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It’s Tuesday night. It’s late. I had one of those days where I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, but I didn’t accomplish all that much. I managed to snap some photos throughout the day, but now as I sit down to write this post, I have no idea what to say, so I’m just going to type and see what comes out. I assume it will be some sort of random mix of tidbits from Tuesday. Let’s hope it works!

Quinn slept until 7:15 AM this morning. Since we (mostly) figured out his gas issue, he’s slept a whole lot better (even during the day). He slept for 9 hours straight and then another 4 hours last night. It was pretty awesome!

Mal made bacon for breakfast, so I woke up to a house smelling of it. Of course, I wanted bacon for breakfast too, so I made an egg sandwich with Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack from The Laughing Cow. It’s a new flavor and it is the bomb! I know I’m a Community Leader for the brand, but I would recommend this flavor even if I wasn’t. It has so much flavor, and it instantly makes an egg sandwich taste a zillion times better!

SAM_0480 (800x533)

It’s National Fluffernutter Day today, and I am seriously considering buying some fluff tomorrow. Fluffernutter sandwiches are simply the best, right?!?

Quinn is getting so much better at “tummy time.” He used to hate it and just lay there chewing on his fist and then eventually start to cry. Tummy time wasn’t very productive. Haha! But, in the past week or so, he’s gotten so much better at it… holding up his upper body and looking all around. He was even laughing and smiling during it today!


I did 38 Squat Cleans with 85 pounds yesterday at CrossFit and my quads are so frickin’ sore today. I only went to CrossFit once last week, so I’m paying for it now! Yowsahs!

Murphy was super needy today. He stayed with our friends over the weekend, so maybe he just missed us? He was all up in my ish today, following me around the house and trying to sit on my lap whenever possible. Ok, it was actually kind of cute. I love that little furball so much (even when he lays on top of the clean laundry).

photo 4 (12) (800x600)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an absolutely hilarious show. I love the humor so much! Mal and I literally laugh out loud when we watch it together.

Quinn, Murphy, and I met a couple of my old CrossFit friends at the dog park for a walk this morning. One of them recently had a baby, so we talked about all things related to pregnancy/labor/newborns and then determined that it’s all crazy. I mean, what happens to your body alone is nuts! Haha! Anyway, it was so nice to see these ladies and it made me miss the good old days at CrossFit.

photo 1 (19) (800x600)

I consumed so much junk and booze this past weekend, but my colitis symptoms are better than they’ve been in weeks. It makes no sense, but, hey, I’m not complaining!

I’m really into hummus lately. I pretty much eat it everyday, and it really satisfies my hunger. But, maybe that has something to do with how much I eat in one sitting? I eat like half of a container at a time. It’s so tasty, especially with tortilla chips!

photo 3 (14) (800x600)

I ate this microwaveable burrito for lunch today. It was just okay. The insides were mushy and weird.

photo 2 (16) (800x600)

Chocolate-covered cashews are my new favorite thing. My in-laws bought the Gold Emblem milk chocolate-covered cashews for our Newport trip, and I pretty much ate the entire canister by myself over the course of the weekend. So damn good.

The battery in one of our smoke alarms died in the middle of the night (and annoyingly beeped until I got out of bed to disable it), so I popped into CVS this morning to buy a new one. And, of course, while there, I needed to buy more chocolate-covered cashews. This time, I went with the dark chocolate ones and, holy cow, they are incredible. I’ve eaten a crapton of them tonight.

photo 1 (20) (800x600)

The end.

Question of the Day

Tell me a random tidbit from yesterday! 



  1. Love these random thought posts! Do you think that an increase in calories and a decrease in fiber helped your colitis symptoms? A coworker of mine has colitis and she has to really watch her fiber intake. Just a thought!

    Also…those chocolate covered cashews. I’ve finished a can in two sittings. TWO!

      1. @Tina: I guess I was thinking that fiber may be rougher (ha get it…like roughage?) on the stomach/colon etc. I just hate seeing you struggle and I’m trying to think of small changes you could make to feel better. Hope that’s not too intrusive!

  2. haha — our fire alarm did the same thing a few weeks ago and it was impossible to sleep! that plus a baby must be a lot to make it through the night!
    random thing from yesterday: i found a very brown banana in the back of my office drawer and decided it was still good enough to eat. not sure that was a good decision.

  3. Oh chocolate cashews are like crack! I can’t let myself be around them 😉 My random tidbit from yesterday was getting a free coffee for filling out a little survey. Score!

  4. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and went for just a measly 2 mile run and felt like I was wearing a suit of lead and had to pee the entire time. I’m a tad nervous to see how my half marathon on the 19th is going to go……. yikes!

  5. Brooklyn Nine Nine is HIIIILARIOUS!!! I re-watch the episodes and I laugh just as hard, if not harder! This past weeks episode had my dying…”firing detectives…& blanks…”

    New Girl is another good one!

  6. William does so much better with tummy time if he’s very stimulated – and it’s constantly changing. So I read books or I have flash cards that I read and flip through – they have animal names on them so I make the noises or body parts so I touch his head, shoulders, etc. his tummy time will
    Soon increase just keep at it! Oh and William LOVES looking in the mirror on his tummy!! If you have a soft mirror you can set up that would be perfect!

  7. I was the same with my colitis it was blood more than frequency. I have had ulcerative colitis for 9 years and been on many types of medication. At the end of August my youngest son and I got a parasite called Cryptosporidium from they think a public swimming pool and we were sick for an entire month it was terrible. The super weird thing is for the first time in nine years I now have zero ulcerative colitis symptoms and I am no longer taking 9 pills a day. Not sure if it was the parasite, or if it will last but it is a super nice break that is for sure!

    I hope yours gets better soon I know what a daily struggle it is.

  8. Yum! Chocolate covered cashews sound like the bomb. Murphy is too cute. Seeing all of you pics makes me excited to get a dog once we move into a bigger place. That is probably still over a year away though so I’ll have to enjoy your pics of him until then 🙂

  9. I LOVE chocolate covered cashews but they are so dangerous! I can not stop eating them even when my stomach starts to hurt, so I only buy them in bulk bins and get a couple haha just one of those things I guess!

  10. One of my cats is always mad at me when I’ve been gone – like totally ignores me – but then when I get in bed, he’s all over me. We were gone two weekends ago and he was extra snuggly for a few days after we got back.

    I like putting hummus on my veggies. Roasted red pepper flavor is my favorite!

    My digestive system was NOT working well yesterday – let’s just say that I could identify with Q, and not sure what caused it… Glad you had a good trip with no symptoms! Do you think Q didn’t want to b on his tummy b/c of his gas issues?

  11. I am on a hummus kick these days too. If you haven’t already, you have to try the jalapeno cilantro hummus from Trader Joe’s – polished it off in two days! So delish.

  12. I have stomach issues too (as a kid they thought I had colitis, but it turned out to be something else they couldn’t determine). I know when I eat really healthy, a lot of vegetables with higher fiber, that I get stomach issues. For some reason eating more bread seems to help. Have you tried food journaling to figure out what may cause it? I know that doesn’t usually help. Sorry it’s so frustrating!!! I totally understand!

  13. Aww! I love Murphy! I was gone this past weekend to visit a friend in Colorado, and now that I’m home, my cat, who’s usually stand-offish, keeps meowing at me, but she won’t let me hold her. Also, I didn’t see my dad’s dog when I came home on Monday, but Tuesday morning, when I got up, he was pretty jazzed to see me. I love animals!

  14. I have Colitis also, and it’s crazy to me that most times when I have a flare, it’s healthy food that causes it to act worse. If I eat more of the “junk food” aka processed, I tend to feel better.

  15. Interesting that your colitis symptoms calmed down a bit on junk food and booze, i have IBS and have flares all the time, however I notice my symptoms do not act up if i have been eating junk and drinking a lot too..no bloating, no pain, and no other gross stuff… so wierd… if only it was ok to eat pizza and french fries and beer all the time…. hahah..

  16. Your breakfast sandwiches always look so good! Happy to hear you’ve been feeling a bit better! I’m all over chocolate covered nuts; cashew and almonds!! Yesterday was a long and tiring work day, but when I got home, the baby was already sleeping and hubby and I chilled on the couch with movies and a pizza and it was fabulous!

  17. I have the SAME ISSUE WITH HUMMUS!!! I know it’s considered a healthy snack but I can’t help eating a ton of it and end up feeling bloated. I used to make it every week but had to just take a break. Lol Great post. 🙂

  18. Happy Quinn is sleeping better and your colitis is doing better. My cat does the same thing as Murphy when we leave for the weekend. I swear she thinks she’s a dog. I am super hungry at the moment and those cashews sound amazing! I should probably go eat breakfast.

  19. I just had the beeping alarm battery thing. Mine was the carbon monoxide detector. #soannoying
    So last night I went to my folks house for dinner. My mom was making a roast chicken. Last time she made a roast chicken she didn’t allow enough time for cooking and it was still raw in the middle so we just ate sides. So last night when I arrived i had a good laugh when she said she underestimated the time needed to cook the chicken so my dad ran to the store and bought a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. It worked out perfectly. I didn’t have to just eat broccoli and stuffing.

  20. Tidbit: Yesterday was my first day back to CrossFit after almost 2 weeks (vacation, including being sick half of that time, womp) and the WOD was 75 HSPUs for time! Haha! I surprised myself and actually finished, all strict/no abmat (!), in 34:46. Rest was KEY and luckily there wasn’t really a time cap. Oh, and we had to do 2 pistols/leg each time we came off the wall, so I did 60 total. I’m surprisingly more sore from those than the HSPUs today!

  21. If you love those cashews you definitely need to try Ghiradelli’s chocolate covered cashews with sea salt!

    Oh and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered almonds with sea salt. Both are so so damgerous but so tasty!

  22. When are you going to do the jawbone review? I’ve been patiently waiting for it! Trying to decide if I should get one myself! Thanks!

  23. Oh, no…. You got me hooked on those dark chocolate salted Caramels from CVS, I AM NOT going to get sucked into these choc. Cashews!! I LOVE Cashews.

    Glad both you and Q are feeling better!

      1. Yeah Tina….I have you to blame for that little addiction also! I have had a bag of the dark choc. salted caramels in the cabinet for quite a while…once I opened it though – watch out! Thankfully I don’t like cashews so I will be able to fight the urge….now pecans, walnuts or almonds…different story.

  24. Random tidbit from yesterday: It was my husband and my anniversary and we realized after we went to bed that we totally left our cards unopened on the dining room table. Oops!

  25. I say yes on the fluff!!! Peanut butter and fluff sandwiches were my favorite growing up! I’ve been told that’s just a Boston thing though!

  26. Yesterday I went to a local farmer’s market to get fresh veggies with my husband. I ended up running into a blogger I recently read about. She chronicles her many attempts of IVF. Got to meet her triplets and her newest boy. I find it meant to be since I just found out last week I couldn’t have kids unless I do IVF. World works in mysterious ways.

  27. If you love hummus you should try baking a chicken breast with hummus on it… I add a dash of cayenne or other spice to meet my mood…. bake as per normal and it’s so yummy….


      1. @Tina: I do this too! And often after spreading the hummus on top I sprinkle and press almond meal (or panko bread crumbs) mixed with herbs on top. Delish!

  28. That onesie is too cute! Have you tried Way Better Snacks – Punkin Cranberry chips? I can’t say that I really taste the pumpkin, but they are good – nice and crispy and they hold up well – I crunched a few to put in my chili Monday night and it was delicious! Tidbit? Hmm…at Tim Horton’s you can get an iced coffee AND get some pumpkin flavoring added to it.

  29. Every time you post pictures of your dog park, I get more and more jealous! Is it a few acres with nice trails? Ours is 1-acre of just grass, a few trees and a picnic table… and when I say grass I mean dirt. Granted our town is only 12,000 people, but I would love a place that is meant more for walking around (for all of us) than just a dog-wrestling match!

  30. I love Hummus + Scrambled Egg + Sauteed Veggies. Errmerrgerrdd. So Tasty!

    Tuesday Tidbit: Yesterday was a REST day! Enjoyed a nice casual walk around my neighborhood after dinner (leftover chili – which, is always better the next day).

  31. I can barely even remember yesterday, so I’ll give you today’s tidbit. Reading your post, I was stumped (slightly) with the meaning of the word “crapton,” and since I’ve seen you use it before, I decided to look it up. Have you seen the definitions from Urban Dictionary? Numbers 1,2, & 3 are seriously hilarious and made me feel like an idiot for having to look it up!

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