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Hi, guys! Happy Monday!

Guess where I am right now!? VERMONT! Aka “God’s country” and one of my favorite places ever!

[old photo from September 2010 in Stowe, Vermont #nerdalert #sweetsunglasses]

I arrived last night in Burlington, Vermont for a 3-day blogger trip hosted by Ben & Jerry’s. When I received the invitation, I knew I couldn’t turn it down. Spend time in Vermont? Eat ice cream? HELLO. It sounded like this pregnant lady’s dream trip! Haha!

I left home yesterday afternoon around 3:00 PM to drive up to Burlington. It was a nice, easy, 3.5-hour drive. No traffic, no pee breaks, and I listened to podcasts the entire time.

Our group is staying at Hotel Vermont, which, of course, I am pumped about since Mal and I had such a nice experience here just a few weeks ago. I love this hotel!

IMG_7805 (600x800)

When I arrived in my room, there was a welcome bag from Ben & Jerry’s with all sorts of goodies inside waiting for me. In addition to some fun B&J things, there was also a bunch of treats from Vermont (dark chocolate, maple candy, beer, hard cider). There was also a list of B&J ice cream flavors inside, many of which I haven’t tried or even heard of (Rockin’ Blondies, Truffle Trifecta, Cake Batter, Cheesecake Brownie), which made me even more excited about this trip.

IMG_7807 (800x600)

Once I got settled, I headed downstairs to the restaurant for dinner. I ordered an awesome sandwich with roasted beets, feta, pesto, and sprouts on it. I loved the flavor combo! Yummm!


Once I finished eating, I headed up to my room, did a little work, and then climbed into bed with a couple of treats.


We have a busy couple of days ahead, and I’ll be blogging from Vermont about my experience. I also wrote a few posts to publish while I am away, so be sure to pop in!

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Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s?

What would your dream trip include (place + food)?

Do you have a delicious Brussels sprouts recipe to share?



  1. I voluntarily gave up dairy for health reasons, but I would totally suffer for some Ben and Jerry’s right now. Holy yum, indeed.

  2. I just tried their new sweet cream ice cream with a salted caramel core–enough said. May have found a new favorite.

    Dream trip? I am torn between somewhere full of nature with healthy organic food (think Costa Rica yoga retreat, California, Vermont, Colorado) or something super indulgent like Italy full of pizza, pasta, seafood, and gelato. I would fully appreciate either 😉

    I like my brussel sprouts simply roasted with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little grated parmesan cheese.

  3. Tina you are a hoot! I love it! For some reason seeing you pregnant makes me want to hug you! (Not in a weird way.. seriously- don’t delete me!).

    I just think it’s adorable. If you haven’t floated in a pool yet make every effort.

    I promise- you will NOT be disappointed.

    The more pregnant you feel the more AWESOME water feels… Ahh…

    I can’t wait to watch Baby Haupert grow even more. Don’t you love imagining what the baby will look like?
    A little tiny Mal in a diaper. 😉

  4. Honestly haven’t had Ben & Jerry’s in a long time, but when I was in college I could take down a pint of Chunky Monkey in one sitting, hello Freshman 15! Looks like there are so many new yummy flavors to try!!

    Dream trip…Santorini with all the local flavors!

    Love roasted brussel sprouts with a little EVOO and garlic 🙂

    Enjoy Vermont! Heading there in early November to the Equinox Resort!

  5. Unfortunately, my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor is no longer available; Black & Tan. It was a combination of Guinness and Cream, not too sweet and oh so delicious! If you can still find it, I highly recommend trying “Scotchy Scotch Scotch” or “Pistachio YUM!!

    As for an amazing brussel sprout recipe, you *have* to try this one from The Freckled Foodie: It was the first way I ever tried brussel sprouts and am addicted!! If you don’t have or want to buy shallots, just substitute half of a thinly sliced onion. These will be hard to share!

  6. Welcome to Vermont! MA was my home my entire life until I moved here a little over 3 years ago. Enjoy your stay, sounds like your goodie bag is a fair representation of what’s good around here. Have fun!

  7. I was just in Burlington, Ben & Jerry’s and Stowe last week! Have fun! I hope you get to try all of the B&J’s flavors!! 🙂

  8. I’ve always wanted to go to the B&J factory. i have a nice souvenir mug from a friend who visited during her honeymoon.

    I love the Jimmy Fallon late night flavor”¦cuz who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon.

    Overall, I try not to keep B&J ice cream in the house because I have no self control”¦it wouldn’t help with the running. If B&J could create mini versions of their ice cream, I’d greatly appreciate it!

  9. I love Brussels Sprouts, always have. My husband’s aunt was shocked when I told her my 14 month old twins LOVE them, too. She said “I would never even eat them!” I was at first shocked that someone in her 60s could be so against a food, then I was really sad for all the years she missed out!

  10. First of all – how did you make it 3.5 hours without taking a pee break?! I’m not pregnant and pee like every hour (or less)!! My coworkers must hate traveling with me – when we go to Cleveland (about 2 hours away) we have to stop halfway there and then once before we begin the job. I must have the smallest bladder ever!

    Anyway, I love B&J Half Baked – now they make it in Froyo which is even more exciting! That Truffle Trifecta sounds DELICIOUS though!! I may have to stop at Walgreen’s tonight! 1/2c won’t ruin me, right?!

    My dream trip would be to New York, Chicago, or somewhere in Oregon/Washington State. As for food I’ve love to eat somewhere sustainable/environmentally minded with different menu items – that beets sandwich sounds phenomenal and like nothing I’d find here. I would also love to try a juice bar. I’ve just recently got into juicing, but it would be fun to have somewhere to stop while at work and pick up a juice like you would Starbucks.

    I’m boring and like to roast my Brussels sprouts or make them into a warm “salad” I found on another food blog with Canadian bacon, edamame, and mini bell pepper slices with balsamic vinegar/vinaigrette.

  11. I’m definitely guilty of assuming I wouldn’t like Brussels sprouts. I tried them for the first time a couple of weeks ago and they were delicious!

  12. Aw, you’re in my town! Normally I’d request a meetup but I have an awful cold and that is definitely NOT a pregnant lady’s dream trip. Hope you have fun while you’re here and make it out before this massive storm!

  13. My dream trip would be going to Italy and I’ve always wanted to visit Pompeii, my grandfather was from Naples so would be great to see were my roots are from. I love going to ben and jerry’s even though I’ve been so many times since I was a kid I still love doing the tour and there not cheap with the samples! also if you drive down the road a mile or so there’s cold hollow cider mill and they have the best cider donuts. my parents would throw my brother and I in the car and we would take day trips to VT and I still love it and would love to live there! I have always loved Cherry Garcia!

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