Third Trimester Recap: Weeks 35-36

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Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Woohoo! I’m in the home stretch! Only a few more weeks to go!




I am having a lot of the same cravings from previous weeks: fresh fruit, smoothies, juice, yogurt, egg sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and Almond Joy Chia Pudding.



My appetite has been a lot better lately and most foods are appetizing once again. There are still some that just don’t appeal to me, but I almost feel “normal” with regard to what I’ve been eating lately.



Frequent urination: Same as before, but I’m a lot more thirsty, so I’m drinking more water than I usually do.

Morning sickness: I still have it, but my chia seed trick seems to help. Or maybe the morning sickness is finally starting to go away?

Indigestion: It seems to come and go depending on what I eat (i.e. pizza), but it hasn’t been bad enough to break out the TUMS. Thank goodness!

Sleep: I’m still sleeping fairly well. I still wake up a ton to pee, but I can usually fall right back to sleep. There was one night last week that I woke up at 1:45 AM and didn’t get back to sleep until 4:00 AM, which was frustrating, but I slept well the next night.

Clear skin: My skin is still looking great!

Colitis stuff: Whomp whomp. Well, I made it to 35 weeks without a single UC symptom, so I guess I should be thankful. Some women flare their entire pregnancy. As soon as things started to get weird on the UC front, I called my doctor, who immediately upped my meds (Lialda + Canasa), and my symptoms quickly improved. I still don’t think I am totally out of the woods yet, but I am happy to see things getting better, especially since I never really got better, no matter what I did, before I was pregnant. Let’s just hope things stay as calm as possible until after I deliver. After I deliver, I will surely go into a flare (since labor is so hard on the body), so anything I can do now to keep things under control will help me in the long run.

Signs of labor: Nada. I am still getting cramps on a regular basis, but nothing other than that.

Weight gain: At my 36-week appointment last week, I was up 36 pounds.


I’m still at it! Here are my weekly workout recaps from the past couple of weeks: 35 weeks and 36 weeks. Obviously, things are slowing down (more long walks with Murphy, more exercise modifications at CrossFit), but I’m still rocking WODs when I can!

IMG_8779 (675x900)


Mal and I set up a home gym from Again Faster Equipment in our basement. It’s already gotten a ton of use, and I know it’s going to get even more once Baby H. arrives!

Again Faster CrossFit home gym

Mal and I went on a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital where I plan to deliver. This time, we arrived at the right place on time, so now we know where to go when I am in labor. The tour itself was really helpful and made me feel quite a bit more prepared about what to expect when I arrive.

Baby H. is running out of room. He pretty much never stops moving (can’t stop, won’t stop), but now that he is bigger and stronger, my belly is constantly shifting and moving. I swear, it’s always lopsided with some sort of elbow/knee/foot poking out. It’s super sci-fi and weird. Haha!

IMG_3009 (900x675)

I started to think about what to pack for the hospital and made a list. You guys came up with all sorts of great ideas too, so now I just need to do it. I can’t believe he came come almost any day now!


In case you missed them, my pregnancy updates so far:



  1. Wow – it’s crazy how much the belly has grown in the last two weeks! You are so close. It’s exciting to wait for all your updates. I think having a home gym is a great idea – especially for when your little one is small and you don’t want to have to pack everything up (and possibly disrupt a nap!) and head to the gym.

  2. It’s been so much fun following you through your pregnancy, Tina. I do have one question for you. What is that creamy noodle situation you’ve got going on up there?! Looks delish. 🙂

  3. One of my high school friends has UC and ended up in the hospital from a flare up after she delivered her son. Hopefully your body doesn’t react the same way!
    My first son arrived shortly after 39 weeks so you could be closer than you think!

  4. You’re almost there!! It was exciting to me to get to the official “full term” even though I knew it was going to be a few more weeks.

  5. Hi Tina,
    I’m an avid reader of your blog and wanted to suggest a site to you that may help in understanding your personal journey with UC. I work for a company called PatientsLikeMe ( Consider us kind of like a Facebook, but for patients with over 2,000+ conditions. Here, you create your very own patient profile and can keep track of your condition: track the medications you are on, dosages, any flare ups, symptoms, side effects of any treatments, etc. You can then print out your patient page which tracks all of these reported outcomes (by you!) represented by graphs and take them to your doctor to discuss. The other part of PatientsLikeMe, the more social side, is that there are interactive discussion forums for any condition you may have. So if you are interested in new treatments for UC, you can head to the forum to see how other people have responded to such. Or if you have a question, you can post a new question in a new forum. I know you’ve been struggling to keep track of your UC over time and I just thought this may be of some help! I work here but am also a patient and have my own patient profile. If this is something you’d be interested in, I’d be happy to give you a site demo to learn more. This may be of interest to your readers as well! (sorry that was long winded…)


  6. Wow, how exciting! I cannot wait to hear about the next part of the journey. Wishing you a wonderful last few weeks of pregnancy.

  7. Ugh, so sorry to hear about the flare! I can totally relate. At 18-20 weeks I started to flare and unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten much better. My doctor just upped my meds as well, so I’m hoping that settles things down.
    You look great by the way! Can’t wait to meet your little man. 🙂

  8. I think it’s awesome that you have such a great home gym. Since we’ve “developed” our home gym, it’s amazing how much more motivated I am to work out knowing that I don’t need to “get prettied up” and leave home just to use it. Can’t wait to see pictures of Baby H!

  9. I haven’t read through the comments of the last post or this one, but BRING EXTRA BAGS!! Like, several totes. We did and I was SOO thankful! My hospital encoraged me to take anything and everything (diapers, nipple pads, stuff for your ever-so-fun bathroom adventures, meds, wipes, pamphlets, etc).

    I also highly recommend a nice file folder type thing. You’ll be filling out/getting loads of important paperwork and you’ll want to know EXACTLY where it’s being kept.

    Just my .02¢

  10. Hi Tina:

    I feel like I am your second Mom since I am so much older than your other readers. I have enjoyed following your pregnancy and I wish you and Mal the best of luck with your little one. I can’t wait to meet Baby H. Murphy wil be a great big “brother”. Take Care…….. Carol T.

  11. Almost time to meet your little man! I have a 10 month old & can’t wait to try for #2, so your posts are keeping my baby mania to a minimum for now:) I have to say, if you are going to nurse, get ready for some ugly face crying (hopefully you won’t go through this)! It can be REALLY hard for mama & baby to get the hang of”¦.through everything in life that was the one thing that made me break! The best of luck to you & treasure every moment before, durning and after”¦they grow up so quick!

  12. You’re so close! And I’m so impressed with the workouts you’ve maintained. I dropped off around 38.5 weeks, but busted out 3 miles yesterday hoping to start labor (I’m 4 days overdue!).

    Looking forward to reading along with the rest of your journey 🙂

  13. So sorry your UC has come back. It’s great how long you were able to go without it and I hope it’s not too severe following delivery.
    I can’t believe how lopsided your belly is ! I mean, it makes sense, it’s a baby, not a ball, but it must be so funny to see!
    I still need to try that pudding!

  14. Random, but I LOVE that bag!! Where is it from?? Also, i can’t believe it’s almost time either!! I feel like you just announced it 🙂 I’m sure you feel that way X’s a million though. Or maybe not haha

  15. You’re getting so close! It’s amazing how quickly the time flies by. I can’t believe I’ll be in my 3rd trimester next week, although I’ve been told the time slows down as the due-date gets closer and closer.

  16. Haven’t commented in a while, so this is a mix of a BUNCH of things, but 1) you go girl, 2) great work keeping exercising all this time–you know your body and you have good doctors, so just do you! 3) best of luck with little bebe, and just remember that it’s ok if it is really hard, and you don’t like it right away. Being a parent for the first time can just suck, and not enough people talk about it. So, don’t worry if you aren’t enjoying every minute. The bad things AND the good things just get better!

  17. Just looking at your lopsided belly brings back exactly how that felt! I remember rubbing in a circular motion what I thought was a little butt protruding to the side and saying “move baby boy, move baby boy.” All that pushing and stretching was painful at times! You look beautiful and glowing! Getting excited to see your little guy. Having 3 sons, I can tell you there is something very special about the love between a mother and son. Especially when they are little….they really love their mommies! 🙂 Good luck with everything.

  18. I just read the comment by Maggie and I agree 100%. There is a scene from the TV show Parenthood, where Crosby is walking and bouncing his screaming newborn daughter up and down, and he says “I know one day you will have me wrapped around your little finger. But right now I really hate you.” This pretty much sums up the newborn stage! But it passes VERY fast and before you know it, you have a cooing, smiling little joy (mostly) on your hands. 😉

  19. Hi Tina!!!
    I just realized today that I haven’t been getting your blog in my e-mail for a few weeks…, I went to your website and “signed up”, but it said I was already signed up….so, I looked in my spam and trash, and I can’t find them anywhere!!!! Do you know anything about this????? I miss reading about you!!!!!
    ~Laura B.

    1. Oh, no!! Is it still happening? I’ve been getting the email updates everyday. Hmmm… Are you subscribed through FeedBurner?

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