The Time We Put Murphy in a Cooler

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It was 95 degrees yesterday, which, as we say in our house, is “too hot for pugs.” I waited until the early evening to take Murphy for his afternoon walk, but it was still too hot for him.

IMG_0068 (640x480)

When we returned from our walk, Murphy was panting like crazy and sort of pacing around our back porch where Mal and I were hanging out. I could tell Murphy was uncomfortable, so I immediately started to think about how we could cool him off and help him relax. I’ve heard if you put a dog’s feet in cold water, it will help them cool down. Murphy loves going in the water at the dog park on hot days, so I knew this is exactly what we needed to do.

murphy loves to cool off his butt

A kiddie pool would have been perfect for this, but a cooler worked just as well. We filled it up with about 6 inches of cold water and then put Murphy inside.

photo (9) (450x600)

And he loved it. Murphy immediately sat down and got comfortable. And then he stayed there for a good 5 minutes, just chillin’ and cooling off in the cooler.

pug chilling in a cooler

See, we don’t need AC. Just put the dog in the cooler! Mal and I will laugh ourselves cool… or something? Ha!

photo (10) (450x600)

Question of the Day

What’s the craziest/funniest thing you’ve ever done to cool off?

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  1. @Tina: @Fernanda Saboia: @Tina: @Fernanda Saboia:
    We have a lab and she is not a fan of the hot weather but she does have her own personal kiddie pool. Learned from her vet and random dog trainers that there are other ways to tucker out a high-energy dog besides physical activity when the weather isn’t cooperating. Play games to engage their minds. One favorite is to put our dog in a sit-stay in a separate room and then hide 5 – 10 pieces of her kibble in another room. Release her to the room with the kibble with a command of “Find It” and let her sniff around till she finds all the treats. Keeps them busy and engaged. Also, teach them new, perhaps complicated, “tricks” and work on them a little each day. When you have a number of them, you really engage the dog’s brain because they have to think when they hear the command.

  2. So I already commented on this on your Instagram, but I just LOVE this! He looks so cute in the cooler! I have a Samoyed (big, fluffy sled dog) who loves to jump into the shower with me if she’s hot!

    xx Kait

  3. LOL….I love that….Murphy looks so content!! Very creative. Too bad my dog is too big for a cooler or I would let him try it too!!

  4. Wouldn’t an AC window unit be wiser & safer for him? When animals are overheated, cooling them down too quickly can be dangerous.

  5. OMG, I am OBSESSED with that first pic of Murphy in the cooler! It’s hysterical! He looks so happy he almost can’t stand it!

  6. Most homes in Western Washington state don’t have A/C because it’s only hot a few weeks out of the year. My apartment doesn’t have any, but I keep it cool with a super sweet Vornado fan. The craziest thing was on one of our 90 degree days, I wanted to buy another fan, and all my Soldiers (Army) told me stores were out of fans. I didn’t believe it until I called EIGHT different stores from Target to Sears to Lowe’s to Kohl’s but everyone in the area was OUT. Luckily, the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond had a good amount of fans left and I dropped over $100 on a Vornado. Totes worth it. But my poor dog, Charlie, usually hides out on the bathroom floor where it’s a little cooler.

  7. OMG- putting your dog in the cooler is SUCH a good idea! My beagle dislikes the heat too, we say “too hot for doggies” in our house, haha.

  8. I never comment but this time I just had to – you guys are the best fur-parents! That is such a great (and KIND) idea! Murphy is so lucky.

  9. I think this is a great idea – BUT – PLEASE BE CAREFUL – the lids on these coolers can easily fall down while doggie is wiggling around getting comfy – and if you aren’t there – he’s sealed in an airtight container – VERY VERY BAD. So maybe think about getting him his own cooler with the lid removed so it’s definitely safe. My cat jumped into our cooler one day while we were watching and the lid slammed shut right while she was in there – scared the hell out of me -so we’re very very careful about pets and coolers. XOXO

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