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Hooray! Our “tiny HUGE” party was a huge success! What a fun time!

IMG_8786 (750x563)

Mal was ready to party.

IMG_8732 (563x750)

Ping”¦ not so much. (How adorable is he?!)

IMG_8733 (563x750)

The food was definitely the highlight of the day.

IMG_8749 (563x750)

On the menu: mini pizzas made from homemade (omg, delicious) dough.

IMG_8747 (750x563)


IMG_8746 (563x750)

Pasta salad made with tiny and HUGE shells.


Mini club sandwiches.

039 (499x750)

Which were served with potato sticks and Cornichons.

IMG_8752 (750x563)

IMG_8753 (750x563)

Mini BLT bites that Bridget made.

IMG_8735 (750x563)

Tiny and huge tomato, mozzarella, and basil skewers that Elizabeth made.

IMG_8748 (750x563)

A 3-foot sub that our friends Rob and Colleen brought.

IMG_8761 (750x563)

Mini pug shark (not on the menu).

IMG_8758 (563x750)

And huge beers and tiny shots of booze.

045 (750x499)

Tiny and huge Bud Lights!

IMG_8738 (563x750)

Also on the menu (and the main attraction of the event): two giant hamburgers (one was a bacon cheeseburger)!

IMG_8768 (563x750)

Our friend Mike baked the buns and burgers in 9” round baking pans.

IMG_8770 (750x563)

IMG_8779 (750x563)

IMG_8777 (750x563)

IMG_8778 (750x563)

And for dessert: a giant Oreo!

IMG_8803 (750x563)

The cookie was made using a box of Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix, but with a little less water to make the texture less cake-y and more like a cookie. The filling was powdered sugar, vegetable shorting, and vanilla extract. We calculated the calorie total for the entire giant Oreo and it was just over 5,000 calories!

IMG_8809 (750x563)

In addition to tiny and HUGE food, we also had a tiny and HUGE-themed playlist, which included songs with titles or lyrics related to anything big or small, such as “Big Pumpin’,” “Small Town Girl,” “Baby Got Back,” “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong,” and “Tiny Dancer.” It was a fun addition to the party!

CrossFit 781 friends!

IMG_8772 (750x563)

IMG_8773 (750x563)

Our friend Kim baked a huge (birthday) Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake as well as mini Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes, which were eaten in about 30 seconds. They were so delicious!

IMG_8787 (750x563)

Happy birthday, Kerrie!

IMG_8788 (750x563)

IMG_8791 (563x750)

Good times at “tiny HUGE”!

IMG_8801 (750x563)

We ended up partying late into the evening, which included a Flip Cup competition (guys versus girls) and chowing down on chicken enchiladas.

IMG_8813 (750x563)

I’m already looking forward to next year’s party!

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite tiny or HUGE food?

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