Third Trimester Recap: Weeks 33-34

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Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

We’re in the homestretch! Less than 5 weeks to go (unless Baby H. decides to come a little early)!


(I already think I am massive. I can’t even imagine how much bigger I am going to get!)


My morning sickness is back in full swing, so not much sounds appetizing to me lately. It’s not as bad as it was in the first trimester, but it’s still pretty awful at times. Mal had to cook a few meals for himself last week because I couldn’t stomach the thought of some of the foods. Same goes for meal planning this week… nothing sounded good, so I just winged it at Whole Foods. My diet recently: fresh fruit, smoothies, juice, yogurt, egg sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mac & cheese, banana bread, froyo, and ice cream. At least some of it is healthy, right?


Ugh, like everything. Well, it’s not like things gross me out (like in the first trimester); it’s just most foods aren’t very appetizing.


Frequent urination: Same as before, but I’m a lot more thirsty lately, so I’m drinking more water than I usually do.

Morning sickness: I’m still battling morning sickness throughout the day and night. Blah.

Indigestion: It’s pretty much gone! I think Baby H. “dropped” or something? I dunno, but I haven’t needed TUMS in a couple of weeks now!

Sleep: I’m still sleeping fairly well. There were a couple of nights when I woke up and had trouble falling back to sleep, but for the most part, I’m sleeping well. Let’s hope it keeps up!

Clear skin: My skin is still looking great!

Cramping: I am still getting period-like cramps, but on a regular basis now””pretty much everyday. I mentioned it again to my doctor, and she said it’s totally normal. My uterus is just practicing!

Weight gain: At my 34-week appointment last week, I was up 31 pounds.


I’m still CrossFitting! Here are my weekly workout recaps from the past couple of weeks: 33 weeks and 34 weeks.


I’m still feeling good for the most part, but I’ve taken it down a notch. Third trimester exhaustion has definitely set in, so I’m listening to my body and not pushing myself too hard. I’m doing step-ups instead of box jumps, opting for regular Squat Thrusts instead of over-the-bar movements, and taking a lot more rest during WODs. I’m also starting to “cherry pick” my workouts a little bit. For instance, “Nancy” was programmed last Friday at 781 (5 rounds for time of: Run 400 meters + 15 Overhead Squats), and I knew all of that running just wasn’t going to happen for me, so I didn’t go. I’m a little sad to miss fun workouts like that, but I’m honestly just happy to be at CrossFit and moving around. And, of course, I will see “Nancy” again!

photo (9) (900x900)


Mal installed our car seat

Installing Baby Haupert’s car seat definitely made things even more real. He’s going to be here so soon!

IMG_8820 (900x675)

I picked up my FREE breast pump

Thanks to Affordable Care Act, moms-to-be can get a FREE breast pump through their health insurance provider. Just call your health insurance company and tell them that you’re pregnant and would like more info about getting a breast pump. (Just a heads-up, you’ll probably need to get a prescription from your doctor before you can pick it up.) My health insurance company (Harvard Pilgrim) told me about the available options and where to get them. The two places they suggested were less than 15 minutes from my house, which made it super easy. There was also an option of having the breast pump sent right to my house.

Some health insurance companies only allow you to rent a hospital-grade breast pump (or also give you that option) and some have rules about when you can get your free breast pump (i.e. one month before your due date, after you give birth). Things vary between different health insurance companies, so just call and get the details from yours!

We are making some serious progress in the nursery!

Mal and I hung Baby H’s wall library!

IMG_8933 (675x900)_thumb[1]

New (shower) curtains were hung!

IMG_8983 (675x900)

And new doors were installed!

IMG_8823 (655x900)_thumb[1]


In case you missed them, my pregnancy updates so far:



  1. Less than 5 weeks – exciting, it’s getting soooooo close! I laughed out loud at the crossfit picture with the guys and their ball tummies. That’s pretty darn cute. Hopefully the morning sickness will stop soon and the good sleeping continues on for this last home stretch!!!

  2. I’m going to be nosy, because car seat safety is my obsession… Just out of curiosity, why did you choose to install with the seat buckle instead of the LATCH straps on the base? I had the same car seat and I found the LATCH straps clicked in so fast and tightened really well.

    1. I’ll second the LATCH system. Feels more secure to me. Also, don’t make the same mistake I did with that infant seat…make sure the chest clip is actually on his chest and not his belly. It should be level with his nipples/armpits. I cringe when I look back on pictures and I had it too low!

    2. @Annie Atherton:

      Cars before 2000 did not have the car seat clips – maybe their car is a ’99 or older? My husband’s car is a ’98 so had to use the belts but mine is a 2002 so I was able to use the clips. I did think the base in my car was more snug.

      1. @Melanie: I have the same car seat. I am betting Tina and Mal are similar to many first time parents who do it all by the book! Chicco recommends that you include the belt in addition to the latch, that’s likely what we are seeing here…also, Tina, if you’re feeling like you want a second, experienced eye, my hospital had a RN come down and check that our car seat was installed properly before we left. What an unforgettable (and slow!!) car ride.

        1. Also, most fire departments or sheriff’s departments hold car seat install check days. You can’t just drop by like you used to, but in most cities, there are designated days where you can drive in and have them check everything out. We did this both before, and after, my son was born (so he was actually in the seat for the second check) and I’m very glad we did.

          In fact, googled it, and here’s how you schedule an appointment to have your seat checked up in the city of Boston:

  3. Lol! That Crossfit pic is too funny! I’m so impressed with how active you are during your pregnancy. It’s inspirational! Also, you’re nursery is looking great!

  4. Ahh my kiddos LOVE all the Sandra Boynton books. Check out the “touch-and-feel” books too if you’re looking for more. It’s great tactile sensation and they’ve got some great ones (puppies and kittens, farm animals, etc.) They’re all at Target.

  5. eeek!! It’s getting so close!
    (and have you tried the 1/2 unisom, 50mg B6 yet for nausea? helped take a little of the edge off – so sorry you’re still dealing with this! I will tell you that AS SOON as Porter came out, I instantly felt better. SOON, friend!)

  6. I’m in my first trimester and have the same feeling with food…my husband has had to wing a few meals for himself because nothing sounds appetizing and sleep for me seems to be the only way to escape the nausea.

    Tip with the car seat, I read that the base can be installed but the carseat itself should stay out of the car until the baby arrives just incase you are in an accident because after an accident the car seat may be considered no good. Just thought I would share!

  7. how do you pronounce your last name? sorry it has been driving me crazy!!! lol. have you picked out a name for the baby? (I assume you are waiting to reveal until he makes his grand debut!)

  8. I never would have guessed the curtains were shower curtains, they look nice. Also you’re like the healthiest pregnant woman ever! It’s very inspiring 🙂

  9. I love your wall library! Were there any books you read/suggest regarding diet and supplements during pregnancy? I’ve been seeing a lot of varying info about cod liver oil, Vitamin A & D, etc. I know everyone needs to do their own research and fact checking with their doc but didn’t know if anything seemed to work well for you. Thanks!

  10. So funny, you and I are due just a day or two apart, and I’m having all the exact same symptoms, including having to slow it down a bit more at Crossfit (I just got back from the gym for the second day in a row and I realized my body really needs a day off Crossfit in between workouts. The food being unappetizing thing is happening, too. Nothing really sounds good, nothing tastes as good anymore, yet I’m feeling hungrier and my morning sickness has too returned. I do get some random bursts of energy, though. Best of luck for the next 5 weeks!

  11. I love your blog and have loved following along on your pregnancy journey. I hate to nitpick (which means I shouldn’t, but I can’t stop myself), but it’s not Obamacare, it’s the Affordable Care Act. The other thing I’d like to ask is that you please dial down the “huge” comments. You are growing a child inside of your body. That means you are going to expand. I realize this is joking, but so many women criticized their bodies during pregnancy, when they should be celebrating their bodies. Yes, it’s cool and beastly to do burpees and lift heavy weights, but what is even MORE cool and beastly and awesome is growing another human being inside of you.

    Anyway, that’s all I have.

      1. @Tina: I get feeling “huge” at 30 weeks and feeling like I’m running out of maternity clothes, “huge” comes to mind for me too. I’m not criticizing my body, just stating how I feel!!

  12. It’s really eye-opening to read your recaps on pregnancy. Thanks for putting yourself out there and offering so much detail. Even though everybody’s experience will be different, I feel armed and prepared to know what to expect one day. Thanks! 🙂

  13. I love the curtains!! Yay 🙂 Does it make the room dark? When he gets older you’ll want the room to be super dark–helps them nap well(!) 😉

    You’re in the homestretch, yay! And you’re looking fabulous!

  14. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I’m having the same problem with nothing sounding appealing. We used to meal plan like you do but lately we’re just winging it because nothing sounds good to me. I’ve pretty much been eating the same things as you are, with the addition of cheeseburgers and fries! I thought I was crazy because I thought most pregnant women would eat anything. Glad to know I’m not alone!!

      1. HA. when i was prego with my 10 month old son now…ALL I ever wanted was Cheeseburgers…mustard, chili and onions…my husband got to the point that he reminded me that there were more parts to the cow LOL
        Hang in there…hes gonna start feeling like a ton of rocks soon when he drops…I noticed that the sickness at the end was when I didnt eat enough…club crackers and cheeseits were my best friends to help with the sick feeling…CAN not wait to see your baby boy.

  15. Not long now! The wall library is totally adorable and I agree that once the car seat gets installed that it makes it all feel more real! I felt the same way with my son! Way to go for keeping up with the workouts so well throughout the pregnancy! Should make labor a lot easier! Are you planning on attempting natural childbirth or medicated? I was medicated with my first, currently 20 weeks along with our second and planning natural for this delivery! Being fit is a huge part of it so you’ve already got that going for you! Good Luck!

  16. Getting close! I am 38 weeks now and we just installed our Chicco Keyfit also!! Wanted to ask – I have heard all different things about what side of the car to put the car seat on.. literally I’ve heard driver, middle and passenger all for different reasons! I’m curious to why you decided passenger side? The downside I heard for passenger was if you do get hit from the side of the car, it would likely be on the right when you’re making a left turn. But I’ve also heard downs to the left, so currently ours is in the middle. It’s giving me anxiety, haha. Would love to hear your insight!

  17. That’s so awful about the morning sickness! I can’t imagine how miserable that is. At least there’s an end in sight–you’ll only have to be dealing with it, at the worst, for about five more weeks.
    How awesome is that about breast pumps?! So glad the gov’t is making it as easy as possible for women to breast feed.

  18. Your due date is getting so close! 🙂
    I absolutely love that wall library. I feel like you could use that in multiple rooms for decorations too. Love it.

  19. I’m not experiencing morning sickness anymore (at 23 weeks), but I can’t find the motivation to meal plan. I think it’s because I’m never sure what will or won’t sound good. Hopefully it returns for the both of us soon!

  20. So excited for you guys! My little guy just turned 17 months and the infant/newborn stage seems long ago already. Enjoy and treat yourself well! I found it to be the biggest challenge of my life so far but he is amazing.

  21. I can’t believe how quick the weeks go by (as an outsider, anyway). You look amazing and 31 pounds isn’t bad at all, plus it’s so amazing that you’re still making it to Crossfit. Hopefully it’ll stay that way for the remainder of the time. 🙂

  22. I realize for you the time is flying but just reading about it on the blog I feel like it has been flying as well! I can’t believe only 5 more weeks! You look so great and that is really great to know about the breast pump for future reference!

  23. My Insurance only covered a single pump I had to pay 100 to upgrade to double….lame!!! My heartburn was so so horrible during pregnancy…I actually had heartburn during delivery between pushes because they laid me back flat between them! So glad that’s over. You may not get hugely bigger a lot of women slow way down during the last few weeks

  24. Love the Crossfit baby bump pic! I had no idea how big I really was until I saw pictures of myself later. I thought everything was normal, I just had a big belly, right? Well, that was a massively big belly! It was pretty fun to see people’s reactions to it, though, especially when you’re a shortie like me.

  25. Tina, try straight up vitamin B6 for your nausea (without the unisom). I am 15 weeks pregnant and was very very sick in the first trimester. I started taking B6 (25 mg 3x per day for total of 75mg) and that same day I did not vomit, which was major progress. The nausea was still there and I still couldn’t eat much, so my doctor said it was fine to increase the B6 up to 200mg per day. So I started taking 50 mg tablets 4x per day and that made the nausea almost disappear. It never left completely, but it allowed me to eat and drink and function. Maybe worth a try?

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