these wipes for cleaning my iPhone or laptop screen when I’m on the go. Eww, public places. Even when I’m not traveling, I almost always have a few packets in my purse.
  • Auto-Rotating Curling Iron – Kerrie actually introduced me to this curling iron on our last trip to California. I loved it so much, I went home and immediately bought my own. It makes THE BEST natural-looking waves with minimal effort. I’m a total goober when it comes to doing my hair, but I can actually use this curling iron!
  • Justin’s Nut Butter Packets – I love traveling with these because they’re small and fit just about anywhere (even jacket pockets). Plus, they’re easy to add to oatmeal, fruit, crackers, or eat straight from the packet for a quick snack.
  • Health Warrior Bars – I packed a few of these for my travels to San Francisco, but I totally flaked on snapping a photo. Oops. They’re a favorite travel snack because they’re tasty (Vanilla Almond is my favorite) and loaded with healthy protein and fat!
  • Water bottle – Packing my water bottle always encourages me to stay hydrated and saves me some money on buying the bottled stuff.

Question of the Day

What are some of your travel must-haves?

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  1. I literally never go anywhere without my curling iron. It saves me ALL the time from having to wash my hair way too much. It’s way easier for me to curl it than wash, dry and straighten! Loved all these essentials!

  2. That curling iron sounds interesting! Does the barrel itself just kind of spin around?

    I agree with pretty much your entire list! I also like taking mini packets of “green powder” which is kind of like a multi-vitamin/probiotic/etc in one (there are many brands but I use Athletic Greens) because travel tends to lead to sickness sometimes.

  3. Great list!
    I always have a water bottle, make up remover wipes, dry shampoo, extra hair ties, and chapstick when I’m traveling. (And lots of snacks!)

  4. Hi, love your site! I tried using pumpkinsale10 on Nikki’s site but it says it’s not valid. Is it correct or do you have a different code for us to use?


  5. I’m always surprised how some people don’t realize that you can bring an empty water bottle through security but I keep learning that a lot don’t realize it but it really is a complete game changer and MUST when I travel! I’m also all about nut butter packs, RxBars and larabars, and also my essential oils!

  6. I just started bringing work out shoes with me when I travel and it really does get me in the moving spirit. It honestly makes the airports easier. Especially when I can’t find my gate, I’m not lost I’m just getting my steps in 🙂

  7. Your list is spot on. My hair is always a hot mess, curling iron only tames it so much so I just let my lion mane do it’s thing when I travel, pretty sure I’ve broken a comb trying to get through it at the end of a trip.

    Sneakers and a sweatshirt are a must. I also bring an array of bars, gum, a book, and a BIG water bottle. Only downside of this is having to pee, every single time.

  8. Travel must-haves: athletic shoes, Nalgene, hand lotion, DEODORANT (how does sitting on a plane doing nothing make me so sweaty? How?), snacks (loving Rx, Larabar, Quest) and my Kindle.

    Also you might have just saved my life with that curling iron rec. I’ve been using my straightener to curl my hair because it’s the only way I know how, but I *might* be able to figure this one out!

  9. I’ve been looking for ways to be healthier while travelling, and finding this post reminded me it can be simple if you’re prepared! Even just having some healthy snacks on hand to prevent reaching for an ice cream is a good trick. Lately, I’ve been packing my yoga mat, but it’s not the easiest thing to take if you’re flying!

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