Tips for Hiking With Your Dog {Weekend Recap}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low-key. Just waiting on Baby Haupert. Today is my due date (and still no signs of labor), but hopefully, he’ll get some ideas soon!

40 weeks pregnant  (900x900)

Some photos and happenings from the weekend”¦

Murphy and I took a lot of long walks. We actually walked so much over the past few days, my hips, butt, and IT bands are actually kind of sore. I think after all of the CrossFit I did during my pregnancy, long walks aren’t going to doing anything to stimulate labor. I need frickin’ box jumps to get this baby out! Haha!


In addition to lots of walking, there was also plenty of rest and relaxation and watching the CrossFit regionals online. Mal and I seriously spent hours watching people work out. Haha!

Murphy and me 40 weeks  (900x675)

I ate OMG Pancakes for breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday morning. This pancake recipe is just the best. I love that it’s so easy to make and always turns out well. I love adding almond butter and maple syrup to mine. Holy yum indeed.


I finally embraced some of the special treatment that goes along with pregnancy. I know some women love the special treatment that goes along with being pregnant, but I just feel weird about it, especially when it comes from strangers. I dunno. It’s just me I guess. I always feel kind of bad when people go out of their way. I mean, even at 40 weeks, I turned down a Whole Foods employee, who offered to carry my groceries to my car, because I didn’t want her to go out of her way.

Anyway, the other night, Mal really wanted b.good for dinner. I had already eaten, so I just tagged along for the ride. The employee that rung up his order insisted that I take a free drink because I was pregnant. I tried to turn him down a few times, but he really wanted me to have a free beverage. Haha! It was really sweet, so I thanked him and enjoyed the most delicious beet-ginger lemonade ever. Yay, special treatment!


This is so cool. Just had to share”¦

I was recently contacted by Whole Foods Market to write a summer-inspired post for their “Whole Story” blog. I love WFM with all my heart, so I was more than happy to participate. I decided to write about hiking with my favorite furry friend. I hope you check it out!

Get Outside: 5 Tips for a Fun and Safe Hike with Your Dog


Questions of the Day

How was your weekend?

Do you ever hike with your dog?

CrossFit friends: Who are you especially pumped about seeing at the Games? 



  1. Happy due date! Here’s hoping he decides to make an appearance soon so your hips, butt, and ITB can get a break!
    We also went to b.good this weekend! It was my first time there, but the husband has had them plenty of times because his school often has catering from them. We had the ginger-beet lemonade and it was pretty yummy! I also had my very first acai bowl after seeing it all over Fitnessista’s blog and Instagram. I had the “Drunk Elvis”–yum! I only had about two-thirds of it and had the last third mixed with protein powder and greens the next morning. Delicious!

  2. I’m with you; I feel weird when people offer to do things for me now that I’m pregnant. The other day, I asked for a luggage rack at a hotel to bring our stuff down to the car, and the staff asked if they could help. I insisted I was more than capable. It’s really sweet of them, but part of me (the pride part, I’m pretty sure) feels strange taking help.

  3. I remember feeling weird about pregnancy special treatment but, once I had two little ones under 2 I REALLY appreciate and took advantage of anyone in a public place offering to make my life easier! So exciting these last day will be 🙂

  4. Oh, b good is the best! I also have a hard time letting people help me out while I’m pregnant… I still feel healthy enough to do everything myself but I’m sure I should be cutting back.

    Hopefully your ‘lil one makes his entrance this week!! 🙂

  5. You are so close!!! Enjoy your last hours or days as best you can! Cuddle with Murphy and enjoy as many long, hot showers as you can 🙂 So excited for you!

    I am really looking forward to seeing Lauren Fisher! She is so young and talented! I also am excited to watch Julie Foucher and to have Chris Spealler back!

  6. I don’t have a dog but I sure am a power walker. I walk so fast I pass runners. I may not have a dog but I always attack them. People here never leash and the dogs end up chasing me. Not sure why that is???

  7. I agree that it feels strange to rely on strangers, but when I was pregnant with twins, I learned a valuable lesson that was crucial to my survival for the end of my pregnancy and during life with twins (and a hubby in a wheelchair): accept ALL help. It really does lighten the load and lets your save your energy and ingenuity for those times when there isn’t any one around to help. It also makes people feel good. So win-win. I try to avoid asking for help because this is my life and my responsibility. But when someone spontaneously offers, I figure it is genuine.

    I also used to love to hike with my dog, a foolish lab mix named Roofus who died recently at 7 years from liver cancer. We only had a week from diagnosis until he died and I still miss my buddy so much. There is a special place in your heart that only your dog buddy can fill. I still think “Oh I need to get Roofus!” before going outside. Makes my heart hurt.

  8. I spent lots of time on walks with my pup, too! However, he is only 10lbs and doesn’t do all that well on hikes so we stick to sidewalks.

  9. I am due one month today. Due dates and if you will be early or late fascinates me. The one stat I found was on your due date, there is a 50% chance you already gave birth and a 50% chance you have yet to so you are not in the minority!! I am 28 and two women I went to college with were due in April and gave birth in May so I think being late is the trend for our age group.

  10. Everyday I log on to your blog, anticipating the post that says that you are gone into labor/had baby H!

    I love to hike with my dogs. I live so close the Blue Hills we are always exploring new trails. I never let them off leash, I have seen too many people up there searching for their lost dog because they left them off leash. That, and, before I had dogs, (and even now) it really irritated me that owners would not leash their dogs when others were around. Hearing an owner say ‘dont worry he is friendly’ is not enough reassurance for someone who is not a dog lover/afraid of dogs.

  11. HAHA box jumps. Yeah, I would think that doing those would totally help get the baby out. LOL. Thanks for reminding me, I need to make some of those OMG pancakes soon. YUMMY. Will definitely check out the post you wrote for WFM!

  12. I love hiking with Otis, but he pulls so bad on the leash and it’s a little unsafe for me, but I still try with him!

  13. Happy Due Date Day!!! Oye! I’m sure you are SO ready to meet the little guy already. Hiking with my dog is one of my FAVORITE things to do. He loves it so much and so do I….especially in the winter when there are no bugs and lots of snow =)

  14. I just recently found your blog–I’m 23.5 weeks pregnant so I’m all about reading the healthy pregnancy updates/blogs although you’re now at the end! I love your blog so far.
    My weekend was wonderful. My husband & I took a challenging 2 hour hike up a mountain near our house with our English Setter. Definitely the most work I have done pregnant although I have been strength training several days a week. It was an awesome workout and date but I got my first wood tick of the year. 🙁
    Can’t wait to see pics of your little one when he comes. 🙂

  15. Congrats on reaching your due date””so exciting! I work a lot of weekends, but luckily I only had to be at the hospital Saturday, so I was able to spend Sunday having a picnic in Central Park for my friend’s birthday. It was lovely!

  16. Lovvvve hiking with my dog! We always have to be sure and bring plenty of extra water for her, and remember that she IS wearing a thick black coat, so she’ll get hot long before we realize she’s hot! You look GREAT!!!

  17. You need to frame that picture of Murphy sleeping on your belly and put it in the baby’s room. It’s so stinking cute!

  18. You are alllll baby! 🙂 I was never all baby, I was more alllll ass with just a little baby. Haha. In all seriousness, you one of the most darling pregnant ladies I have ever seen…And what is poor Murphy gonna do without his baby-bump “pillow”? Good luck going into the next few days!! We’re all sending out prayers and well wishes for a fast and healthy delivery.

  19. I was afraid my husband and I were the only ones sitting around watching regionals! Happy for Spealler and to see Julie Foucher and Annie T. back in the mix!

  20. “There’s more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” I try to keep this in mind when I don’t want to accept money for gas or random favors from friends or strangers. Allowing someone to experience joy is a lovely thing.😀
    Btw, it’s been fun to peek into your pregnancy world. Can’t wait to see what life is like with Baby H.

  21. Happy due date! If you’re interested, acupuncture is great for getting the whole labor business moving along. The clinic at my school in Newton has acupuncture appts on the cheap and you can usually snag a ‘day of’ appt as a last minute thing. Hope the wait doesn’t last much longer!

  22. I agree with accepting help! I’m due in October and pregnant with twins, and some people who know that assume that I’m incapable of everything! I may feel like 30 weeks at my current 21 weeks, but I’m self sufficient! Haha, I guess I just try to remember that most people love to help, so I try to accept it sometimes. When I get bigger I bet I’ll have no choice but to accept help, haha!

    I LOVE taking my dog on walks, but for some reason have been so nervous to take him on hikes. Probably because I feel like he is so oblivious and will get both of us eaten by a bear or something. I will definitely be using some of your tips!

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