Things To Do With A Baby In The Winter

Good morning!

Yesterday started with COFFEE! It’s not even the caffeinated stuff, but I swear the taste alone puts me in a good mood and gets me going!


And I tried a new coconut milk creamer in it, which was everything I expected and more. I actually saw it in my Instagram feed, and I knew I needed some in my life ASAP. It makes my iced coffee quite a bit creamier than almond milk. I want to try a flavored variety next!


Breakfast was one of my current favorites: scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potatoes and ketchup.


The tiny baby sock in the photo above is missing its partner and we’re waiting for it to turn up. We wash Q’s clothing separately, and we still managed to lose a sock. I have no idea how. My friend Jen suggested using one of those mesh lingerie bags to keep his little socks from getting lost (I even bought one!), but I haven’t used it yet. #fail


After some putzing around the house, Q and I finally headed out for a wonderful 3-mile run at Southfield. The weather has been kind of chilly in the morning, so I waited until mid-morning when it warmed up a little.

photo 1 (10) (600x800)

It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run!

photo 3 (2) (800x800)

After our workout, we made a quick stop to get iced coffee.

photo 2 (8) (800x600)

I absolutely love our mornings together. In fact, I love them so much, I’m already starting to dread the cold weather and not being able to get out and about on a regular basis. I know I can bundle up Quinn and take him out for most of the fall, but when winter arrives, it gets COLD here””much too cold for a tiny baby. I’ve heard some moms walk at the mall and there are story hours at the library, Barnes & Nobles, and Whole Foods, but what else can we do in the winter? I know if we don’t get out of the house at least once a day, I will go stir crazy!

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Question of the Day

What can Quinn and I do during the winter months?


  1. Well, we are currently living in Spain, so the ‘winter’ is rather mild. However, I did have a baby in Vancouver too and had to come up with several rainy/ cold day activities.
    -Swimming (indoors of course) *bonus baby sleeps and eats well
    -For some free fun, go to your local pet or fish store to watch the animals *babies love fish tanks
    -Check your local movie theatres, a lot of them have parent & baby screenings * volume is low, changing tables available etc.
    -If you are stuck inside, take pillows etc off the couch and make obstacle courses
    -Personal favourite- meet up at other peoples houses for play dates

    Have fun!


  2. Walking around malls is fun but be careful about germs. It’s how my oldest got the norovirus and gave it to me when I was 36 weeks preggo wi number 2. Anyway, museums, play dates with other moms just rotate houses, coffee shops, library story times, indoor pool, gymboree or little gym.

  3. I have been a nanny for 6 years- so I’m lucky I only have the infant day shift! My favorite outings are : Story time @ local library. Mommy and Me Yoga! kindermusik, and gymboree (as long as it’s new, some are germy). Play places at the Mall, other mommy play dates. Hope that gives you some clue. Kindermusik is really high quality- check it out!

  4. We have an awesome children’s museum in the city – are there any museums, like science or childrens, that offer memberships? I’ve also heard of the gymboree classes…and of course just having other moms to meet at a coffee shop doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  5. kindermusik, story hour, library, mall, indoor playground, gym with indoor track for you to both run/walk on (see if you can use your jogging stroller)

  6. The So Delicious French Vanilla creamer is delicious! I now just use regular coconut milk from a carton in my iced coffee in the morning. It is so much creamier than almond milk.

  7. When I nannyed we did My Gym, mall playspaces, and indoor playground. And some of the bigger librarys have a lot more going on. The Brookline main library has a movie on Friday mornings that we’d do sometimes, just a short like 30 min thing (it was more geared towards toddlers, but I had a toddler and a baby and there were plenty of other tiny ones there), not sure if that’s too far from you. Good luck, it can be hard for sure.

  8. Definitely look into a play group! I think you’ll be surprised how many there are. I discovered quite a few, right before I had to go back to work! There are all different types. You could probably even start one in your area.

      1. @Tina: @Tina: I found some on here that I was interested in, but also saw/heard about them at the place I did prenatal yoga at and a local baby store that organizes parent/baby events and classes.
        Another thing I kind of liked was the moms/breastfeeding group at the hospital I delivered at. They held the meetings weekly and we’d sit around in a casual group. Moms would bring up different things they were going through, all different things, not just feeding stuff. The lactation counselor there was a nurse with kids, so a great resource. There were moms of newborns up to about a year when I went.
        I also second the swim classes! We do them through the boys and girls club they start at 4 months, it’s really casual just to get them used to the water. My son was 5 months when we started last winter.

  9. Gymboree! I met a bunch of moms there and we started a playgroup. Finding a play group is a must! Good for the babies, but good for moms to find people to talk to!

  10. I love reading all of these suggestions! I have a toddler and the past two winters have been a struggle come February.

    When we were really stir-crazy we just bundled up and played in the snow. Ha!

  11. Re: the missing sock, check in the bottom of the feet in footie pajamas & pants. 9 times out of 10 that’s where ours wind up!

  12. Hey Tina,

    I just wanted to say I think you’re doing an amazing job adjusting to Motherhood 🙂 I have read your blog for quite a few years, and appreciate you sharing this new stage with us. I’m not a Mom yet, but I really appreciate your honesty about some of the challenges of parenthood – it’s good to know for the future!

    I think it’s admirable how you and Mal make an effort to fit in the things you did before becoming parents, while at the same time taking good care of little Q. I don’t think it’s necessary or healthy to give up the person you were before becoming a Mom, and the best parents I know are those who balance parenthood with a full life of friends, hobbies and interests outside of the house.

    Anyway just wanted to say you’re doing an awesome job

  13. When you are back in the Cental mass area, there is the Children’s Discovery museum in Acton. If you grew up in Littleton, I bet you went there too! I’m 20 weeks with my first critter, but I’m already looking forward to taking him there!

  14. There are not only story times at the library; check and see if yours has a baby lap time, which is specifically for infants. If Hingham doesn’t have one, I bet a nearby town does.

  15. look on line for a moms group in your area, also the newcomers group in most towns offer moms groups and you can usually join as a new mom in your town, also libraries, ymcas ect… might have them.

  16. My son is 21 now but when he was a baby, the M.O.M.S Club saved my sanity! You can check if there’s a chapter in your area. They have playgroups for separate age groups in fun public places and in each others’ homes. I’m still good friends with some of these moms even though our kids are grown. Enjoy your little cutie, the time flies by.

  17. I’ve just recently discovered, and I use it mainly to find running buddies, but I bet you could do a search for SAHM or playdates near you. I’m a SAHM myself and my life-saver for my sanity year round has been MOMS Club.

  18. I was a nanny for 7 years on the South Shore. I’ll try to list my favorite baby “hot spots”…

    I definitely recommend Music Together. It is a great program, and all the kids I have watched (infants and toddlers) love it. It is also a great way to meet new moms (and nannies!) and people who can relate! I’m not sure the age range, I always took infants but with other siblings.

    I also highly recommend Meetup. They have a few mom groups there. They organize playgroups, walking groups, etc. I might some really nice people there, and was even able to organize some walking groups around my schedule. They have inside knowledge on all the good activities too!

    The Braintree library has a PACKED story time, but I am not a huge fan of taking babies to them because they are busy and can be overwhelming. Braintree also has a great playground for when he is older! Milton also has a good library story time. I did not like the B&N story times at all – but they do have a Starbucks 🙂

    Mama’s Move in Norwell is also nice and took over a lot of the same type of programs that Isis was offering after the closed. I think they have music and baby yoga classes.

    Playdipity in Cohasset is amazing! It is an indoor play place. Q would be too young now, but it is something to keep in mind when he is crawling. It’s super clean, and cute. Our World in Cohasset and the Children’s Museum in Easton are also great, but for when he is older.

    That’s all I can think of now off the top of my head! Sorry this is super long, hope it helps!

  19. Hi Tina!
    The hazelnut So Delicious creamer is yummy!!
    Love C&C! Your posts are fun, smart and I love the photos of Q! 😀

  20. It has already been mentioned but I wanted to throw in my vote for swimming “lessons”. I have been teaching lessons for 20 years and my gym starts babies at 6 months. We sing, play, and splash and it really helps the babies adjust/enjoy bath time too.

  21. Our local YMCA has certain times that the indoor track will allow strollers on it. Maybe there is an indoor track near you that does the same.
    And most malls allow people in before the stores open to do walks and runs thru the main halls.

  22. My son was a spring baby so he was just a tad older last winter than Q will be this year… we still got out a lot (had to!).

    Keep in mind that Q will be an observant, sitting, possibly mobile little guy by that point so “structured” activities with other babies might be fun 🙂 We went to a lot of library singalongs (or just hung out in the kid section, mostly crawling and pulling vs. reading) and found indoor playgroups. Later in the winter, when my son was completely mobile, we also went to indoor playspaces (in the Cambridge area, there is Imagine and Together in Motion – not sure what there is on the South Shore). Walks in the winter bundled up are also good for mama and baby alike – bunting and Bundlemes are super warm and cozy.

  23. I still tried to get day light daily… Even on cold days (with in reason, I live in Canada and looked at the wind chill and temp) I would put my daughter in her carrier and would wear my husbands warmest coat and walk around the block to just shovel the show… The fresh cold air help her sleep even better. We had lots of play dates with a variety of people, we did fitness class, even just sitting in a coffee shop was a great excuses to get out…. Good luck and be brave…

  24. Get out in the fresh air unless its less than 25 degrees. I took my son out last year even when it was cold, even just a walk around the block, which would take like an hour because of all the snow. Check out new coffee shops, join a moms group, often they will have outing, playgroups, etc. As your little guy gets older, he will get more interested in trains, buses, etc, sometime even just a train ride a few stops and back will be so fascinating for a little guy. He might be too little for than but maybe the next winter! Check out your local park district sometimes they have open gym for littel kids to run around once or twice a week. Often even if you don’t live in their town you can still get in.

  25. Just a suggestion concerning washing baby socks. It is a good idea to put them in a lingerie bag. It helps to keep them together and it also prevents them from getting jammed in the washing machine.

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