The Toilet Seat Debate

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It’s Friday. I’m feeling loopy. Please bear with me.

Last Night’s Dinner

After spending a good part of yesterday afternoon blogging about beer, I really wanted to drink some, so I took a quick trip to the liquor store, where I picked up these beauties:

IMG_0005 (640x480)

I choose bottles of Tröegs Flying Mouflan and Offshore Menemsha Creek Pale Ale”” neither of which I had tried in the past.

I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tasted from Tröegs, so I was excited to try a new beer from this brewing company. The Offshore Pale Ale was local and cheap, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

IMG_0004 (480x640)

With our beers, Mal and I snacked on pretzels and horseradish pub cheese.

IMG_0006 (640x480)

Mal and I were so excited about the Flying Mouflan, we opened it first. But, looking back, we probably should have cracked the lighter beer first because, when we opened it, it had zero flavor in comparison to the Tröegs.

The Flying Mouflan was excellent”” complex with sweet, caramel-y, and malty flavors. I smelled toffee, dark fruit, and a little spice and citrus. It was totally my type of beer.

The Off Shore Pale Ale was good too””light, perfect for summer””but after the full-flavored Tröegs, it didn’t do much for me. Gah, such a rookie move. Lesson learned.

IMG_0009 (640x480)IMG_0010 (640x480)

Mal and I ate and drank while watching American Idol, which is getting really good now that there’s only five contestants left. (We may or may not be betting money on the show now.)

IMG_0027 (640x480)

We also snapped silly pictures.

IMG_0012 (640x480)

IMG_0014 (640x480)

And Murphy made himself comfortable.

IMG_0028 (640x480)

And then practiced his Upside Down Dog. <”” This website is hilarious!!

IMG_0031 (640x480)


This morning’s breakfast was plain Stonyfield yogurt mixed with chopped pear and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. I also enjoyed an iced coffee with soy milk.

IMG_0038 (640x480)

My sister and her husband said they’d give us their old patio furniture, so, pretty soon, you won’t have to see photos of my food on the floor!

IMG_0042 (640x480)

The Toilet Seat Debate

An on-going debate in our house is whether the toilet seat should be left up or down.


As a woman, my vote is down– mostly because I never need the toilet seat to be up, it looks nicer, and, in the middle of the night, if I’m not paying attention, I tend to fall into the toilet if the seat is left up.

Mal doesn’t always put the toilet seat down after he uses it, but he has a very valid point when it comes to our toilet seat debate: I never put the seat UP for him. It’s true. I never do, so his thinking is why should he put it down for me? I’m not saying he never does, but it’s definitely not automatic for him.

Obviously, this leads to a less-than-hygienic situation spawning on the surface of the toilet. It took a lot to get my bathroom the way I want it (Toto toilets aren’t cheap)! So naturally I’d like to keep everything as pristine as possible for the sake of my bum, as well as everyone else’s.

Question of the Day

What are your thoughts on The Toilet Seat Debate? It’s Friday! Let’s have some fun!

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  1. Mal thinks he’s making a good point, but not really and here’s why. Men go to the bathroom with the toilet seat up OR down, and how are you to know? So you couldn’t possibly excercise consideration by leaving the toilet seat up because what if he needed it to be down on a particular occasion? Also, the only reason the seat is up is because men think it’s emasculating to sit down. They chose to stand which means the burden is on them to put the seat down. Besides, seat down is the normal state of things. 😉

  2. I am a true believer in the toliet seat stays down when it is not in use! Luckily my boyfriend had never had an issue with doing this and I have never even had to say anything to him about it! However at work, there is a co-ed bathroom and I am really out of luck there! I have expressed the “put down the seat and clean your funk off of it!” (gross, I know) but they just say, “well you never put the seat up for us!” Personally I HATE toilets and bathrooms – it is a borderline phobia…so the thought of having to touch the seat freaks me out (hands covered or not) SEATS DOWN GENTLEMEN!!! 🙂

  3. Seat down! Without getting too gross here… there are two kinds of “go to the bathroom”. Women do both with the seat down, men do one with it up, one with it down. 3 out of 4 times the seat is down, so the 1 out of 4 times, it can be lifted up. Tell him the effort he doesn’t exert by sitting and standing can be used to raise and lift the seat 😉

  4. The toilet seat debate is actually a non-issue in our house. We leave the seat and lid down all the time when it’s not in use. It keeps the cats from falling in!

  5. Put it down, guys. (You don’t *always* need it up, if you know what I mean).
    So, down. Always. In fact, put the lid down, too. I’m almost obsessive about putting the lid down, for many reasons… germs, visually (I just don’t like looking at the inside of the toilet), and perhaps the most important one… so things can’t fall in! I’m a huge klutz and am forever knocking things off my bathroom counter. Do I want that to end up in the toilet? No thanks. Eww.


  6. I definitely say down because

    1) it looks much cleaner!

    2) Women ALWAYS need the seat down and men SOMETIMES need the seat down so more often the seat needs to be down

    it’s actually a non-issue for my husband and I because we keep the lid down to keep our pup from drinking the water! 😛

  7. Down for sure including the lid. It’s just gross all together. If you want to get all we are equal about it – at some point he uses it in the down position but you don’t ever use it in the up position (I assume).

  8. My boyfriend and I live together and in our two years sharing a bathroom the toilet seat has always been left down! I need our bathroom to stay neat and tidy to keep my sanity, so we actually keep both the seat and the lid down. So Mal’s argument wouldn’t work in our house, because I have to put the lid up and then close it again when I’m done, just like the bf has to do except he just has to pull the lid and the seat up and then back down. It works for us and makes me very happy. 😀

  9. Down, lid closed! It looks nicer/neater that way, and things can’t fall in — this coming from someone who’s clumsy and has flung toothbrushes and hairbrushes countless times that land in an open toilet. Not fun!

  10. I think that the toilet seat should always be left down. If I need it down for 100% of my time in the bathroom, and my guy needs it up for 50% of his time and down for the other 50%, that means that the seat needs to be down for 75% of our total bathroom time. It doesn’t make sense to leave it up if that’s the way it’s gonna stay just 25% of the time.

    it’s just simple math 😉

  11. Seriously, he is supposed to be a gentleman and put the seat down!

    My sister’s husband did the same thing, and he had the same reasoning as Mal does. I honestly feel like it is just bad manners.

  12. Seat and lid should always be down. My husband made the same point, but I figure if we each put everything down, we are doing the same amount of work. Of course he still leaves it up. men are so difficult to train.

  13. Umm, he needs to put it down. Without question. Why would you put it up? He may go into the bathroom after you and SIT down too. Men should always put the seat down. Period.

  14. I’ve always figured the most equitable solution is LID down…that way everyone is inconvenienced with having to lift something. Plus, I just think it’s nicer to not have to look in the bowl. Of course, the downside is the number of semi-conscious, near-disasters in the middle of the night.

  15. In my house, we put the toilet seat AND the lid down every time. The main reason behind this is that bacteria shoots into the air everytime you flush, so having the lid down keeps our toothbrushes and the rest of the bathroom as bacteria-free as possible. My husband has become trained. 🙂

  16. Down down down…yick! My hubby also puts the lid down. Do you know that baceteria can fly in a 20 ft radius everytime you flush — that’s motivation to keep both seat/lid DOWN!

  17. I always put the toilet seat down and believe men should do as such. While there are a multitude of reasons of justification for either case, my reasoning is simple: it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

  18. Hmm. There’s no much debate since my husband rarely leaves the seat up. (I’m a lucky woman that way) But I like it to stay down for the same reason you do…if I get up at night and don’t pay attention I fall right into the pot. 🙁

  19. My husband and I have the same argument. I feel like he has no case, though, since when the toilet seat is up, it’s just ugly and gross. Unless he wants to scrub under the seat (and the rim!) every time he uses it, he has to put it down. Otherwise it’s just gross.

  20. My boyfriend NEVER put the seat down until I moved in and started bugging him about it. While its a valid point that we don’t put the seat up for them…I still think down is a more “proper” position for a toilet seat, it just looks gross when its up!

  21. SEAT and LID down! Ever since I saw the episode of Oprah like…5 years ago where they checked items in the bathroom for fecal matter, I have loyally left my lid down!

  22. you know, my husband is like the only man in the entire world that is considerate enough to put the seat back down, it’s great!!

    tina ~ i just wanted to let you know that i saw your article in PEOPLE magazine yesterday!! i was like “tina haupert {sp? sorry} i know her, i read her blog!! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!

  23. I fervently believe that the seat should be down. Clean as it may be, I really don’t want to see the inside of the toilet.

    My boyfriend always puts the seat down — I think his mom ingrained that in him!

  24. Here’s the deal: Girls only use the toilet with the seat down, Guys use it with the seat up AND down (ahem #2), there for down wins the majority and it should be put down.

    I’m going to use that little theory I just made up on my boyfriend.

  25. How about everyone puts the toilet seat AND the lid down, every time. That way, girl or boy, you have to bend over to lift up the seat, and then you have to remember to put it back down. Everyone has to do their job, regardless of how you use the toiler!

  26. The whole thing down, lid included. We have a cat, he’s a psychopath, and it’s only a matter of time before he decides to go swimming. lol

  27. I’ve had this debate with my partner too, where he also brought up that point, but I think I’ve got them beat! There is never a time when I need the toilet seat up, however there are times when he needs it down and the times he chooses to have it up…that’s really a choice, it doesn’t HAVE to be up, so by that logic…we should all be contributing to a down seat 🙂

  28. Why don’t you both just put the top lid (the cover) down when your finished then whenever either of you have to go you both have to lift up the lid and put it back down. Make sense??

  29. My husband and I had this discussion after we got married. I convinced him that because I never use the toilet with the seat up, and he occasionally needs the seat, he should always put the seat down. It took about two months for him to remember to do it consistently, but now he closes the lid too, which works for me.

    Hopefully that works for you guys too. I am always terrified of falling in in the middle of the night since I don’t turn on lights when I wake up!

  30. Seat down. My dog drinks from the bowl unless it’s shut (of course he won’t drink from his water dish). :/

  31. All men need to put it down!!
    I’ll explain….
    I personally believe that there are certain jobs and chores that are “men jobs.” They should always take out the trash, unload the groceries from the car, pay for dinner, etc. Putting the toilet seat down has been on that same list forever, some people just forgot. But that’s me, I tend to be a bit more traditional.

  32. I think men are missing the point when they gripe about the toilet seat thing. It has nothing to do with the seat.

    It’s about the LID.

    Toilet LIDS should ALWAYS be down. Always. Without exception. I don’t want toilet particles flying around the bathroom landing on my toothbrush thankyouverymuch.

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