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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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After this weekend, I think it’s definitely possible to sleep too much. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to sleep, but I’d much rather get up (carpe diem!) and start my day than waste it lounging in bed. However, I slept in (well, past 8:30 AM) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this past weekend, and all that sleep left me feeling totally exhausted this morning. I felt like a bus hit me when I woke up, which was the main reason for not blogging this morning.

Ok, enough whining about how tired I am… onto my eats for the day so far!


My morning bowl of oats was a yummy combination of crumbled strawberry muffin, ground flaxseed meal, canned pumpkin, vanilla hemp milk, and peanut butter. Muffin + oatmeal = carb heaven! :mrgreen:

With much-needed iced coffee… I had a second cup of coffee when I got to work. I was draaggging!


I only included an “above” view of lunch this afternoon because I’m borrowing the office computer, which takes freakin’ for-ever to upload photos.

Lunch rundown: Mollie Katzen’s broccoli salad (with feta), grapes, a blood orange (10 for $10 at Stop & Shop), a dark chocolate Adora disk, and a Cadbury cream egg.

Question of the Day

Do you think you can sleep too much? How many hours of sleep do you typically require to “function” well?



  1. I need about 8 hours… any more (unless I’ve been drinking) and I’m kind of a zombie all day, and any less and I can’t function at all!

    Speaking of sleep… you and Mal were in my dream last night! Maybe I’ve also been BLOGGING too much 🙂

  2. I wish I can sleep too much… I am always more in the lack of sleep side! I think I need at least 7.5 hours to function well the next time now that I’m older (28). When I was younger, I only needed 6. 🙂

  3. I have often found that on the monday after a weekend of sleeping I am totally exhausted too!! This happened once again this morning and I just wanted to kill my alarm clock once again. I think that this is probably because I chose to sleep until 1pm on saturday and 11am on sunday and then when the alarm went of at 5am this morning I just wanted to scream… i think I have a love hate relationship with weekends but I do think that everyone needs at least 8 hours of sleep to “function” well!!

  4. I too need 8 hours of sleep (8.5 or 9 would be even better!). I’m glad to see that everyone so far needs about that much. I sometimes feel like a baby saying I need 8 or more hours, when I know that that is actually a healthy amount to get. On the weekends lately I’ve been getting up after just 8 hours instead of trying to “catch up”. I get a lot accomplished in the morning, and I feel mostly ok on Mondays. Today I could have used more, but I made myself get up and work out. It was worth it:)

    I definitely think that you can feel draggy because of too much sleep. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. =\

  5. oh, I felt the same way this morning!

    Granted, my “sleeping in” now is like 7:30, but I pretty much slept until then Fri/Sat/Sun, so getting up this morning was SO hard.

  6. I’m good with about 7-9 hours. I have a pretty good natural clock that wakes me up at a decent hour. I don’t think that I like to “sleep all weekend” but when I get up is determined by when I went to bed the night before….and sometimes it’s fun to stay up all night!

  7. Oh, I think you can definitely sleep too much! If I manage to sleep more than my usual 8 hours I’m tired and groggy all day!

  8. I seem to do best with 9 hours. I can get by with 8, no problem – but when I’ve not set my alarm and just slept until I woke up, 9 seems to be the magic number.

    Too much sleep is a killer though. That also happens to me if I stay up late and then sleep late to get enough sleep. I’m such an early bird!

  9. I do agree that you can oversleep! I have definitely felt groggy a time or two.

    I think 7-8 hours is ideal for me. I function on 7, but I think an extra hour wouldn’t hurt me.

  10. I think you can sleep too much! It makes me more tired. I need about 7.5 hours to function properly 🙂

  11. You can definitely sleep too much. I usually do well on 7 hours of sleep, but sometimes I only get 6 and I’m okay and then sometimes I get 8 and I feel extra rested. But if I go over 8, I feel sluggish and sometimes get a headache. Its a strange thing, huh?!

  12. I like 8-9 but most days I’m getting around 7. Its sad because sometimes I can’t even sleep in – my body says “yep 8’s enough, time to get up and be productive!”

  13. 8 is perfect for me…if I get 7 hours the alarm won’t budge me…any more than 8 and my body just wants to stay asleep, so I end up sleeping more like 10 hours. I try to set my alarm on the weekends, but sometimes I just don’t want to!

  14. recently, i’ve been sleeping erratically. i hope to go back to my regular, needed sleeping schedule soon! that broccoli salad recipe looks good!

  15. I usually get 7-8, but I can function on 6… I would say that sleeping too much has a worse effect on me than sleeping too little actually!

  16. Yes! I slept too much last night trying to get rid of a cold I caught, and now I can’t sit still even though I am sick… blah! But, I need 8 hours to function like a normal human being – but – I hear the better you eat, the less sleep you need… Have you heard that?

  17. I sure wish I had the problem of sleeping too much. I usually get about 6-7 hours of sleep but I think that I need 7-8 hours. I do find that I get extremely drowsy at certain points of the the regardless of the amount I’ve slept.

  18. I am jealous of good sleepers! I wake up so much, who knows how much actual sleep I get. I haven’t slept late since college, and I DEFINITELY felt groggy then. But late back then was 2:00 in the afternoon. . . ew 🙂

  19. Yeah, I think you can DEFINITELY sleep too much!! I normally get 7-8 hours of sleep and do wonderful on that … any more and any less and I seem to get tired.

  20. Muffins in oatmeal is definitely carb heaven!! My fave has been a carrot muffin from TJ’s in oats w/ a banana & peanut butter!! Yum!

    I think too much sleep makes you even more tired, but not enough is obviously not good for you either! 6 hours is usually how much I get, but I loveee when I can get 8!

  21. It’s been years since I’ve gotten too much sleep (pre dog and kids for sure), but IIRC, it leaves me feeling hungover (or what I imagine being hungover feels like) — draggy, tired, cranky, and with little energy to do anything.

    Though I rarely sleep past 6:30am these days, if the dog and children happen to let me sleep past 7am, I feel as though half the day is gone! I do best on 7-8 hours of sleep.

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