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Seriously delicious dinner last night! I may or may not have eaten it at 4:45 in the afternoon, but, hey, I was hungry. Mal was too, which is why dinner was finished cooking so early in the evening.

When I got home from my second NRT appointment (more on that later), I arrived home to the smell of freshly cooked homemade pizza, so I immediately knew it was time to eat.

IMG_1771 (675x900)

Pizza toppings included shredded cheese, sauce, chopped green bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, and turkey pepperoni. Mmm! Perfect! On the side: salad with truffle oil and balsamic vinegar.

IMG_1768 (900x675)

IMG_1774 (900x675)

Since I ate dinner so early in the evening, I planned a snack for later on: Banana Soft Serve! The first of the year! I added two tablespoons of butterscotch chips to the mix. De-lish!

IMG_1779 (900x675)

Organize Your Dishwasher Cutlery

This is one of the best ”˜duh’ tips I’ve read it awhile, so I just had to share it with you guys. FYI: It’s from the April issue of Real Simple.

Instead of just throwing your dirty cutlery in your dishwasher basket, organize it by piece, so when it’s clean, you can just grab it and put it away. So simple, so smart!

IMG_1776 (675x900)

I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure who was more excited about this tip””Mal or me. I suggested organizing our cutlery like this from now on, and it made him so happy! Mal loved the idea! Haha! Oh, it’s the little things in life!

Feel Great Weight

I attribute my twenty-pound post-college weight gain to large portions, not enough exercise, and too many happy hours that involved way too many pints of beers and plates of nachos.

These were the main culprits that caused me to pack on the pounds, but my frequent evening cereal binges certainly didn’t help either. A few times a week, once I finished eating dinner, I’d find myself heading to the kitchen for a late night snack, especially if I was just lounging around the house watching TV.

I’d end up eating mindlessly and consume hundreds of extra calories even though I wasn’t really hungry. I knew I needed to get control of my nighttime snacking if I wanted to lose weight, so I started to implement some new eating habits””throughout the day””to help me rein in my snacking. Here’s what I did, and what can help you too.

Question of the Day

Do you ever struggle with late-night snacking? If so, how do you deal?

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  1. I’ve been sorting my silverware like that for years……it’s so funny how excited people get when hear about doing it too! Apparently I should start telling all of my friends about my time saving secret 🙂

  2. Late night snacking is my biggest downfall since I have the most idle time at night. Sometimes I eat when I’m not really hungry, but it’s something to do. I have been doing much better lately, but it’s so hard not to eat mindlessly, especially at night!

  3. I totally struggle with late-night snacking. My best fix is to allow myself something…sometimes I even plan it before hand so I can look forward to it…that way I’m satisfied and not feeling deprived and grabbing everythign in sight.

  4. My husband, prior to being my husband, used to demand that we organize our utensils this way. It was an awesome habit to start, and I totally get aggravated when visiting other people’s houses that don’t do it haha!

    If I do late night snack I try to only eat things that are lean protein. At least that way I know I’m helping keep my anabolic metabolism going.

  5. A lot of times I’m eating at night because I’m bored. I’ll either chug a glass of water or try to take my mind off of eating by do something else. If I’m still hungry after all of that, I eat something.

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