Third Trimester Recap: 37 Weeks

Only a few more weeks to go!


I’m feeling pretty good, but up until now, I really hadn’t felt pregnant in the uncomfortable way. Sure, I felt bigger and heavier during my CrossFit workouts, but the day-to-day stuff didn’t bother me at all. A lot of the time, I’d even forget that I was pregnant! Well, I definitely feel pregnant now, and I’m starting to experience some of the common aches and pains and general discomfort of the final weeks”¦

After a long walk with Murphy, my lower back usually feels tight.

My feet, ankles, and fingers are starting to get all puffy and swollen.

Putting on my sneakers instantly puts me out of breath. 

Shaving my legs takes some serious coordination and balance in the shower.

Sleeping feels like a workout since I roll from side-to-side all night long trying to get comfortable.

All of these things are minor, and I know they will resolve themselves once Baby Haupert arrives, but I figured some of the moms and moms-to-be might be able to relate. And, of course, I know all of these discomforts will be well worth it once Baby H. is finally here!


I am having a lot of the same cravings from previous weeks: fresh fruit, smoothies, juice, yogurt, ice cream, and egg sandwiches.


My appetite has been pretty normal lately, but I’m still eating ALLTHECARBS since my stomach is still queasy from lingering/never-ending morning sickness.


Frequent urination: Same as before, but I’m a lot more thirsty, so I’m drinking more water than I usually do.

Morning sickness: Yup, still have it. Some nights are worse than others, but knowing that I’m in the homestretch makes it easier to deal with.

Indigestion: It comes and goes depending on what I eat, but it hasn’t been bad at all.

Sleep: I wake up non-stop throughout the night (frequent bathroom trips + tossing and turning to get comfortable), but I can usually fall right back to sleep.

Clear skin: Still looking great!

Colitis stuff: Better. I’m probably at about 90% with my symptoms.

Signs of labor: Some cramping, but other than that, nothing.

Weight gain: At my 38-week appointment yesterday, I had gained 38 pounds.


I’m still working out, but a whole lot less. Here is a recap of last week’s workouts: 37 weeks. As you can see, my workouts were a lot more low-key last week with just two CrossFit workouts, one at-home workout, and a bunch of long walks with Murphy. Most exercise just feels uncomfortable now””like it takes so much effort to do.



I’ve stopped wearing real pants.

Even my maternity jeans feel so tight and uncomfortable now, so I’ve been rocking yoga and workout pants pretty much non-stop for the last week or so. Real pants are so overrated.

IMG_9374 (675x900)

I let out a grunt or groan almost every time I need to stand up.

My belly is just so big now, it definitely takes some extra effort to do certain standing up things, like getting out of bed, getting up off the couch, getting out of the car, picking up Murphy off the floor, standing up from sitting, pretty much any exercise at CrossFit, etc. Haha!

The painting in our house is finished. 

Mal and I wanted to freshen up the trim in the nursery and have our new doors painted as well as some ugly dark wood, so we hired a painter for these projects. He spent last weekend painting away and finished up yesterday, so now everything looks so nice. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do!

IMG_9521 (900x675)

I have Fred Flintstone feet and sausage fingers.

I’m retaining so much water. I feel puffy everywhere!

photo (15) (640x480)


  1. Yup look fabulous, Mama! I gained 40 lbs with Riley and probably could have floated in water like a buoy I was so swollen 🙂 thinking about you guys!!

  2. I am 39 weeks and can totally relate to finally feeling pregnant! I have been running and exercising regularly for my entire pregnancy. On Sunday, at the end of my run I started getting pain down my left leg. Well this baby has moved onto my sciatic nerve and won’t get off! Now I can barely walk! I’m frustrated to feel so limited in my movements, but my body probably needed to rest before delivery anyway.

    1. Oh, no! My MIL actually mentioned resting up for labor when she realized I was still CrossFitting. I actually think I’m looking forward to some time off now. Hope things go well for you! 😄

  3. You’ll be surprised as to how much of the weight gained is water!!! I was the same way. So glad that all the painting is done and it looks great. You guys are so much more prepared than we were. You have nothing to worry about. You are going to be great parents!!!

  4. You look great! You’re almost there! I’m sure it’s perfectly normal to suddenly really slow down at this point in time. In fact, I’d bet many women slowed down long before you did! You’ll be so glad you kept more active, though. In addition to the fact that you enjoy it, I’m sure labor will be easier as will getting back on your feet after delivery. Can’t wait to see what the coming weeks bring! Hang in there!

  5. I did yoga five days a week when prego and walked the other days…I went into labor at 37 weeks…I still believe it was all the squats in yoga that helped that…

    Good Luck!!!
    You are doing an AWESOME job.

  6. I am having all the same symptoms…I laughed because I too groan every time I get up. Just trying to keep moving as much as possible but I get really tired out after some pretty normal activities these days. Just a couple more weeks for both of us! I’m feeling a little anxious.

  7. You look beautiful! I have loved seeing you grow and reading your updates. Your healthy approach to pregnancy is so wonderful and inspiring!

  8. You look great!
    My due date is June 1. I am finally starting to get swollen, too. But only my left hand and my right foot! So weird!

  9. I’m not even pregnant, and I only wear real pants when I have to. 🙂 As a trainer and group fitness instructor, I live in activewear, it’s the weekends that I have to put on jeans and such. Not as fun, when you’re used to the comfy stuff. You look great. Keep it up!:)

  10. I am 34 weeks pregnant and I bet you are probably feeling huge right now but let me just say minimal weight gain is no picnic either. My starting weight was 133lbs, and I now weigh 148lbs. But for one, I was sick until about week 20 as in puking almost daily and I lost 10lbs. Then at week 32 I was in the hospital for 3 days where they wouldn’t let me eat anything. I lost more weight. I had intense stomach pains which was the result of severe constipation. I felt like I was dying. Luckily, the baby stayed put, is growing perfectly, etc. If you see a pregnant woman with a small weight gain, she may not have the back pain or trouble walking but gosh, I would rather be heavier than had the pregnancy I have had so far.

  11. BE SURE and let the hospital staff know you have scoliosis. Especially if you get an epidural! They stuck my sister 20 times before they thought to ask if her spine was curved….and she didn’t think to tell them beforehand. It will save you a lot of time and pain.

  12. Have you been able to find good maternity workout pants or are you wearing your normal workout pants still? I am on the look for some, and haven’t had good luck! I am so open for any advice you have on maternity workout clothes. You look awesome Tina!

    1. I actually have a blog post in the works about this! Hopefully, it’ll be up next week on CNC. But, to answer your question, I’ve been wearing my regular workout pants with long tops.

  13. You’re so close! It’s great that you were able to remain active for most of your pregnancy. I’ve been told it’s good to enjoy it as a lot of people end up missing it once the baby is born! (Only to some degree, obviously…)

  14. You are the CUTEST! I remember at this point just so ready for my lil guy to make his appearance. I was full term, feeling uncomfortable, and so excited to meet Hunter that I was officially “over it” at 37 weeks. Enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant! Can’t believe it went by so quickly!

  15. Hey there, looking fabulous! I’ve only just started following your blog and I’m so excited to read about how fit you’ve stayed. I’m 18 1/2 weeks right now and a super keen CrossFitter and general active person, so following your progress really motivates me to keep going. Thanks and enjoy the last few weeks of being preggers. 🙂

  16. You are just so cute! I can’t believe how fast these 37 weeks have gone for us readers! Baby H will be here so soon. Also, will you share pictures of the house with the new paint/trim? I bet it looks so nice!

  17. I was so glad to be pregnant during the summer for two reasons: (1) Maxi dresses–no uncomfortable pants and (2) the POOL! I love being able to float around and feel almost weightless!

  18. Looking awesome, lady!
    I know what you mean about sometimes forgetting you’re pregnant. At 19.5 weeks, that’s how I’m feeling right now!
    I’m sure I’ll experience the swelling, grunting when getting off the couch, and sausage fingers soon enough.
    I hope your last few weeks are smooth sailing. It’s been fun keeping up with your and Baby Haupert’s progress (even if I started reading kind of late). Take care!

  19. My daughters due date was June 5th (last year), she came on June 8th. Longest 3 days ever. I hope your little one is more punctual than mine! But you are looking awesome and I am so impressed with your continuing to CrossFit. I didn’t find CF until 3 months after I had my daughter, but have been doing it 4-5 days/week for the past 8 months and I love it (and lost the 55lbs I gained with her, plus another 10!). I plan to do it throughout my next pregnancy as well – so it will be nice to be able to look back and see how you modified certain workouts! Thinking of you for the next several weeks!!

  20. Don’t worry. My friend had gestational diabetes and was WAY more puffy! Also, I think that I have the same stitch fix skirt as you – but I’m not pregnant. Not sure how that makes me feel about stitchfix….

  21. You are looking fabulous! Love that you’ve kept us all up-to-date along the way. It’s been so much fun following along and can’t believe you’re almost there! Hope that everything is continued smooth sailing for you, Baby H and Mal! Murphy too!! 🙂

  22. The home stretch and you look amazing! I have all the faith in the world that your pregnancy is overall smooth because you’re in great shape. I live in yoga pants all the time – what’s my excuse?

    My other pregnant friends like wearing maxi dresses during this uncomfortable time. Do you like dresses? Maybe that would help?

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