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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, friends! Happy Sunday!

I love Annie. She’s my new hero. That is all.


I’m so glad you guys like the newest feature on CNC. I’m excited to share my meal plans and shopping lists with you and it’ll keep me organized! Win-win, right?

Bananas pretty much make an appearance on our grocery list every week, and this week was no different. The only problem, however, was that we already had bananas””quite a few of them, actually.

IMG_1400 (900x675)


But, honestly, a lot of bananas is really not a bad thing””mostly because they’re delicious, but also because OMG Pancakes! The recipe calls for three bananas, so Mal and I are well on our way to eating through them. I topped my pancakes with a thick, melty layer sunflower butter this morning.

IMG_1401 (900x675)


After breakfast, Mal and I headed to CrossFit for Open Gym.

On Friday night, I did Workout 12.3 and failed miserably at it. I got through the 15 Box Jumps (20″ box) and 12 Push Presses (75 lb), no problem, but the Toes-to-Bar killed me. I spent more than half of the workout trying to do them, and I only managed six! SIX!?! WTF. I was getting so frustrated and down on myself for not being able to do them (and, of course, cursing colitis the whole time), I pretty much psyched myself out and sucked ass at the WOD.

At the end of 18 minutes, I didn’t even finish one round, so I was really disappointed in myself. In fact, I was so bummed, when I got in the car with Mal to drive home, I immediately burst into tears and cried like a big baby. It was ridiculous, and I felt like such a turd for crying over something so stupid, but I don’t think I have ever been so frustrated with my body. I was trying so hard to do those damn Toes-to-Bar, but my body just wouldn’t cooperate. My tears were 100% pissed-off frustration.

By the time we got home, I managed to pull myself together and get over it. (Mal also started making fun of me for crying, so I knew I just needed to stop.)

I know my body isn’t in top shape after getting its butt kicked by colitis, so I need to cut myself some slack, but still”¦ I was PISSED after my poor performance. Apparently, getting mad motivated me because I made some serious progress on my second attempt at 12.3 this morning.

Today, I tackled 12.3 (after doing all of my Post Challenge Baseline Measurements – will blog about them tomorrow) and managed 2 rounds + 16 reps (15 Box Jumps + 1 Push Press), which means I busted out 18 Toes-to-Bar, 14 more than my first try!

By no means is my new score anything special in the CrossFit world, but I am SO PROUD of myself. Colitis, I will win every time.


And, just for fun, I added 10 Toes-to-Bar to the goal board to work toward in the next month. I’m going to be a pro at Toes-to-Bar once this is all said and done!

photo (640x478)

How do you deal with frusteration? Cry? Get angry? Please tell me I’m not a total nut job for crying about a workout.

After CrossFit, Mal and I quickly showered, changed, and got Murphy ready to go to the park.

IMG_1415 (900x675)


For the ride, I mixed up a protein shake with chocolate whey protein powder and coconut milk.

IMG_1416 (675x900)

Murphy had an absolute blast at the park””running from dog to dog, person to person and saying ”˜hello’ to everyone. He was like the Pug Mayor today.

IMG_1417 (900x674)

Clearly, our trip to the park was a huge success because the pug could barely keep his eyes open on the ride home. Ha! Look at that face!



For lunch, I ate one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten in my entire lift. Check out this combo: honey ham with a fried egg and Caramelized Onion Dip. Umm, yea, amazing.

IMG_1433 (900x675)

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: CrossFit
  • Monday: Run
  • Tuesday: CrossFit
  • Wednesday: Run
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Half marathon!

The weather is absolutely beautiful here, so the plan for the evening: grilling out and drinking beers on the back porch. I love spring! Enjoy the night!



    1. This.

      What are you, 12 years old? Little boys and girls on little league cry after a bad game. Professional athletes might shed a tear after missing a gold medal or losing the Superbowl.

      It was a CrossFit workout for Christs sake.

        1. @Brianne: It’s ok if you do not cry easily, or are not an emotionnal person to start with, but it’s also ok for somoene to cry or be emotionnal when frustrated or sad about something. There’s no right or wrong here. We are all different, and we all react differently to different events in our lives.

        2. @Brianne:
          When you cry or want to cry in CrossFit, it’s not because of just CrossFit. Feeling frustrated with yourself in CrossFit and wanting to cry is the manifestation of self doubt, tension, and anxiety that comes up when you try something challenging.

  1. I definitely used to cry when I was frustrated. Now I just get super pissed and take it out on myself. T2B are tough! They used to really frustrate me, but then we took a break from them and when they came up again I had figured out the kipping motion. Thinking about pushing away from the bar really helps. 12.3 KILLED me. Having to grab the bar to do T2B after all those push presses murdered my shoulders.

  2. Trust me, you’re not a total “nut job” for crying over a workout. Have you not seen my tweets this last weekend? I’m going insane because I can’t workout! There have been many a workouts where I’ve come home sobbing because it hasn’t been my best workout.

  3. Wow I just watched that video!! Holy hell that chick is STRONG!!! I do get frustrated after a bad workout but you know you will bounce back twice as strong so try not to let it get to you! 🙂 Been seeing cross fit everywhere and it looks bloody tough! The masochist in me is dying to try it out but I think I will just stick with Insanity for a while longer… build up the courage! Haha!

  4. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy the few times I have cried while working out/post workout, but I totally hear you, I just push my body and sometimes am still not getting the proper form or whatever I am focusing on and it can be really frustrating. I broke down last week when after doing the same moves week after week and getting pretty good at them, was experiencing some muscle exhaustion, and just couldn’t perform as well one of the days. I try to be kinder to myself and not beat myself up as much.

  5. OMG!! Yeah, I’ve cried about a workout before. For me, it is the feeling of letting myself down and disappointment. Last year, when I was battling a stress fracture during 25k training, I was on the edge of tears for WEEKS! I was so frustrated (and my doctor was a jerk) and bummed, that whenever I as much as saw someone else running, I’d tear up.

  6. Hi Tina, you are totally not crazy. When you are looking forward to something so much, and then you are unable to do it your emotions take over. I cry often over ‘silly’ things. While I am crying I know I should not be crying, but I can’t help it! I often cry over my dogs not behaving well. I put in so much effort and heart (like you do with crossift) into training them that I get so frustrated when they do something they are not supposed to. I guess it comes with being a girl…..

  7. Definitely been there crying out of frustration. Sometimes you just have to let it out and it’s important you picked yourself up again! Also, literally laughed out loud at work reading that Murph was the Pug Mayor!

  8. Yet another reason why I love reading your blog. You’re not afraid to admit times like this. I totally cried out of frustration after a workout with my personal trainer the other night that went really bad. I kept telling myself to just wait until I got in the parking lot to let it out!

  9. Aww OMG I love the title of this post, lol. I feel for you though, I had an off-day during archery league (yes, archery league, that’s how we do in upstate NY lol) and had a crying-lump in my throat the whole time which made me do even worse! Same thing happened during a volleyball game, and my crappiness snowballed from there! I wish I knew of a trick to take my mind back to neutral sometimes!

  10. I totally understand and, no, you’re not crazy for crying. With all of my stomach issues the past year I have lost a lot of fitness. I have cried many times, even within the past few months, because my runs have been terrible. I just remember how easy running and working out used to feel and it’s insanely frustrating how difficult it is now.

  11. I’m not proud of it and I am so aware that I need to change the way I deal with frustration especially when I get angry over something as stupid as my hair not drying the way I want it to. Yep, it’s happened. When it has happened, in the PAST, I’ve looked for any door to slam, something unbreakable to throw like a utensil or anything that will make a loud, angry noise (hey, at least I’m kinda rational when I’m in a tizzy) and in once case, I punched hole in a door (yeah, not always rational thinking). Durp.

    I’m the most mild mannered person you will meet but I’m very hard on myself when something doesn’t go my way. I’m mindful of how I’ve dealt with anger and frustration in the past so now I try to be mindful of how I deal with it now, in the moment – that means walking away, making a pot of tea, and distracting myself with another activity.

  12. Tina, I completely feel you on the crying thing. I was supposed to run 15 miles yesterday but was so DEAD exhausted after a red eye flight that I could barely even stay awake, nevermind run! There were some tears shed about my lack of wakefulness but my body definitely needed the rest. Back at it today with a kick ass personal training session and 10 miles tomorrow morning!

  13. Crying out of frustration does not make you not a total nut job:)
    Be proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished, and what is left that you will do!!

  14. I’ve definitely cried after CrossFit too! It’s the worst when you don’t finish a workout or don’t do something as well as you know you can. Toes to bar are really hard and you made such a big improvement quickly! I just learned them the day before I did 12.3 so they killed me too (along with 75 lb push press…) Great job you should be proud of yourself! PS I love all your posts about CrossFit because I am also obsessed!

  15. I often cry when I’m mad too if that helps. That usually is one of my first reactions when I get really mad, especially when I’m alone. I’m also doing Crossfit and some of my most frustrating times are also when I don’t do as well as I would like to. Some othe people at my gym have said they sometimes feel the same when a workout goes bad. It is both really fun and really frustrating at times.

  16. I understand the crying thing. I rarely cry, but, when I do, it’s more likely to be from anger than anything else. It ain’t just you!!! 😉

    And yes, you will kick colitis’s a$$!! (pun most certainly intended!!)

  17. I cried at 12.3 too!! My box does our CrossFit games workouts on Friday nights and we call it Friday Night Lights and you get all your family there and all we have a DJ and do the WOD. Well, Im TERRIFIED at 20in box jumps but I figured I can just do it. When the clock hit GO, I froze and just couldn’t do it. My BF was there for the first time to watch me and I couldn’t jump up on the box. I just BURST into tears. At first I was super embarrassed by it because everyone else in my heat was going and I just couldn’t but then my brother in law, also one of the coaches, told me this was something that we are going to put on the board to work on. My BF told me it was OK and he would build me a box to work on at home. I am no longer embarrassed but just a hurdle I will get over!!

    I love reading your posts because of all the CrossFit invovlement. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see what 12.4 has in store for us!

  18. Actually, there is quite a bit of crying in Crossfit. I’ve come close to it myself more than once. Seen it a few times. I think if you’re not on the verge of tears, increase the intensity. Cheers and Best Wishes, Scott

  19. I have always been a crier. It’s worst when I’m SUPER pissed off about something. I just burst into tears. I hate it most when I’m in an argument because it totally detracts from whatever I’m trying to get across! There’s no right or wrong in how things make you feel.

  20. I melted down like a volcano Saturday! I have yet to be able to use the frustration to motivate me. I’m still at that place where I’m wavering on whether this is for me. I’ve only been at this about 2 weeks – after working with a trainer who weaved some of it into our workouts for the past year – and my time is always the lowest on the board. There is a point where I’ve got to ask if I’m truly enjoying beating myself up every day or if it’s time to try something else. I love kettlebells – we do a lot more running in my CF class and very little kettlebells – so I’ve considered going to a kettlebell gym. I enjoy kettlebells so much that a slower score or a lower weight wouldn’t bother me.

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  22. I’m not the most stoic person in the world so it’d not surprising that I’ve done the same thing during a particularly difficult workout. I’ve cried at TWO of them!
    The first was a run right after the trainer had us all weigh in and my numbers were not quite what I’d expected. There were tears.
    The other was during a plyo-heavy workout and I just could not get through it for whatever reason.
    Crying during workouts is the worst!

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