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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

That is the question.

Clearly, I decided to blog tonight, but I wasn’t really sure if I should or not. I mean, I didn’t take too many photos and my afternoon was pretty low-key, so I wasn’t completely positive you guys would find this post interesting. But, I hope you do!

With that said, let me pick your brains”¦

What are your thoughts on healthy living/lifestyle blogs and the frequency of posting? Do you like seeing what bloggers are doing in their everyday lives or would you rather see posts with more “substance” (i.e. advice, tips, recipes, workouts, motivation, etc.)?

Feel free to be honest! I’m just curious what you guys like to see!


There were only 2 miles on my training schedule for today, so I got ”˜em done and then immediately did a my CNW workout for the day. My workout was over and done with before I knew it!

Tomorrow morning, I’m tackling 10 miles for my long run, so I was really happy to have an easy-ish workout today. My legs are actually a little bit sore from Thursday’s speedy run.


Today’s lunch was a big salad with leftover couscous, Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas, and balsamic vinegar. I forgot to snap a photo before I started eating, so this shot is only about half of the salad. Trust me, it was a lot bigger!

IMG_0001 (500x375)

After lunch, I polished off the rest of the S’mores on a Stick (because I am totally obsessed with them).

A little while after lunch, Mal and I drove up to Somerville to meet a couple of friends for drinks at Foundry on Elm in Davis Square.

IMG_0011 (500x375)

While there, I enjoyed some great conversation and a couple of mojitos.

I sort of wanted to stay out and keep drinking with our friends, but the thought of a 10-miler in the morning quickly changed my mind! Marathon training = responsible Tina.

IMG_0017 (500x375)IMG_0019 (375x500)

Mal and I hit some serious traffic on the way home from Foundry, but at least we had some good tunes to keep us entertained. Fist pump.

IMG_0022 (500x375)

Not kidding, it took us 1.5 hours to get from north of the city to south of the city! GAH! I hate traffic!

Heading to bed in a little bit! Good night!



  1. as one of the fans since the beginning of the blog, i love seeing how your life develops, whether it’s with mal or murphy or your friends. for instance, even this post was nice to see cause it shows you’re a normal person balancing life… idk do what you want though, but at least two a day would be appreciated 🙂 LOVE your blog Tina!!!!

  2. i love that you brought this up! i am a semi-new blogger and it is really hard for me to figure out how often i should be blogging.. i mean, i want each one to be interesting, but if i wait too long in between blogs, people might lose interest right?

    any great tips for newish bloggers?

  3. I like posts that tend to have a little more behind them than “this is what I ate…” so if that means taking a day off in between, then that’s perfectly fine. But still, it’s nice when they update least more than twice a week so it’s not so sporadic.

  4. I’m a pretty new blogger and being a student means that blogging every day is just a no-no…as in it is impossible to live your life and still blog every day. So I try to do two or three a week…not working right now because it is summer so I’ve just been hanging out with friends instead of being in front of the computer.

    I like having a mix of blogs that post as frequently as you do and ones that only post once a week.

    I love reading about their lives but sometimes reading about each and every minute gets a little…annoying I guess?

  5. I love everyday stuff, recipes and some workout ideas. I actually dont like when bloggers give too much advice, but personal experience is always appreciated.

  6. I read blogs because I’m interested in the blogger’s lives – I guess I’m kind of nosey like that! They’re like relatable soap operas 😀 I love to read about bloggers experiences, their highs and lows, and really enjoy seeing their weddings, vacations and pets (since I can’t have one in my condo!) At the moment I’m absolutely loving the pregnancy updates from Daily Garnish and Fitnessista 🙂

    I skim the food stuff. I think I’ve made one recipe I’ve seen on a healthy living blog ever and I’ve never done any of their workouts, although my friends have so I do think that stuff has its place too. It’s just not my cup of tea 🙂

  7. I like both, personally. I enjoy just seeing pictures of the day to day stuff, and I also enjoy learning something from the blogs I read.

    The only thing I don’t like is when blog posts get too “wordy”… unless it’s necessary because the blogger is trying to educate the readers on something. Hope that makes sense! 🙂

    I always enjoy reading what you write, if that helps any haha!

  8. I like at least a blog a day! Or if youre on Vacation I don’t mind one everyother day- but I hate blogs that only blog a couple times a week or month! I think those kind of blogs should only include recipes. Daily blogs are what I’m after to help me stay motivated and thinking about eatting REAL food.

  9. I like a mix of advice tips and personal life. I only blog once a day because well, I just dont have more than that to say and would rather have one good post then something just so so jsut to throw something up there. I enjoy hearing about your house, murphy of course, things you do for fun, etc. Its interesting to me to see the routines and habits of other people and see how we differ!

  10. Good question! I never know either. Sometimes, I just don’t have time to sit down to write, so I just post photos. I always wonder if I should just wait until I have something to say? Also, my content is really random: from marathon training to Kendi’s 30 for 30 remix. I’m not super consistent with things!

    For reading, I like a little mix of things myself: seeing posts about what people are up to and more focused posts. And some of my favorite blogs might only publish a couple times a week – or even a month {Molly’s blog Orangette}.

  11. I was thinking about it and I would have to say I like both. It is hard to come up with inspirational stuff every post and nice to see some of life in-between. Have a great Sunday!

  12. I like hearing and seeing what you do every day as well as some of the tips/special event posts. Not every post needs to be inspirational. Honestly, I just enjoy seeing what you do everyday to get an idea of good restaurants to go to, recipes you’ve made, etc. Thanks!

  13. I absolutely love your blog!! I also love the day-to-day posts. Personally, I feel the day-to-day posts are what set you apart from several other healthy living blogs. These frequent posts make you incredibly relatable. They also give us a glimpse into how healthy living is attainable day-to-day.

  14. I like having something to read daily, and multiple times during the day, so in that way I do like seeing what bloggers do in their day to day lives. However, seeing the same oatmeal and salads day in and day out does get some what old so throwing in topic posts in place of a food/life update would be the best balance

  15. I like both diary and advice posts, but I think the frequent diary part is what makes the full time healthy living blogger’s blog unique. Most people cannot live like that all the time, so it’s a nice way to live vicariously.

  16. I wonder the same thing every day. Do people really want to read about my crazy day or should I just keep it simple and share recipes? It’s been helpful reading these comments. I may have to copy you and put the same question out there. 🙂
    I guess I like reading daily life stuff, but not too much. Sometimes 3 posts a day can be a little overwhelming to read, but maybe that’s just because I’m not by a computer that much (I’m usually busy with my boys). LOVE your blog! 🙂

  17. I had to laugh that you said you didn’t have much for this post because there are quite a few pictures!

    I definitely like the daily life posts because that is what brings me back. I can’t stand posts that are nothing but random advice. Being personal is what makes it interesting to me. A nice balance is good though too!

  18. I really like the day to day stuff because it lends itself to advice. I agree with the commenters who said when all you do is focus on advice it is almost like listening to your mom. I learn so much from you not because you make a point of saying “hey this is advice” but just from how you live.

  19. Great post, especially because I loved reading through the comments and seeing what everyone thought!! As a long time reader/short time writer, I’m always blown away by folks who consistently write 2-3 posts daily (as in… every day of the whole week, not just M-F). However, sometimes it seems compulsory, and those posts seem less interesting.

    I like a little mix of the two. What’d you do/eat/see, then maybe a fun question to discuss (not unlike this one). But I know some folks just like to peek into the lives of another, so there’s audiences for it all!

  20. I definitely enjoy the substance posts and those about life and work and running. And even though I, personally, am less intrigued by the daily food posts, I am interested in how you balance healthy living with fun!

  21. I like the blogs with all of the above! I do love the advice, tips, etc. but what keeps me coming back to a blog is the blogger’s personality. I love reading about murphy, your errands with mal, etc. !

  22. I would say I like posts that have a story behind them or a unique from your other posts. Perhaps you tried a new ingredient and went to a new restaurant, then I am really interested to read that post. However, if it is something I have seen before and happens regularly, I usually just skip/skim the post.

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