Three Questions Thursday: CrossFit Edition

Good afternoon! I hope you’re enjoying a lovely Thursday!


Today’s lunch didn’t look pretty, but, dang, it was delicious. In the mix: mashed potatoes, pesto, ground beef, chopped asparagus, and steamed spinach. They were all leftovers, so I just nuked them in the microwave and then mixed them all together. It was SO good!


After lunch, I ate some dates and a few bites of Nikki’s Coconut Butter.


Three Questions Thursday

Three Questions Thursday is back! I get tons and tons of CrossFit questions each week, so here are three of them with my responses. I seriously love all of your CrossFit questions””it makes me happy that so many of you are trying it””so keep ”˜em coming!

I’m thinking of reaching out to Reebok CrossFit Back Bay for a free class. I’d like to try it once before the North End CrossFit opens. Do you have any words of advice for getting the courage to try it out? I’m nervous to be the only one in a class that’s never done it and I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up. Were you hesitant to try it the first time?

Yay! I’m so glad you want to try CrossFit! I was a little hesitant before my first CrossFit class””mostly because I had heard crazy things about it, like it was a room with just barbells and meatheads in it, which, of course, I now know was totally wrong””but it was still intimidating to try a new workout. Going with Mal made it easier, so see if you can recruit a friend to take the class with you. Having a buddy definitely made it less scary!

As far as my words of advice: JUST GO. I’ve only visited a half dozen boxes or so, but everyone I’ve met has been super friendly and more than willing to help newbies. If you’re really nervous, go to the class 10-15 minutes early and chat with the other new people. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to talk about and share similar feelings, which will help you ease into your first class. Also, keep in mind, a (good) CrossFit box won’t “throw you to the wolves” in a workout. You’ll take a number of intro classes and learn all of the key CrossFit movements (and appropriate modifications) before you take a “real” class, so you’ll be able to keep up with the workouts. Don’t fret. JUST GO!

IMG_1390 (750x750)

I joined a box a couple of weeks ago and am completely hooked. I love everything about it – the workouts, the coaches, everything! I’d love to go 4-5 days a week but I’ve been SO SORE after the workouts that I know I’d do more harm than good if I went that often. I didn’t consider myself out of shape before I started so I’m guessing its just my body getting used to the different workouts? Did you experience this when you started?

Oh, yes, I was definitely sore when I first started CrossFit. My body just wasn’t used to the workouts and their intensity, so I’d often be sore for 2 or 3 (or more) days after a workout. Over time, my body started to adapt to the workouts, so I wasn’t as sore for as long. I also started to incorporate more rest days into my training.

When I first started CrossFit, I was totally obsessed it (ok, I still am), so I’d go 5-6 days a week, but I quickly learned it was too much for my body and I needed to give myself time to rest and recover. Now, instead of draining my body, I come back from a day or two of rest and perform SO much better. I used to feel lethargic and weak during some of my workouts, but now I feel energetic and strong because my body has had time to recover.

Nowadays, I go to CrossFit 3 times a week. A lot of people at my box, go three days in a row and then take one day off to recover. A few people even take an entire week off from time-to-time to really let their body rest. It’s a personal decision, but definitely listen to your body. If you’re super sore, your body is trying to tell you something!

What shoes do you wear to CrossFit?

It depends on the workout. If it’s a workout with Olympic lifts, I wear my Nano 2.0s for stability. (The majority of our box’s WODs have some sort of Olympic lifts in them, so I wear my Nanos a lot.) If it’s a workout without Olympic lifts or a lot of running or a whole bunch of different movements (like a Chipper), I’ll wear my Reebok RealFlex because they’re light, flexible, and transition really well between exercises. They’re also a bit more supportive and cushy.

Pro Performance L-Glutamine Powder Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Pro Performance L-Glutamine Powder giveaway! Here are your winners:

  1. Sara: GNC’s website has two things I have read about and would love to try – Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein Powder and BCAA’s!
  2. Renae: My legs are always so tired. I feel that it takes forever to recover. I would love to win this GNC product.
  3. kristina: I’d like to try it out because I’ve lately developed stomach issues after working out”¦maybe it would help?
  4. Amanda Jewell: I would love to try this product because I’m looking to improve my Crossfit performance and recovery times!
  5. dana: funny you posted this because just last night i was at crossfit talking to my trainer asking for suggestions on any additional supplements (besides my bcaa and fish oil) that might benefit me in crossfit”¦ and he said L-Glutamine! So i am pumped to try it now!!!!!

Congrats! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize!

P.S. My box posted this link last night, and I thought it was really interesting””just wanted to share it with the CrossFitters out there: What to Expect From the 2013 Open and Beyond.


  1. My husband just got a pair of nanos and he loves them! He does crossfit at home everyday. I love your advice on starting at a new gym and being sore. I think that advice applies starting anything new. If you want to start at a new gym you just have to suck it up and go. Any new workout will probably make you sore. Especially something as intense as crossfit! 🙂

    1. @michelle kim: Michelle – I worked out a trade with the owner of a local box where I do their monthly accounting and then I get 3 classes each week free. A lot of boxes will work with your budget or do trades (babysitting, cleaning the box). Just a thought if you are really interested!

  2. Ah I really want to try crossfit! I’m afraid it might not be something I can really consider until I have a job (I’m in law school) and I can easily get to a box (aka have a car or live closer to one). But I’m thinking about looking for one that offers a free first class or week!

  3. I also agree with your thoughts, especially about #1 – just do it. I’ve been trying to recruit various friends to try crossfit with me, but i finally sucked it up and went alone to a trial class at reebok crossfit back bay in oct (i’ve also been to fenway as well for a trial) and am finally starting the on-ramp at back bay next week and am super pumped!

  4. Great advice! I always get so excited for people to try CrossFit b/c it just might be the thing they are missing in their training. I know I was intimidated at first, but the community is over the top welcoming!!

  5. Tina, I woke up thinking about your 2 ingredient pancake! I tried it again adding 2 tblsp of oat bran, cinnamon and a dash of vanilla. I spread PB2 on top. SO SO SO YUMMY! I am hooked! I’m going to give it a try with pumpkin!

  6. Love your answer to the first question, I had a friend go with me for my first 5 or so CrossFit sessions and it made it so much better! I couldn’t believe how sore I was at the beginning because the first few days we did a lot of squats so I literally could barely walk. Now I go about 3 times a week and take days off when I feel like I need it. Its all about listening to your body!

  7. I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months now Tina, and it’s so inspiring! Especially your initial weight loss post. I’m heading to my first real crossfit class tomorrow and I’m so excited! I did the intro class last week and I know it’s going to be an amazing change for my weekly workouts 🙂

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