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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello! How was your (hopefully long) weekend? Ours was really nice. I feel like we didn’t do all that much, but when I looked back through the photos on my iPhone that I took over the weekend, we actually did quite a lot of fun stuff. That said, here’s a recap of the best things (15 of them in chronological order) from our weekend!

#1: A challenging, but fun partner workout with Mal at CrossFit on Saturday morning. I felt a little beat up after Friday’s workout (my legs are still sore from the back squats), so I wasn’t sure how the heck I would get through the workout, but I survived. How this WOD worked: One partner worked while the other rested and you couldn’t move on to the next exercise until you finished all of the reps in the previous one.


#2: Post-workout iced coffees from Coffee Shack. Will WOD for iced coffee! 🙂 Seriously, though, the thought of an iced coffee after a tough workout really does motivate me!

IMG_2410 (1024x1024)

#3: Visiting the cows at Hornstra Farms

IMG_2417 (1024x1024)

#4: And trying the apple cider donuts. 

IMG_2393 (1024x1024)

Oh my gosh, they were incredible. Mal ate 3 of them in like 2 minutes. I think he blacked-out or something.

IMG_2395 (1024x1024)

Qman loved them too! 🙂

IMG_2402 (1024x1024)

#5: Picking out our pumpkin (at Hornstra Farms). 

IMG_2421 (1024x1024)

#6: Discovering this amazing spider pumpkin stand and realizing that we need one in our life ASAP!

IMG_2423 (1024x1024)

#7: Wearing my new LuLaRoe leggings from my sister (she’s a LuLaRoe consultant) and, whoa, they are comfortable. And Mal saying that they made my legs look long, which no one has ever said to me EVER in my 36 years of life, so they’re a new favorite. FYI: My sister and I are hosting a fundraiser on Facebook to benefit the CCFA on Wednesday, October 26th, so be sure to mark your calendars. She’ll have all sorts of deals and giveaways, too!

IMG_2433 (768x1024)

#8: Catching up and eating sushi with our friends Elizabeth and Nick. Qman also had a fun playdate, so it was definitely a fun evening for all!

IMG_2449 (1024x768)

#9: Waking up on Sunday morning to my boys making pancakes! 

IMG_2455 (1024x768)

Please note: Quinn’s cooking tongs and “stick snake” that had to join us for breakfast. Hey, whatever gets him (Quinn, not the stick snake) to eat, right?

IMG_2464 (768x1024)

#10: Making pizza and sandwiches with Quinn’s play sets, which are such an amazing (and fun) tool for increasing language. Qman’s words are coming like crazy (2 or 3 at a time + new vocabulary ALL THE TIME) and his tantrums are so much better now that he can communicate with us. He’s also a much happier kid nowadays. Hooray for EI! 🙂

IMG_2458 (1024x768)

#11: Getting a bunch of our errands done on Sunday morning, so we had the rest of the long weekend to relax and play. 

IMG_2473 (1024x1024)

#12: Grilled Cheese Night! 

IMG_2481 (1024x768)

We all had such a fun time making our own grilled cheese sandwiches and, boy, they were tasty! We’ll definitely have to do Grilled Cheese Night again real soon!

IMG_2484 (1024x1024)

#13: Qman getting a fresh cut. We talked about getting his hair cut for, no joke, probably 3 weeks, so I’m glad that we finally did it. He was getting really shaggy!

IMG_2491 (1024x1024)

#14: Running 12 miles! 

IMG_2500 (1024x1024)

#15: Trying Halo Top for the first time and, OMGGGGGG, now I know what I was missing. It’s so friggin’ good and loaded with protein!

IMG_2501 (1024x1024)

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paige c

I love how it combines fitness and good food! Would love to have a copy for myself.

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Questions of the Day

What was the best thing you ate this past weekend?

Have you tried Halo Top?



  1. Hubby grilled some ribeye steaks on Saturday and they were AWESOME!
    I have not tried Halo Top yet. I have tried Arctic Zero and I was not impressed. Plus it was $$$ To be honest, I rather go with the real stuff!

  2. I am so jealous of your vibrant, gorgeous Fall colors as we haven’t had cool enough weather here for Fall leaves. Fingers crossed this cool weather stays and we enjoy some pretty days.

  3. OMG, those cider donuts had me drooling! I used to get the best ones in up upstate NY. Can’t find them in FL.
    Also, need to try Halo Top soon!

  4. Now that looks like an awesome weekend! I’m always so impressed with how much family focused fun you have on the weekends! I have two little ones and I’m always struggling with balancing getting the weekend work/chores done and planning fun stuff for our family to do! Anyway, I have tried Halo Top in vanilla and strawberry, and it just left a lot to be desired! I think my expectations were too high! I was hoping for a high protein version of Haagen-Dazs! I saw the birthday cake flavor and it definitely tempted me, but I practiced self control!

  5. Birthday cake HaloTop is hands down my favorite! So flavorful and the sprinkles make me rediculously happy. The best thing I ate was a brunch with my family. There’s nothing better than good company with a good meal!

    And I also workout for iced coffee 🙂

  6. I LOVE Halo Top! My favorite flavor is either Vanilla Bean or Birthday Cake. They don’t sell it close to where I live in NC, but they have 10 new flavors and I may have to order some online!

  7. “I think he blacked out or something” This made me laugh! putting down 3 donuts in 2 minutes is impressive!

    I LOVE LuLaRoe! The leggings are SO SOFT and flattering! Will your sister be selling them for the fundraiser? I’d definitely get another pair!

    Love Halo Top! My favorite right now is the Mint Chocolate chip…I’m not a huge mint fan but for some reason I love this flavor, its so creamy and there aren’t a ton of chips so you don’t have to worry about getting chocolate stuck in your teeth too much (another reason why I don’t love mint chocolate chip, weird?)+

    Favorite thing I age this weekend was a roasted chicken dinner my Dad made, which include mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. It was like a pregame to Thanksgiving, ha!

  8. Hi Tina! So I love your Dwayne Johnson motivation – seriously got me out of bed last week when all I wanted to do was stay cuddled in my blankets! I recently switched up my workouts to 5 am (I’m a teacher and know you understand that after school you can get pulled in a million directions :(). But I am having trouble knowing how to properly fuel myself. When I start working out at 5 and after when I finish at about 5:45, it feels like there is no way I could put food in my body. But by 8:15 when I get a second to inhale something – it never seems enough! Any suggestions?! My workouts are usually a 30-45 minute mix of tabata training, weights, and stretching.

  9. Halo Top is all the rage down here! My kids are even chanting it, “Halo Top! Halo Top!”. My favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip!

  10. My youngest has had speech issues and he just turned 3. Back in February we finally were able to get our little guy some help. I CANNOT believe how much therapy has helped him. It’s like we have a whole new kid in our house! He has an older brother and their relationship has changed dramatically. They see each other as play mates now and can have conversations. I swear 3 months ago the most he could string together would be 3-5 words at a time. The other day we were in the store and he said something and I said “Wait say that again” and it was 10-12 word sentence!

    So glad your little dude is getting some help. It’s sad, exhausting, frustrating on everyone in the house.

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