That Time at Girls’ Night… [LOLA Review]

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Warning: Once you read this blog post, you cannot unread it.

At a girls’ night not too long ago, the topic of tampons came up. I know, it was a little random, but both the wine and laughter were flowing, and I think it was related to doing Double-Unders at the gym and then who knows how the conversation ended up where it did. #girlsnight

Anyway, one of my friends ignited the conversation by asking the group: Do you KNOW what’s in tampons?!? With the way she said it, I was all ears because, honestly, I hadn’t thought much about tampons and my health. Her first point was that our epidermis (skin) in our largest organ, including our vaginas (male readers, if you haven’t left already, feel free to do so now) and anything that is in or on a tampon can easily be absorbed into our bodies. Yikes. I hadn’t thought about that. We chatted a little more about the topic, and, eventually, the conversation moved onto something else, but, of course, I was so intrigued about tampons and what I was putting into my body, I spent the next few days researching on my own. Here’s just a sampling of what I found:

  • The FDA does not require brands to disclose a comprehensive list of ingredients in their feminine care products, so most of them don’t.

  • Because tampons are considered medical devices (I know, right?), there’s no labeling requirement for ingredients. Even when you go to specific tampon brand websites looking for this information, it’s still not totally clear.

  • Major brands use a mix of synthetic ingredients in their tampons, including rayon and polyester – not just cotton. Their tampons may also be treated with harsh chemical cleansing agents, fragrance, and dyes.

Over the past year, I’ve been working to transition all of my beauty and bath products to ones that are more natural. The process started when a LEAP food sensitivities test revealed that I had a ton of chemical sensitivities. I had so many, I was actually pretty freaked out and immediately started making changes to my lifestyle habits. Nowadays, especially with an autoimmune disease and some wacky hormones, I’m so much more aware of just about everything that I put in and on my body.

Over the past several months, I’ve made the switch to natural skincare, makeup, hair products, soaps, deodorant (although, I’m still looking for the perfect one) as well as a number of household cleaners. Now that I know the truth about tampons, they’re the next product in my life to be swapped, so I’m especially happy to have found LOLA when I did.

LOLA products are simple, natural, and easy to feel good about. I was happy to see that the ingredients are clearly listed on the side of the box. The ones I use include just two ingredients: 100% organic cotton and BPA-free plastic for the applicator. LOLA also makes cardboard applicators, non-applicator tampons as well as pads and liners.

Another great thing about LOLA is that it makes life so much easier with their subscription service. No more running out at the last-minute for a box of tampons! Their subscription is fully customizable so you can choose your mix of light, regular, super, and super+ (or mix of day and night pads), your number of boxes, and frequency of delivery. LOLA’s subscription is also super flexible, so you can change, skip, or cancel at any time.

Pricing is $10 for 1 box of applicator tampons (or $18 for 2 boxes per month), which is a little more than I typically pay, but I often find myself shelling out the extra money with other beauty products and food, so why would tampons be any different? It’s definitely a purchase I feel good about.

Even though I received a LOLA box for free to review, I’ve since signed up for a reoccurring monthly subscription. After our chat at girls’ night and a bunch of my own personal research, it was a no-brainer. Plus, now that I know what I know, I can’t go back to using regular tampons.

If you’re interested in trying LOLA too, the first 100 readers to use the code Carrots on LOLA’s website will receive 50% off their order! The offer is only good for new customers and those in the continental US (unfortunately, LOLA does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska).

Question of the Day

Have you ever researched feminine care products? Are you as surprised as I was? 

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