The Toilet Seat Debate

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It’s Friday. I’m feeling loopy. Please bear with me.

Last Night’s Dinner

After spending a good part of yesterday afternoon blogging about beer, I really wanted to drink some, so I took a quick trip to the liquor store, where I picked up these beauties:

IMG_0005 (640x480)

I choose bottles of Tröegs Flying Mouflan and Offshore Menemsha Creek Pale Ale”” neither of which I had tried in the past.

I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tasted from Tröegs, so I was excited to try a new beer from this brewing company. The Offshore Pale Ale was local and cheap, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

IMG_0004 (480x640)

With our beers, Mal and I snacked on pretzels and horseradish pub cheese.

IMG_0006 (640x480)

Mal and I were so excited about the Flying Mouflan, we opened it first. But, looking back, we probably should have cracked the lighter beer first because, when we opened it, it had zero flavor in comparison to the Tröegs.

The Flying Mouflan was excellent”” complex with sweet, caramel-y, and malty flavors. I smelled toffee, dark fruit, and a little spice and citrus. It was totally my type of beer.

The Off Shore Pale Ale was good too””light, perfect for summer””but after the full-flavored Tröegs, it didn’t do much for me. Gah, such a rookie move. Lesson learned.

IMG_0009 (640x480)IMG_0010 (640x480)

Mal and I ate and drank while watching American Idol, which is getting really good now that there’s only five contestants left. (We may or may not be betting money on the show now.)

IMG_0027 (640x480)

We also snapped silly pictures.

IMG_0012 (640x480)

IMG_0014 (640x480)

And Murphy made himself comfortable.

IMG_0028 (640x480)

And then practiced his Upside Down Dog. <”” This website is hilarious!!

IMG_0031 (640x480)


This morning’s breakfast was plain Stonyfield yogurt mixed with chopped pear and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. I also enjoyed an iced coffee with soy milk.

IMG_0038 (640x480)

My sister and her husband said they’d give us their old patio furniture, so, pretty soon, you won’t have to see photos of my food on the floor!

IMG_0042 (640x480)

The Toilet Seat Debate

An on-going debate in our house is whether the toilet seat should be left up or down.


As a woman, my vote is down– mostly because I never need the toilet seat to be up, it looks nicer, and, in the middle of the night, if I’m not paying attention, I tend to fall into the toilet if the seat is left up.

Mal doesn’t always put the toilet seat down after he uses it, but he has a very valid point when it comes to our toilet seat debate: I never put the seat UP for him. It’s true. I never do, so his thinking is why should he put it down for me? I’m not saying he never does, but it’s definitely not automatic for him.

Obviously, this leads to a less-than-hygienic situation spawning on the surface of the toilet. It took a lot to get my bathroom the way I want it (Toto toilets aren’t cheap)! So naturally I’d like to keep everything as pristine as possible for the sake of my bum, as well as everyone else’s.

Question of the Day

What are your thoughts on The Toilet Seat Debate? It’s Friday! Let’s have some fun!

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  1. we completly close the lid on the toilet after use, so its not left open after I use it or the husband uses it, so everything is always left “down” afterwards. 🙂

  2. I don’t really care either way. I’m perfectly capable of putting the seat down if it needs doing before I get to my business.

    Here’s a story from the cafe I used to work at. There’s one bathroom for the customers use, both male and female. One time, a woman went in after a man came out. Apparently the man didn’t put the seat down, so when the woman went in she got visibly angry and went to the man and demanded that he put the seat down for her. That’s definitely an extreme that I find to be very silly.

  3. Okay, well, for me, given that a) women have smaller bladders and use the restroom more b) women ONLy use the tilet with the seat down, men use the toilet with the seat down half the time (less than half, i’ll give you that)
    You can figure out what the probability/percentage of time the toilet needs to be DOWN and it will be >50 (greater than the percentage of times when it needs to be up).
    So that’s my justification. 😉 haha


    1. @Nicole @ Of Cookies & Carrots: EXCEPT if for example: man pees 4 times at seat up. woman pees 3 times a day at seat down. that would be <50. Your statement would be correct if it was a standard 3 number 1's and 1 number two per person a day. I leave it down, but the arguments for it are stupid. I do it for the chivalrous reasons.

  4. In our house, the toilet seat is ALWAYS down, seat and lid alike. We never want anything falling into the toilet, like a Blackberry! Yikes!

  5. Oh this debate. I vote for down and my husband obliges 99% of the time, though he has definitely made Mal’s points also… I argue that 1) the guys won’t get HURT if the seat is down and they doesn’t notice (whereas if it’s up, we could fall in. Ouch.) and 2) the guys needs it the seat down sometimes too.

  6. I live alone, so I dont have this issue. HOWEVER, I think its important to always have the toilet set, AND lid down. Everytime you flush all that bacteria in the toilet goes into the air. Then it winds up on your toothbrush. I think thats disgusting, so always put the lid down.

    1. I always close the lid. I don’t want the bacteria pushing up when the toliet is flushed, it looks cleaner with it closed, and it doesn’t become a water dish for the pets.

      1. @Kristin: My thoughts exactly!

        Plus by closing both the lid and the seat everybody has to lift and close something before and after. Not just the men… Clearly the most fair way of doing it!

  7. I think toilet seats are meant to be kept down, cover and all 🙂 It looks nicer. Nobody wants to see the undercarriage of your toilet seat.

  8. My husband and I have also had this discussion. I don’t mind to much if he leaves it up though, however it is mandatory that he puts it down at night, just in case 🙂

  9. It’s not much of a debate in or house. When I moved in, I told Michael the seat had to be down otherwise my cats will play in it (weirdos) and he always puts it down! 🙂

  10. Gotta put it down. My thinking is that women need it down for everything we do, and men need it down for half of their duties, so the majority of the time it needs to be down!

    And I agree, it just looks nicer. Toilet seats in the up position make me think a janitor was just in my house cleaning.

  11. I think I’m on the opposite side of this debate. It’s just as easy for me to put it down as it is for him. I’ve never thought this was a big deal. I mean there are a million of other things for me to get pissy about! 🙂

  12. I don’t like for any part of the seat or lid to be left up, so it makes it an even playing field. You both have to lift it to use it, and you both have to put it down (both seat & lid) when done!

  13. My boyfriend is pretty good about it. It doesn’t bother ME too much, as it is super easy to just put it down when he does forget. Only time I really get annoyed is when I go to the bathroom at night, blurry eyed, and fall into the toilet, that is pretty gross! Or if he leaves some tinkles on the edge…don’t need to see/touch that. But all in all, it’s not too big of a deal 🙂

  14. The age old debate: there is the valid reason that we BOTH have to SIT on the toilet at one time or another. Only one of us has to lift the seat. My husband and I struck a compromise: we put the lid and/or seat down so that it is always closed and then both people are putting something down. 🙂

  15. My thoughts on the toilet seat debate? Since both men and women use the toilet seat in the down position but only men use the toilet in the up position – the down position should be considered the default position.

    The shot of Murphy splayed out on the couch made me laugh 🙂

  16. I think the toilet seat should always be down. Actually, I think that the seat AND the cover should be down. This way we both have to pick up the cover to go and it’s not like one of us has it easy, so nothing to complain about!

  17. Since we have cats, and want to avoid them playing in the toilet, the seat and lid both get left down. Regardless the seat should always be left down! If you have one male and one female in the house then 75% of the bathroom activities occur while sitting anways.

  18. Last night I was skyping with my family in Australia and my Boston Terrier was doing the same upside down dog on my lap, a lot like Murphy! He had my fam in hysterics 😉

  19. Here’s the way I see it:

    I NEVER need the toilet seat up. Ever.

    Men do need the toilet seat down at least once a day.

    So it makes sense to leave it down, since we both use it down, but we don’t both use it up.

    That being said, I’m not going to freak out if it is left up….unless it is today and I’m having crazy melodramatic PMS related mood swings.

    And it is today. 🙁

  20. With all we have learned about germs, I feel the seat AND lid should go down before flushing. This way, the guy and girl both lift the seat up and down. It looks better to walk into a guest bathroom with BOTH lids down. (Mal is right, why should he do all the work. HA!) You will get used to raising the lid after a very short time. If you forget, you just sit on the lid and do not fall in which is a much better option in the middle of the night.

  21. okay, definitely DOWN! You need the seat down 100% of the time, assuming Mal has a fast metabolism, he probably needs the seat down 25% of the day, the other 75% of the he needs it up.
    and then you can do the math – 125%(down) to 75% (up).
    i’ve done that, in the middle of the night sat on the dirty part and i was so annoyed, plus it’s so cold.

  22. Seat down….all the way down, the lid and all. It’s definitely more presentable. Not to be gross, but when I clean the toilet and lift the seat up it has yucky stuff on the underside of it from the boys in the house. Why should I have to touch that everytime I go to the bathroom. I’m not responsible for it.

  23. My husband is one of 5 boys, and considering that I married him when he was almost 40 years old, I decided that fighting over the toilet seat being left up was a waste of time. It bugs me a bit, but oh well.

  24. The seat needs to be up while in use by the guy, but he should have the courtesy to put it back down after. He’s the one with bad aim, so it should be his responsibility to lift and lower the seat to use it!

  25. My favorite way is completely closed so you can’t see into it at all and there is no ‘mist’ floating around 🙂 That way you both lift up. Makes it fair.

  26. I see none of your husbands pee sitting down anyways. Thought it was more of a trend….

    None the less, good to put everything down, but if the ladies leave the lid up, I’m leaving the seat up.

  27. It doesn’t matter at my house mostly because there are 4 bathrooms and I have no guys in my house except my father, and he uses thee master bathroom. So, my vote is down!

  28. I want that damn seat down. While my three sons are deployed one of my daughter’s-in-law and 3 kids are living with my husband and me. I insist that the lid stay down. I have a fetish about an up seat. Living in the country, I have heard of snakes coming up through the sewer and although that has never happened, I don’t take chances. Down seat, down.

  29. Well, because my cat happens to like drinking out of the toilet, we leave everything closed. Easy for us, and it keeps her from leaving wet paw marks all over the condo!

  30. I agree with seat and lid down all the time. I only had to mention one time the trajectory of what is in the toilet when it’s flushed and the boyfriend got the message. He is now excellent about putting the seat down at both of our places. Sometimes they really do listen…

  31. Truly – It is a matter of safety and cleanliness. If he leaves it up, you could fall into it and hurt yourself. If you leave it down for him – he does not hurt himself, just has to put it up. I am sure Mal would not want you to fall into the toilet and get hurt!

  32. I don’t usually care because I think the same thing, I don’t put it up for him, so why should he put it down for me? My peeve is actually the LID not being put down. Our medicine cabinet is right above it and I’m always afraid something will fall into the toilet…

  33. as a lesbian, I don’t have to deal with this, but I think that you should both put the lid (and seat) down everytime. This would look the best.

  34. Here is how I convinced my husband to keep the seat down after never being forced to do so his entire life…..if you don’t shut the lid (thus putting down the seat) when you flush the toilet, germs spray every where. I mentioned the various items on the vanity and my husband had a new habit. 🙂

  35. In my whole life, I’ve resisted drinking beer, just on that one encounter I had in college, it was pretty bitter. But those choices are interesting, perhaps I’ll take a liking to those flavored ones. As for the toilet seat debacle, I’d say permanently up, since I’m quite finicky about collected moisture.

  36. It’s a consistent characteristic of human behavior: instead of admitting when we’ve made a mistake we choose to blame someone else. Slipping into the bowl can be avoided every time by simply glancing to see whether or not the seat is down. As a man I’m expected to put the seat up whenever I go #1, so the thought of someone sitting down without checking first simply baffles me. I really don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to place the toilet seat/lid. But I think the fairest thing to do for both genders would be to leave BOTH the seat and lid down after each use. After all, it looks better, prevents the spread of germs, and keeps you from accidentally dropping something in it.

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