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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, friends! Happy Sunday!

I love Annie. She’s my new hero. That is all.


I’m so glad you guys like the newest feature on CNC. I’m excited to share my meal plans and shopping lists with you and it’ll keep me organized! Win-win, right?

Bananas pretty much make an appearance on our grocery list every week, and this week was no different. The only problem, however, was that we already had bananas””quite a few of them, actually.

IMG_1400 (900x675)


But, honestly, a lot of bananas is really not a bad thing””mostly because they’re delicious, but also because OMG Pancakes! The recipe calls for three bananas, so Mal and I are well on our way to eating through them. I topped my pancakes with a thick, melty layer sunflower butter this morning.

IMG_1401 (900x675)


After breakfast, Mal and I headed to CrossFit for Open Gym.

On Friday night, I did Workout 12.3 and failed miserably at it. I got through the 15 Box Jumps (20″ box) and 12 Push Presses (75 lb), no problem, but the Toes-to-Bar killed me. I spent more than half of the workout trying to do them, and I only managed six! SIX!?! WTF. I was getting so frustrated and down on myself for not being able to do them (and, of course, cursing colitis the whole time), I pretty much psyched myself out and sucked ass at the WOD.

At the end of 18 minutes, I didn’t even finish one round, so I was really disappointed in myself. In fact, I was so bummed, when I got in the car with Mal to drive home, I immediately burst into tears and cried like a big baby. It was ridiculous, and I felt like such a turd for crying over something so stupid, but I don’t think I have ever been so frustrated with my body. I was trying so hard to do those damn Toes-to-Bar, but my body just wouldn’t cooperate. My tears were 100% pissed-off frustration.

By the time we got home, I managed to pull myself together and get over it. (Mal also started making fun of me for crying, so I knew I just needed to stop.)

I know my body isn’t in top shape after getting its butt kicked by colitis, so I need to cut myself some slack, but still”¦ I was PISSED after my poor performance. Apparently, getting mad motivated me because I made some serious progress on my second attempt at 12.3 this morning.

Today, I tackled 12.3 (after doing all of my Post Challenge Baseline Measurements – will blog about them tomorrow) and managed 2 rounds + 16 reps (15 Box Jumps + 1 Push Press), which means I busted out 18 Toes-to-Bar, 14 more than my first try!

By no means is my new score anything special in the CrossFit world, but I am SO PROUD of myself. Colitis, I will win every time.


And, just for fun, I added 10 Toes-to-Bar to the goal board to work toward in the next month. I’m going to be a pro at Toes-to-Bar once this is all said and done!

photo (640x478)

How do you deal with frusteration? Cry? Get angry? Please tell me I’m not a total nut job for crying about a workout.

After CrossFit, Mal and I quickly showered, changed, and got Murphy ready to go to the park.

IMG_1415 (900x675)


For the ride, I mixed up a protein shake with chocolate whey protein powder and coconut milk.

IMG_1416 (675x900)

Murphy had an absolute blast at the park””running from dog to dog, person to person and saying ”˜hello’ to everyone. He was like the Pug Mayor today.

IMG_1417 (900x674)

Clearly, our trip to the park was a huge success because the pug could barely keep his eyes open on the ride home. Ha! Look at that face!



For lunch, I ate one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten in my entire lift. Check out this combo: honey ham with a fried egg and Caramelized Onion Dip. Umm, yea, amazing.

IMG_1433 (900x675)

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: CrossFit
  • Monday: Run
  • Tuesday: CrossFit
  • Wednesday: Run
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Half marathon!

The weather is absolutely beautiful here, so the plan for the evening: grilling out and drinking beers on the back porch. I love spring! Enjoy the night!



  1. You are NOT alone in the crying when frustrated! I do it all the time! And maybe there was just something about yesterday’s workouts because I was unable to complete my workout. It was my own fault but as I realized I was really struggling in the first superset, I got angry and frustrated and psyched myself out too. It’s amazing to me how our minds can have so much power…

  2. When I get really frustrated about something like that, I have to calm myself down and distract myself, just remembering that there’s nothing I can do right now. And then when I get the chance to change it, I try, try again!

  3. Crying is the #1 way I show my frustration. I have never cried after a workout, but definitely after a bad grade, getting lost of a computer malfunction. I still have to fight the tears when my computer acts up. I think tears are normal! And hey, you waited until you were in the car before releasing the water works!

  4. I’m definitely a frustrated cryer too, but it’s great that you managed to turn frustration into fuel and kick butt the next day!
    That pug face is so cute!

  5. i definitely cry out of frustration. when i was dealing with an IT band issue during marathon training, i certainly had my share of complete meltdowns. good for you for going back and trying again, though!! and seriously — your toes to bar number is AMAZING!

  6. Definitely not a total nut! I cry whenever I get angry or frustrated. It doesnt matter what the circumstances are, tears will fall. And you didn’t cry AT Crossfit. Unless you were still in the parking lot. Don’t beat yourself up!

  7. Oh, I’ve cried. I cried during my first long run in 6 months when I found my pace was 30 seconds sower. Very diappointing. Because I cross trained and lifted everyday. Butttt, today I ran 3 seconds above my old, best pace! Just three weeks after that long run. No tears today! Way to do the same girl!

  8. hi Tina! I read your blog often, and make my husband read some stuff with me lol, and i show him all your pug photos because we have a female pug and my husband likes to think your pug would be her stud LOL. Anyways, wanted to comment because I can totally relate to you crying when frustrated over a workout. Its a HUGEEE let down when you get dressed and have success in your head and feel like you are in pretty good shape and something beats you down and it makes you feel crap. This actually happened to me today. I do a lot of running on my treadmil, average about 28-32 miles a week, and i mix it up with weight training with free weights that i just do at home. I bought a stability ball to shake things up a little and tried doing a few easy exercises like lunges while balancing back leg on ball and i could not keep my balance. This got me so frustrated i didnt want to quit until i had it. I was even yelling at my husband to help me with my form and help me get this right (he doesnt exercise at all so has no clue) i felt like such a jerk after but it had me so frustrated i burst into tears about feeling bad about myself and couldnt believe that i can run as much as i do, or lift the weights i do but cant lunge with a ball… sounds silly i know, lol, im over it now but i can totally relate!

  9. I usually cry also when I’m pissed off/frustrated at myself. A couple of years ago, however, I was doing box jumps at the gym and was frustrated that I kept missing the higher box and I kept scraping my shins, so I actually kicked the box. No one was around so I didn’t completely embarrass myself, but I think my boyfriend (now husband) had some second thoughts about me haha!

  10. I def cry and become over emotionally when I am feeling down or disappointed! Not to mention I also totally internalize everything!

    12.3 was no joke! Way to rock the t2b!!!!!!!!!!

  11. When I get frustrated I always cry. There is NOTHING wrong with crying. Nothing. It’s made out to be some stupid thing….um, we were created that way–so it’s totally normal. I feel for ya–and have totally cried about dumb things, missed workouts, poor performance with teaching (I teach fitness classes), and just being frustrated in general. Sometimes I even cry for no reason at all!! You’re totally okay for crying–besides, look what it eventually got ya…. a much better workout the next day 🙂

  12. Ok, Murphy’s tired face is SO adorable! It made me laugh out loud!

    I definitely cry when I get frustrated, and I’m glad you mentioned it, too – I thought I was a weirdo! It reminds me of when Kristen Bell was on the Ellen show and she talked about her emotional scale: too sad or too happy and she’s crying. I guess frustration should be on that scale too! 🙂
    I’m glad you were able to turn it around into motivation!

  13. I cried through the last 5 miles of the NYC Marathon because of an injury. I was so frustrated that I had to slow down and walk after training so hard.

    You’ll get back to where you were. Be patient with yourself.

  14. Nothing wrong with crying when you are frustrated! It’s better than keeping it bottled up inside. I admire all you have done during your colitis. I start XFit tomorrow and am super nervous!

    P.S. Love Murphy’s face. I start dog sitting tomorrow for a week for a 3 year old and 3 month old pugs! They are the cutest little pups I have ever seen!

  15. Oh man, I cry when I’m frustrated too! I also narrate my tears: “I am crying right now because I am mad I can’t get the TV remote to work, and now I am crying because I realize crying about a TV remote is stupid AND NOW I’m crying because I started and I can’t stop…”

  16. Oh I totally understand the crying from frustration. I cry over everything…. it’s ridiculous! I just don’t know what else to do or how to channel my frustration anywhere else, so I cry! Hahah oh well, whatever works! Great job on your re-do workout! 🙂

    1. @Heather: i agree! So many people with colitis would love to make it back to the gym after only a one week break. Although you may not see it, you are incredibly LUCKY.

  17. You are not alone in crying. I was in tears last week after 12.2 when I struggled to get the 75lb snatch. I was more level set this week knowing that my PR on the press is 65 lbs and 12.3 required 75lbs. I managed all 12 push press/jerk without too much of a struggle!! Can’t wait to see what 12.4 will bring next week!

  18. Congrats on an AWESOME 12.3! To me the only drawback to CrossFit is since you track your progress and sometimes can have an off day, it can be super frustrating when you don’t PR or up your weight on a workout. But everyone has off days. My sister, who has been crossfitting a year less than me, kicked my ass in a workout this week. I was embarrassed and so frustrated. I had to suck it up and not be a little baby in front of her and anyone else. Truth be told, any other day, I know I could have beat her.

  19. Hey Tina!

    What are you planning to wear for the DC Half on Saturday? I was expecting cooler weather but now it’s looking like it’ll be pretty warm! I’m pretty sure my plan has gone from capris and long sleeves to a tank and shorts. This is my first half so I’m probably over analyzing. 🙂

  20. Sounds like you are not alone by far on the crying thing. I too am a cryer. I hate it sometimes but I’d rather be an emotional person than non-emotional. On another note, since you have so many bananas you may want to separate them into singles. I read this week that will make their ripening slow down. I just separated mine yesterday so don’t know yet if that works but it is worth a try.

  21. “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough”-Jillian Michaels.
    Crying is a release for the body, the same way exercise is. So if you can’t get it out through exercise, it might try to come out as tears! No biggie! As for those bananas, you can always peel and freeze them. Then you always have ripe bananas for smoothies, ice cream, bread or cookies. Just thaw them before you bake with them and use all the liquid-it makes banana bread super moist!

  22. You are not crazy! I cry when I get frustrated too so something like that would definitely happen to me.

  23. I had a CRAPTASTIC training run two weeks ago, and I was so frustrated and angry and upset for the rest of the day. I cried a little and felt ridiculous, and then I finally reminded myself that for every bad run, I usually have two great ones!

  24. Ugh, I cry all the time when I get frustrated, it’s so annoying! You feel so stupid but you just can’t get your eyes to cooperate. I feel your pain, but at least it gave you the motivation to go back and beast your next workout.

  25. I’ve been doing crossfit for 3.5 years and was on my box’s regional team last year, but between work and life and allergies making my exercise-induced asthma worse, I was just not training like I should’ve been for the sectionals this year. I got 6 rounds + 21 today and was the opposite of sad, I was MAD!!! Everyone on my team beat me by at least 50 points. I’m fuming, and really only have myself to blame. But I totally understand. Wait till you’ve been crossfitting for years and you still disappoint yourself! You’ve only been doing it for a couple months! Be nice to yourself 🙂

  26. You are definitely not alone on the crying! I’m supposed to run the DC 1/2 next weekend but have been plagued by knee pain. I’ve cried a handful of times over it now. There is nothing worse than putting all sorts of time and effort into something and not seeing the results you want. And…sometimes you just need a good cry 🙂

  27. Eh, it happens. I remember crying after a particularly rough yoga class because I had to duck into child’s pose several times and I felt like I was letting myself down. That was early in my yoga practice before I realized that the only way I was letting myself down was by pushing myself through something I honestly couldn’t do.

  28. Having a one week flare-up of colitis and being unable to go to the gym and go balls to the wall working out for 7 days is not having your butt kicked by this disease. Maybe I’m just sensitive because I’ve been sick for almost 4 years straight and am looking at surgery in the next couple months, but if I was able to make it to the gym and do one solitary jumping jack I would be crying with JOY. Just relax and enjoy your health, you’re very lucky.

    1. @Christine: As someone who has been in a flare for over a year, you took the words right out of my mouth. Tina, you are so very fortunate. Always remember, it could always be so much worse. Look up and read the stories of others with your disease to gain some perspective, I think that could help you.

  29. I am a total turd too! lol. When I exert myself to my full abilities during a workout, I cry for some uncontrollable reason. I also then laugh because I find it funny. The last time it happened it was this past week while doing pull-ups. And I am sure it looks insane to shed tears, but hey it’s betting then giving up and settling for an okay workout when I know I can get a few more reps up.

  30. Don’t feel stupid for crying, crossfit is so frustrating sometimes, I can get really down on myself especially with power cleans. I typically am hard on myself and when I’m not great at something (and lord knows there’s a lot of things at crossfit I’m not the best at) I can get pretty frustrated. But those are the kinds of things in life worth doing and worth sticking with!

  31. i try not to take myself too seriously, which makes me laugh at myself more than cry…it’s good sign that you are laughing/making fun of yourself now though 🙂 good luck lady!

  32. I am amazed that you even tried your work out after having such a bad week with colitis. Most people would be sitting home feeling sorry for themselves. Give yourself lots of credit.

    Curious as to what kind of gluten free bread you use. I like Udi’s.

    So jealous you are having spring-like weather. It’s still cold, rainy and windy here in Seattle 🙁

  33. I hate to admit it but I’ve cried after a frustrating workout and run. It’s out of frustration more than anything. It’s silly but I think it makes me even more motivated to kick butt the next workout or run.

    Today was absolutely beautiful in NH! I hope Spring is here to stay!

  34. I can’t even get one toes to bar :-/ I get really frustrated! A friend told me to swing, but my coaches always tell us not to. One day I will get my dang toes up!

  35. I can’t do knee to toes, let alone toes! It is really frustrating, but I’m going to work at it…that’s the only thing to do right?!

  36. Don’t worry about it! At least you cried in the car. I have recurring knee problems that can really limit my Crossfit workouts. Last week, I re-injured my knee, held it together through the rest of my (modified) workout and then broke down at work…in front of about a dozen people who had no idea why I was upset. I’m still embarrassed and I will see them all tomorrow!

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