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Happy April, friends!

Last month was a fun one – despite all the snow! Seriously, guys, spring can’t come fast enough! In March, I had my first HydraFacial at Alda Aesthetics and it was so amazing that even Mal commented on how great my skin looked! I shared some new favorite recipes, including this easy one-pan BBQ chicken video, peanut butter frosted rice cakes, and how I use my favorite frozen veggies to make quick meals even easier. I compiled a list of five home workouts for moms, which came in especially handy considering how many times we were snowed in! On a heavier note,  I talked a bit about something that I felt was very important to share – how I maintain positivity with a chronic illness, and I heard so many wonderful messages from you guys in response. So much love to all of you!

We heard from Katie Lyn at Garage Gym Power about her thoughts on if CrossFit makes women bulky (spoiler alert: diet matters more than anything), and I had the honor of chatting with Lexi of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen on everything from the business of blogging, keeping up with social media, and of course, our shared love of pups! Last (but certainly not the least) I launched the 8-week CNC Spring Nutrition Challenge with Designed to Fit Nutrition! This year’s Spring Challenge includes weekly meal-plans, one-on-one coaching and accountability, and so much more! Have you signed up yet?! We start on April 9th!

Let’s get on to some March favorites!


This cute and cozy hoodie has been a staple this month with all the crazy late winter weather we’ve been having. And it’s still on sale for $47!

I love these jeans so much I dedicated a blog post to them! Not only are they super affordable at only $64, they fit like a glove and are perfect for transitioning into spring!

These shoes are the bomb (pictured above) – so comfy that they feel like I’m walking on clouds. I plan on making them a spring/summer staple with all the walking we will do in the warmer weather! P.S. they are only $49 on Zappos, with free shipping both ways!

And, of course, loving this  Funnel Neck Sweatshirt and Classic Leather Tote. Go-tos this month for sure!


Umm… hashtag sneakerlove! Look at the soles on these lobster sneakers! I plan on putting a lot of mileage on these babies during my spring runs!

I kicked off a new blog series called “Fitness & Eats from the Week” where I share my workouts and favorite meals and snacks from the week. I hope they give you some fun ideas for your own!


Mal, Quinn and I popped into Burke’s Aleworks brewery and taproom one weekend, and I think we’ve found our new weekend “spot”! Not only is Burke’s super kid-friendly, they are TV-free because they want to encourage conversation among guests! There’s no food menu, but they are totally cool with you bringing/ordering your own. Oh, and the tasting flight Mal and I shared was awesome!

I’m doing my best to avoid xenoestrogens, and looking for ways to avoid plastic where I can. I came across these glass straws on Amazon for my morning iced coffee, and I love! Unlike metal straws (which I still think are an improvement on plastic), glass let’s me see that the straws are truly clean inside! Bonus – they’re dishwasher-safe!

With all of the conflicting advice out there, it can be difficult to understand what we should be eating when leading a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Hyman does a great job debunking a lot of the Internet myths that can be so confusing, and offers a science-based look at each food group. This book has been eye-opening, so say the least!

Tiny Human

We’ve found a pasta option for our little picky eater! I found this rainbow pasta at Target, and he loves it! The pasta is made from organic wheat and made in Italy, so my bet is on it being GMO-free!

What a fun nightlight! Quinn is all about it, and uses the Batman projection to help guide him at night when he needs to use the bathroom.

We’ve found that pouches are always our fallback fallback for an easy, tasty way to get veggies into Quinn’s diet. The ones from Happy Baby are organic, non-GMO, and the only ingredients are fruits and veggies!

Whew! That’s all for me! March was full of exciting finds – can’t wait to see what April and  (hopefully) warmer weather will bring!


  1. Why LOBSTER sneakers of all creatures?? I do wonder. Lobsters don’t run; they scuttle.

    Also, have you heard about metal straws instead of glass ones? Granted they’re better than plastic but glass straws can break whereas metal ones don’t!

    1. @Linda @ the Fitty:

      I have both glass and metal straws and unfortunately, the metal straws make drinks taste like, well, metal. Plus you can’t tell whether or not they’re clean inside. The glass straws are pretty sturdy and I throw ‘em in the dishwasher where they get jumbled up. Haven’t broken one yet.

  2. I’ve been looking for reusable straws and those look great! Do you think they’re wide enough for smoothies?

  3. Hi there Tina! I’ve always admired that brown leather tote you’ve had for so long!
    But I have a funny question about it…say if want to carry it on my left shoulder, could I pick it up with my left hand and slide it onto my shoulder all in one motion ? Or do you have to use your right hand to slide it over your left arm and onto your left shoulder? I hope that makes sense haha. I guess what I’m really wondering is, if there is enough space in the handles to get your elbow through in one quick motion. My “free” hand is always holding something (usually babies or little hands lol) so I’ve been looking for a large tote with long enough handles to be able to grab-and-go with one arm.

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