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Have you been looking for a way to challenge yourself while improving the lives of others in 2014? With Team Challenge, individuals have the opportunity to be part of a supportive group and train for a half-marathon or a triathlon while raising funds to cure Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. Collectively known as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, (IBD) these debilitating diseases affect over 1.4 million Americans.

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In the upcoming 2014 Summer season, participants will have the opportunity to complete a triathlon in Philadelphia or run or walk a half-marathon in either Napa, Kona, Jamestown, or Chicago. Team Challenge is made up of individuals from all walks of life-individuals who either have Crohn’s or Colitis, have a family member or friend with the disease, or people who just want to take part in something bigger than themselves and get in better shape at the same time. Importantly, patients of Crohn’s and Colitis have found the experience to be empowering as they can contribute to their fight for a cure!

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Past participant Jennifer Lonschein sums it up when she says “If someone was considering running with Team Challenge, I would recommend it until I was blue in the face. I’ve run a half marathon before, without TC, and it didn’t even come close to comparing to this experience. The camaraderie, support and motivation you get from your coaches, mentors, managers and teammates is what drives you to cross the finish line and get one step closer to finding a cure.”

I haven’t run with Team Challenge YET, but this cause is obviously near and dear to my heart, so please check out this link and learn more about Team Challenge!


  1. My sister has Crohn’s so I’ve trained with Team Challenge twice – once for Napa and once for Vegas. This year I’m training with Team Challenge to do my first triathlon at Bass Lake in Yosemite! The organization is truly great and they draw me back year after year.

  2. Team challenge is the most amazing experience you’ll ever have. They will become part of your family. I’m glad I ran my first half with them!

  3. I have crohn’s so I appreciate all the people who run/walk for this cause, there’s so much stuff to research with these diseases that all the money raised really does help!

  4. Training as a team, or even in groups as part of a bigger team, is a GREAT motivator! And those people really do become like family! I did a charity ride across Ohio the last two years and without those people, I would’ve had a tough time!

    Also, I want to say THANK YOU for promoting Team Challenge for CCFA. This cause is also very personal and I appreciate all of those who participate in Team Challenge.

  5. I trained with Team Challenge last year and completed the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon! It was such a fun and rewarding experience, I would highly recommend it! Everyone involved is so amazing and inspiring. Go Team Challenge!

  6. Whoa, so weird. That’s me in the center (745) with some of my Team Challenge New Jersey teammates and manager. Go TC!

  7. I did the Vegas season with Team Challenge is past November and it was amazing! The cause is near and dear to my heart too as someone with UC. Highly recommend it!

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