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Heat?! What heat? Team Quincy is totally cool!

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I’m so glad that I woke up early to run with Back on My Feet this morning. I missed my friends! It was also nice to see some new faces in the group!

I ran two miles with BOMF and then did two miles on my own at home. When I returned from my run, I made myself an iced coffee with soy milk and vanilla protein powder to drink while I walked Murphy. Iced coffee + pug walk = fabulous.

IMG_0072 (500x375)


For breakfast, I whipped up some scrambled eggs with Garlic Gold and nutritional yeast, which is such an awesome flavor combination. So yum. I also ate a banana with breakfast.

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Last Night’s Dinner

Our anniversary celebration continued into the evening with cocktails and relaxing outside in our new chairs.

IMG_0028 (500x375)

IMG_0043 (500x375)

IMG_0023 (375x500)

I made myself a “special” Arnold Palmer to enjoy!

2011-07-12 003

For dinner, I cooked some Mushroom & Herb Risotto and added some chunks of chicken breast to it. It was simple, yet delicious. The TJ’s Mushroom & Herb Risotto was really good”” I’d definitely buy it again!

IMG_0017 (375x500)

After dinner, Mal and I decided that we wanted something sweet to eat, so we baked some Cutout Sugar Cookies from Mama Pea’s new cookbook, which I am absolutely loving. There are so many amazing recipes in it!

IMG_0015 (500x375)

The cookies turned out great! The frosting was especially easy to make and so, so, so delicious, which, of course, is probably trouble for me!

IMG_0004 (500x375)

Feel Great Weight

The dog days of summer are upon us, but you don’t have to put your workout routine on the back burner just because it feels too hot to exercise.

Instead of using the heat as another excuse to skip my workout, I get creative with my summertime activities so I can keep up with my fitness goals. Here are 12 ideas you can try: 12 Ways to Stay Active When It’s Too Hot to Workout!


Question of the Day

What do you do when it’s too hot to workout? Do you find yourself skipping workouts more often in the summer than other times of year?



  1. When it is hot I just switch up what I’m doing — I’ll either do an exercise dvd at home (in my air conditioned house!) or I’ll get up early to run when it is still somewhat bearable outside.

  2. It’s so hot here now it’s not even funny.

    I’ve taken to running before sunrise or I’ll end up on the treadmill at the gym. Weight training is done in the garage with a big shop fan.

  3. Glad to see that you are feeling and doing so much better. Also love that you are a big fan of the “special” arnold palmer – we’ve always called them john daly’s – which i thought was most clever….

  4. I usually workout at my apartment with the fan blasting – or go out and play some tennis. We had a long cold spell in Canada, so I feel like I should make the most of the heat!!

  5. HAHA! That picture of Murphy is just the best.

    I’ve really got to try out this nutritional yeast you keep showing. I’ve never even heard of it before you started featuring it!

  6. I think I miss more workouts in the winter in fact. I really don’t like indoor workouts so I run in the snow. But I’d rather get up earlier and run in some heat than run in a snowstorm. Plus I just feel more active during the day in the summer, walking everywhere, biking to places… it all adds up to much more activity than winter months for me.

  7. Look at Murphy! So cute!!! I would say I skip workouts in the winter more than the summer! It’s just so easy to stay warm & cozy indoors during the winter time!

  8. If I know it’s going to be really hot on a day when I have an outdoor workout planned, I’ll go as early in the morning or as late in the evening as I can, stay close to the water and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. But if it’s just too gross out, I’ll take it indoors.

  9. Tina,
    I have noticed that you are putting protein powder in your iced coffee. How much do you put in? Do you taste it? I am intrigued!

  10. I definitely skip workouts more in the summer than the rest of the year! I am really sensitive to heat for some reason and have almost passed out several times in recent years, so I have to be careful. Running is definitely out. What I’ve been doing lately because it’s so hot is just going on walks in as much shade as possible. This week it’s been in the 90’s and super humid, though, so I skipped that too. I can’t wait for fall!!

  11. Used to it being hot all the time — I usually just get my run on early — hate running indoors on a machine…always enjoy the scenery much more when I’m outside! Just posted a super easy and healthy risotto recipe — you’ll have to check it out! 🙂

  12. Living in Florida means it is brutally hot half of the year. Peak running time is either before 9 am or after 7pm. It is so hard to make a running schedule around Mother Nature. Sometimes if I miss out on he peak times I will do yoga at the house.

  13. Yesterday we had record breaking heat in NYC! I used to use heat (or just about anything) as an excuse to skip my workout. Lately, I’ve realized that I enjoy working out in the heat. Hey — if I’m gonna sweat anyways, might as well take it to the next level! I just need to remember to drink a TON of water… cute chairs and cute pup!

  14. I belong to the Y so I usually go there but am in the process of traveling.moving so sometimes I cant make it to a Y branch. I like to mix it up though, I brought my kettlebell with me and did some strength training this morning then took my friends dog for a mile and a half walk before it got to hot out. I try to do stuff inside during the day or outside early morning or when the sun is about to set.

  15. I mix it up in the summer…do some outdoor runs, but also indoor stuff at the gym. Are those cookies gluten-free or are you re-introducing gluten now?

  16. I have tried protein powder in my coffee but I put too much in and it did not dissolve. Coffee + protein powder chunks is not cool! Instead, I had the idea to make my own coffee/protein frappe in the blender. It seems to taste better frozen and it feels like treat.
    My workouts take place indoors a lot more during the summer. Heat idex is above 100 degrees every day in TX and it does not cool down enough in the evenings to run. I only get early morning runs in on the weekend and I have to go EARLY before it gets hot.

  17. I find myself not running as much in the summer because I live in Arizona…. I do, however, love to go to the gym and workout still. Also, if I feeling the need for a great sweat session, nothing beats running in the heat at night in the dark!

  18. It’s so nice to hear that you are back up & running. 🙂 Sometimes I get a bit worried with running know because of the Crohn’s…I’m fine with it as long as I’m running near trees..or bushes- lots of bushes! lol!! Love hearing that things are going so well!! 🙂

  19. When it’s too hot I try my hardest to plan morning runs… and go on them! hahaha so far so good… I prefer running in the morning anyway. It makes me feel like I’ve already accomplished so much!

    Happy belated Anniversary btw! You and Mal have such a great ‘togetherness’ you definitely come across as a team which I think is so important in a relationship!

  20. Oh, I know much too well about what you mean about the heat!! It’s over 100 here by noon everyday. Insane. So I either take the workout inside, wake up super early for it, or wait until the evening. Otherwise it’s just dangerous!

  21. So I went grocery shopping yesterday, and sitting outside the store were the EXACT SAME chairs you got Mal! It was so bizarre—same colors and everything! Thought you’d appreciate that ; )

  22. I just make sure to get up extra early to beat the heat, or, if I want to sleep in I’ll go to the gym instead of running outside. I hate the gym though, so I’d really rather try to get it in during the cooler morning hours.

  23. Great job getting your run in this morning! When the temps rise I usually hit the gym early morning, before work, to assure I don’t skip my workout. There also tend to be less people at that time (at least at my gym) which is a double win!

    Those cookies look yummy! The icing would be trouble for me, for sure! 😉

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