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I’ve received a lot of questions from you guys about my thoughts on Thrive Market, and all I can is – I love it! While I still frequent my beloved Trader Joe’s for staples and pop into Whole Foods now and again, Thrive Market has really changed the game in terms of providing an affordable online delivery service that caters to different dietary needs and lifestyles. With their membership program, you actually end up saving a TON and can even set up an autoship program so you’re never running low on favorites!

So, how does it work? Basically, you register for free and are given the opportunity to browse their pretty extensive catalogue of products. What’s cool is that you can search multiple ways – by categories, brands, and values/lifestyles like paleo, gluten-free, etc. You don’t have to go digging and constantly reading labels – everything is sorted according to what’s important to you!

Once you place your first order, you automatically get 15% off (sweet) and activate in your 30-day free trial, which you can cancel anytime. If you love their products (which I’m sure you will), you can sign-up for the year-long membership for $59.99. With this membership comes FREE shipping on orders of $49 or above (which is easy to hit with so many awesome products available), and you’re saving anywhere between 25% to 50% off the label price. I have seen a noticeable difference in the amount I spend for the quantity and quality I get from Thrive Market vs. Whole Foods. Thrive Market is most definitely more bang for your buck, and I easily save $20-$30 every time compared to buying the same products elsewhere.

Additionally, Thrive Market is committed to providing healthy and natural food products to low-income families who may nothave such easy access. When you sign up for the annual membership, Thrive Market donates a membership to a family in need through their Thrive Gives program. So not only are you saving money on your own groceries, you’re also helping another family receive the healthy food products they need and deserve. I absolutely love this! 

If you’ve been searching for a way to get natural food and products conveniently and at an affordable price and are finding it hard to do so at your local grocery store, then Thrive Market is for you! Below are a few of my absolute favorite products that I make sure to ship on repeat!

Thrive Market Non-GMO Wild Pink Salmon

High quality seafood, especially salmon, is so tough to find. Canned salmon is often a way cheaper alternative to fresh as well as being portable and easy to prepare, but I am picky about where it is sourced. I love that Thrive Market’s is Non-GMO (!) – and because it’s wild, it’s caught right in Alaska’s water and packed immediately, retaining all the natural goodness of the fish like Omega 3-s.! This is my favorite for a quick lunch – just open a can, mix with relish and mustard, and top on a salad, and you’ve got an easy, protein-packed and nutrient-dense meal!

Thrive Market Organic Fajita Seasoning

I love this super tasty seasoning mix for an easy weeknight way to jazz up dinner! One of my favorite fast and simple meals is chicken fajitas – just chop up some peppers and onions, cut chicken breast tenders into strips, mix with this tasty seasoning and boom – dinner, done! I also love this seasoning to make a quickie vegan taco “meat” or one-pan chicken taco skillet

Siete Foods Grain Free Tortilla Chips

These chips are one of my most favorite pantry staples – they are in every Thrive Market order because, as expensive as they are per bag, they are cheaper than Whole Foods every time. Made with cassava and coconut flour and free of any corn, gluten, dairy, or soy, these are my go-to when I need something crunchy or want to add to a happy hour chips and dip platter. We really love these chips, so why not save a little per bag? And, of course, Thrive Market delivers them right to our house! 😉 

Thrive Market Organic Coconut Flakes Cereal

As much as I love a warm breakfast, sometimes nothing beats the convenience of cereal. It’s hard to find a good quality one that’s not packed with sugar. You know… it’s more of a dessert than anything else. That’s why I love these coconut flakes. They have the ease of a quick breakfast or snack, but are low in sugar and literally just made from coconut meat! I jazz them up with some fruit and breakfast is done!

Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers

I’ve been a fan of Simple Mills products for years – their products like these crackers as well as their baking mixes are made with high-quality ingredients – and my gosh they are so tasty! I love grabbing their crackers for a quick snack before dinner (though they can be addicting… ), and I also pack them for road trips for both the adults and tiny human!

Thrive Market Organic Original Coconut Wraps

I absolutely love these wraps as a stand-in for tortillas or bread! My favorite way to eat them is as a mini breakfast taco with avocado and bacon or as a wrap for a lunch with deli meat and veggies. They’re mild in flavor, so they are versatile enough to be sweet or savory!

Primal Kitchen Dressings, Avocado Oil, and Mayo

Primal Kitchen’s dressings are creamy AND dairy-free – plus, they’re made with avocado oil with no sugar, soy, or canola! They are definitely my staple dressing for salads, and they’re a full $2 less on Thrive Market then they are at Whole Foods! I also love their avocado oil (which is also notoriously expensive at other stores) and avocado oil mayo to keep on hand when the need arises!

Thrive Market Organic Ghee

I love using ghee for cooking – it’s flavorful and has a high smoke point. Thrive Market’s ghee is made from grass-fed cows, and because most of the milk protein is separated through the cooking process, it’s usually well-tolerated by those who can’t do dairy. Finding ghee from a reputable source is tough, so I’m glad that I have this one! The jar lasts forever too! 

Thrive Market Paleo Snack Mix in Ranch

Warning – these are super addictive! I’ve definitely had to restrain myself a few times from eating the whole bag. Made with banana chips, cashews, and pecans and seasoned in a delicious spice blend, these are a snack for the afternoon munchies that you can still feel awesome about. I also love their their flavors – Savory and BBQ. If they made a sweet one, it would be game over.

Seventh Generation Disinfectant Wipes

With a four-year-old running around, I’m often wiping down surfaces, both to keep him away from germs and to keep him from transferring them (see – last week’s strep throat).  I’m all about using safer products in the home, and these are non-toxic and made with natural cleaning agents. They can be pricey, though- so I’m glad to have found them at a cheaper price point than even Amazon!

So there you have it, folks! All the reasons why I love Thrive Market and the products I often purchase on the regular. I’m super thankful that Thrive Market is offering healthy food staples and other natural products at an affordable price, especially since there are still areas of the country that don’t have as much access to it at their local grocery stores as we do here. And, of course, the convenience can’t be beat. I love that I don’t have to shop around and these products arrive right to our house! 

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While this post is not sponsored by Thrive Market, it does include affiliate links throughout. As always, thank you for supporting CNC! 🙂

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