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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning! Happy September 1st!

We’re all back-to-school this morning, so I’m just popping in with a quick (and fun!) blog post. I’ll see you guys later this afternoon with a recap from yesterday. In the meantime, here’s a survey that I saw on Lindsay‘s blog the other day. I immediately knew it was a keeper, so here we go!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

I sure do love chocolate, but I almost always pick vanilla when I have the choice””ice cream, cupcakes, protein powder, candles, soy milk, coconut butter

Innie or Outtie?

I’ve always had a weird hybrid bellybutton””it wasn’t quite an outie, but it wasn’t an innie either. After being pregnant though, it’d say it’s more of an outtie now. Related: Quinn is obsessed with my bellybutton. If I say the word, he immediately smiles, walks over to me, and then pokes me there. It’s so cute!

Hot, Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?

After last winter, I’m going with hot, hot summer. I actually heard a rumor the other day that this coming winter is going to be as bad as last year. Has anyone else heard this? I honestly can’t imagine more than 8 feet of snow at once. Let’s hope it’s just a rumor!

Save or Spend?

Save. Mal calls me a squirrel because I’m always “squirreling” away our money. I’m big on weekly withdrawals to our savings, investment, and retirement accounts and all those little deposits really add up!

Elliptical or Treadmill?

Treadmill. Always and forever. I actually kind of love it.

SAM_0649 (533x800)

Banana or Apple?

Banana, but I love a good Gala apple. I’m excited that apple season is right around the corner!

Morning or Night?

Morning. I’ve always been a morning person. I typically wake up happy, and I’m a lot more motivated in the morning.

Love or Money?

Love. Always.

IMG_6543 (778x1024)

Lip Balm or Lipstick?

Lip balm. I don’t even own lipstick.

Butt or Boobs?

Hmm… if I had to pick, I’d go with butt.

Alone or with others?

It depends on my mood. I usually enjoy doing things with other people, but I’m totally okay doing things alone too.

Coffee or Tea?

Iced coffee!

photo 2 (10)

Straight or Curly?

Both! I have wavy hair, so it can go either way. I don’t really have a preference. Honestly, it’s whatever is easier.

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

It depends on the day and how hungry/busy I am. Here is an example of a “three squares” day and “graze all day” day.

Right-handed or left-handed?


Beach or Mountains?

Beach! We seriously considered a bunch of beach towns on the South Shore when we were looking for a new house, but everything we saw was too far away from “stuff,” which was one of my must-haves. We still ended up fairly close to the beach though!

IMG_3880 (600x800)

Mac or PC?

My heart is with Macs and Apple products, but they have yet to develop a good blogging program, so I am a PC gal.

Shy or Outgoing?

I’m more shy than outgoing, but it depends on the group of people. If I’m with close friends, I’m pretty outgoing and talkative!

Question of the Day

Your turn!

Chocolate or vanilla?

Hot, hot summer or snowy winter?

Beach or mountain?

Mac or PC?



  1. Chocolate 99% of the time.
    Hot, hot summer after last winter. Not ready for that again :'(
    Beach but I do love living in the Adirondacks- so much hiking!
    Mac/Apple everything.

  2. Vanilla or chocolate is a hard one! I’d go Vanilla for yogurt, ice cream, protein powder…chocolate in it’s pure form though!
    Beach! PC! Same reason! Hot hot summer…we don’t get any extremes here in Ireland though!

  3. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate…with some vanilla!
    Hot, hot summer or snowy winter? Hot summer…I live in Atlanta, and everyone here FREAKS out over the possibility of snow and everything shuts down. Too much!
    Beach or mountain? Mountain!
    Mac or PC? Mac! I used to be all PC (and my work computer is a PC), but after 2 jobs with a Mac, I learned to love them and needed one as my own! 🙂

  4. I’m hitting the point of central FL’s hot, hot (humid, humid) summer where snow sounds magical and I miss the cold…so I’ll go with winter. This may be because the reality of having to shovel snow is pretty distant for me, though. Vanilla, PC, and can I pick mountain lake? It’s like beach + mountain in one.

  5. My dog is obsessed with my belly button. She will use her nose and lift my shirt to sniff and lick it. If I am changing she runs over to me. Weirdo.

  6. I’m totally a Mac girl… even my office is totally Mac friendly. And beach – always and forever. I wish I lived in a year round beach climate without the East coast humidity.

  7. I love that pic of your little family, so sweet!

    Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!

    Hot, hot summer or snowy winter? Can I pick fall? If not, then hot summer. SO much snow these last two years.

    Beach or mountain? Mountains!

    Mac or PC? Mac baby.

  8. Unfortunately, I have heard that scary rumor too about another cold, snowy winter. I can’t believe we are already talking about it. Maybe, because everyone will be expecting lots of snow, it won’t come. Kinda like when you prepare for rain and bring an umbrella and rain coat and then it never rains!

  9. I love chocolate, but like you, I’d probably go with Vanilla most of the time, because it’s super versatile.

    I’d pick mountain, because I don’t like sand, and I prefer coolness over heat.

    And I’ve always been a PC girl. Don’t really know any different.

  10. Hmm… chocolate protein powder but always vanilla ice cream.

    Well, living in Texas, it is pretty much always a hot summer day, but after last winter with its multiple ice storms and *actual* snow fall, I’d say crisp autumn day instead!

    I can’t choose between the beach or the mountains…How about a lake house with the mountains in the back!

    MAC, fo’sho.

  11. That’s a hard first question! I love, love dark chocolate bars… but I love vanilla flavored things – you can always add toppings to vanilla ice cream!

  12. Fun!
    Mostly chocolate – except vanilla ice cream (weird I know)
    Hot, hot summer – it’s usually cool enough in the mornings to get outside, and you get used to it
    Mountain – but with a lake or some type of water!
    PC – haven’t ever used a Mac yet, so have a PC. Just got a Chromebook for my laptop and am loving it so far!

  13. Chocolate, summer, mountains, and PC! I’m in the same boat with lipstick… funny story: I was getting ready for my wedding and as I was getting ready to get in line to go down the aisle I realized I didn’t have on lipstick (since I don’t own any) so i just bit my lips together a few times to make them a little more pink for the pictures! Not perfect, but it did the job! 🙂

  14. Chocolate, always!
    MAC for personal use, PC for work

    Yes- to Hillary’s comment above, any tips on saving that you have would be so awesome! For me, I get paid twice a month and then throughout the month for my side jobs, so saving when getting paid sporadically can seem like a task/overwhelming.

  15. Vanilla (except chocolate protein powder)

    Hot summer, definitely! Hate winter.


    Apple vs PC – I do have a couple iPads, but have yet to bite the bullet on a MacBook

  16. Mmmm both, but I usually pick chocolate more often.

    HOT summer!

    Beach and sun, for sure!

    I love Iphones but I find a PC much easier to use than a Mac.

  17. If we have the same amount of snow as last winter, I will seriously be mad haha.

    I’m like you. I love chocolate, but I’ll always pick vanilla for ice cream or cake, etc.

    I hate hot summers & snowy winters haha. I’m all about the in between seasons.

    I’m not much of a beach or mountain person, but I guess I’d choose the beach because I can lay out & tan haha.

    I’m more used to PCs, but I like that you don’t have deal with viruses with Macs.

  18. o Vanilla all the way!
    o Innie! I am 8 weeks now though, so maybe an outtie before I know it =)
    o Hot Summers – total southern girl!
    o Save all the way!!!!
    o Treadmill
    o Apple ( with peanut/ almond butter)
    o Morning
    o Love- most important thing is life
    o Lip balm- lipstick looks ridiculous on me!
    o Booty!
    o I am a intro/extrovert
    o Coffee
    o Waves
    o I like three squares with a snack
    o Righty
    o I could live on the beach
    o Mac
    o Shy and outgoing

  19. Chocolate or vanilla? – Depends, vanilla ice cream, chocolate milk, vanilla protein!
    Hot, hot summer or snowy winter? Hot summer always! I’m still imagining what the summers are going to be like here in Australia… Guess I will find out soon!
    Beach or mountain? We moved to Perth so definitely beach!
    Mac or PC? PC – more workable!

  20. Chocolate for sure…but not a huge chocolate fan overall. Much more of a savory gal. 🙂
    Hot, hot summer, especially if I can spend it near water and with some tropical adult bevs!
    Beach 100%!
    Mac – so intuitive and user friendly, hardly ever have any technical problems with it.

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