Too Early for Candy Corn?


A bunch of you guys commented on the candy corn in my grocery haul this week. Is it too early for candy corn?

candy corn autumn mix

I honestly wasn’t sure, so after I put this bag of candy corn in my shopping cart, I put it back on the shelf. I love candy corn, but I didn’t want to ruin my fall experience by eating it too early in the season, ya know? But, then, I thought: screw it. It’s just candy corn. And it’s delicious. And it’s September””might as well start enjoying my favorite season right now!

candy corn dish

Breaking out the candy corn inspired me to break out our fall decorations. Is it too early for those? I don’t think so!

IMG_4735 (600x450)

I’ve been seeing fall decorations everywhere, and I am so excited for all things fall. I know you know what I’m talking about!


I spent a little while decorating our house yesterday afternoon. We have, like, 10 fall decorations, but they still made me (even more) excited for this time of year.

IMG_4733 (600x450)


And, I just need to say it: Bring on the cider donuts! They are my absolute favorite fall treat!


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Questions of the Day

Is it too early for candy corn?

Have you taken out your fall decorations yet?

What fitness gear do you refuse to spend a lot of money on?


  1. I’ve been quite excited for Fall, but I feel like I shouldn’t get too excited before Fall actually starts. That’s my goal for this year;)
    I don’t think it’s ever too early to start getting ready for the upcoming Fall festivities. It’s just too hard to ignore in my opinion. I can’t wait to finally break out the pumpkin recipes.

  2. I love a handful of candy corn and then it makes me feel blah. A little goes a long way with me, but it is yummy. I love Mums as a fall plant. I don’t have mine yet, but I have seen the signs ” Mums are here” so I would say it isn’t too early to start fall decorating.

  3. I do love fall, but candy corn? Eewwww 🙂 There’s a donut truck that swings by my office every so often that does apple cider donuts. I’ve never tried them because I’m sure I’ll fall 100% in love with them. Better to not know what I’m missing. 🙂

  4. Once the pumpkins hit the stores, that’s when I break out the ONE fall decoration. Ha! Not a fan of candy corn (loaded with corn syrup and too sweet for my tastes), but I do love apples in fresh caramel, and spiced cider. Apple picking is such a great fall activity, too.

    I refuse to spend a lot on sports bras. I get mine from Old Navy, and you’d be surprised at how well they hold the girls in place for only $20. Marshall’s is another great place to find bras, tanks, capri’s, etc.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I LOVE Fall! When I saw Stop and Shop selling pumpkins the other day, I bought one and it is sitting on our front step! I won’t carve a pumpkin til October but I love having one there. I also have tons of Fall candles around our house. I will most likely buy some Fall decor soon, we just moved into a house and we have no decorations!

  6. I actually looked at candy corn the other day and thought about buying it but passed. I think it’ll be on my next grocery trip. I just don’t have my fall things out ,so I thought it’d be a little out of place! Hoping to change that and decorate soon!! 🙂 Let me just say the only thing I do spend a lot on are runnign shoes, and shoes in general. Besides that, I try to find things on sale!

  7. Weeeee!!! The grandest season of allllll, Fallllllll, is officially upon us!! Can’t wait to continue reading about all the pumpkin-y deliciousness you’re going to be consuming over the coming few months!!!

    PS – have you ever tried Trader Joe’s pumpkin Greek yogurt? It is, simply put, the BEST. I just purchased a couple (and by a couple… I do mean ten) of them yesterday during my evening jaunt to Trader Joe’s 🙂 Thought you’d enjoy!

  8. It might sound silly but I refuse to spend a lot of money on headbands! They seems to get stretched out so easily that I need to replace them every few months and I don’t want to be spending a fortune on something like that 🙂 And no, it’s never too early for candy corn! I love the little chocolate ones 😉

  9. So ready for fall!!! Bring on the scarves, pumpkin, knee high boots, AND we go salmon fishing in Pulaski, NY every year at Lake Ontario! LOVE fresh salmon that we caught ourselves!!

  10. I didn’t even have any real fall decorations until last weekend when I scoured Pier 1, World Market and TJ Maxx for some good sales and deals. Candy corn is not something I eat… I don’t care for it at all. I do love fall, though!

  11. It’s never too early for candy corn! I got the candy corn m&m’s the other day – and I”m so glad I got a little bag because I would have no self control with the big bag. Aaaand I totally have forgotten about putting up my fall decor. Usually I’m all for it, but with two babies in the house right now, it’s not high on my priority list. ::tear::

  12. Never too early for candy corn! Haha. I haven’t done any fall decorating yet because I don’t think I really own anything for the season. I’ll have to check with my Mom to see if she has anything to spare, decorating for the season is a fun idea! Have you started drinking Pumpkin Spiced Lattes yet??

  13. It’s never too early for candy corn…especially when it’s s’mores flavored candy corn! Have you tried that? DELICIOUS!

  14. I can pass on the candy corn. I like making fresh applesauce and will do that with the two little grandkids today. Plus, you have given me permission to now put up my Fall/Halloween decorations with them as well. Thanks!

  15. It is 100% NOT too early for candy corn! I just bought my first bag of Fall colored M&Ms and came home and lit our pumpkin scented candle. Speaking of candy corn and M&Ms… did you see that M&Ms is making a candy corn white chocolate candy this year?!

  16. Love all things fall! My fiance and I are getting married October 4th and we are doing cider donuts from Russell Orchard in Ipswich in lieu of wedding cake! They should go perfect with our pumpkin beer!

  17. I agree with everyone else that it’s never too early for candy corn! I just need to find some in pre-portioned bags since I have no self control when it’s around. I made your cheesy brussel sprouts last night and really enjoyed them! Polised it off with a no bake almond joy cookie. Thanks for the great recipes!

  18. I actually hate candy corn, but it’s not too early for it lol. I’m super excited for fall. I’m already planning on going apple picking this weekend & definitely getting some cider doughnuts while there!

  19. I can’t have candy corn in the house. Or any candy, for that matter. The bag would be devoured before I had time to even put it in a cute dish.

    I’m not a big decorator, so no fall decorations for me. I prefer to enjoy the splendor of natures’ décor outside 🙂

    I don’t mind spending an extra buck on quality workout clothes, since it mentally makes a difference for me (even thought I’d probably be just fine in a cheap t-shirt and shorts). But once I spent $30 on some of those “workout” panties. They really didn’t make a difference. So I won’t do that again. Hanes Her Way, all the way.

  20. My farmers market said they will be having cider donuts can’t wait! the best are from Cold Hollow Cider Mill in VT my parents would take my brother and I on day trips to VT when we were kids, I think most new Englanders love fall nothing better then the cool air and changing leaves!

  21. It’s still hitting 100 where I am, so I say it is WAY too early for all things Fall, but that’s just because I feel bad for myself. HA HA
    Once I start on pumpkin recipes, I can’t stop! 🙂

  22. It’s not too early for candy corn or decorations! Halloween in my favorite holiday and I usually try and wait until mid-Sept to put up my decorations but even that feels a little like I’m short-changing myself!! This time of year is too awesome to not just go ahead and enjoy!! If it makes you happy, do it! 🙂

  23. I personally think it’s a bit early, but that’s probably because I LOVE summer & never want it to go away!! And it’s still pretty hot here too, so it doesn’t feel like fall yet. 😉

    But it will be fun to change up decorations & get into some fall stuff!

  24. My kids convinced me to buy the candy corn flavored Oreos that they saw at Target – they were overly sweet – which unfortunately meant that I absolutely loved them.

  25. I’ve already jumped into Fall with orchard apples and this weekend I want to load up on squash from a local farm.
    I think it feels like Fall is delayed because we’ve had very hot weather in late Aug/early Sept.

  26. Not to early for fall decorations. I will put up a fall wreath, and some pumpkins but I won’t do jack’o lanterns until October. I can’t hold off on pumpkin recipes. I have already had pumpkin iced coffee, and I made paleo pumpkin bread. Today I’m making paleo pumpkin granola. Love fall, it’s my favorite season! I will have to see if I can find paleo pumkin and apple cider donuts to make.

  27. It is NEVER too early for candy corn! or pumpkin! (PS – you MUST try Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses. My friend made puppy chow with them. holy crap). Fall is the best season ever:-)

    I refuse to spend big money on sports bras. I don’t have that much to hold still and I never get chaffing so it’s not a big deal to me.

  28. it is NEVER too early for candy corn.. in fact, I think it should be carried year round! I once made my dad go on a candy corn run for me and he came back with 2 bags of the store brand. He’s a sweetie but I could NOT eat them. Brach’s all the way! Also, great idea on the dish towels for sweat towels. PERFECT… I also steal them from hotel gyms… well, not steal, but I just take it with me when I leave instead of putting it in their hamper 🙂

  29. It’s too early for me!!! 🙂 I like to spend some time with apples before delving full-on into pumpkin mania. I am guilty of already stocking up on some essential items like soaps, decorations and pumpkin coffee. But they are all safely in the linen closet for now!

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