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Sad news: I decided to end my Summer Run Streak today. I’m bummed, but I need to listen to my body, which isn’t very happy with me right now. Over the weekend, my IT bands started acting up and yesterday my hip started to bother me, so I’m calling it quits with the steak. (Clearly, I like running more than my body does!)

IMG_5652 (750x547)

As much as I want to complete 38 days in a row of running, it’s just not worth a potential injury””and Lord knows I’m prone to them! Plus, I’d like to run with Monica when I see her later this week, so I want to make sure my legs are happy and healthy. I just think they need some rest and they’ll be good as new again!

Are you still participating in the Summer Run Streak?


This morning’s breakfast was “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats with fresh blueberries and almond butter.

_MG_8131 (750x499)

I also enjoyed a glass of iced coffee with coconut milk.

_MG_8116 (750x499)


Today’s lunch was a big salad topped with cottage cheese, sliced almonds, raspberries, truffle oil, and Annie’s balsamic dressing.

_MG_8152 (750x499)

On the side: Sweet Potato Wedges cooked in coconut oil.

_MG_8148 (750x499)

I have a new found love for cottage cheese.



A little while later, I whipped up a green smoothie as an afternoon snack. In the mix:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1.5 cups chopped kale
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • 1.75 cups unsweetened almond milk
  • Dash of cinnamon

_MG_8178 (750x499)

I’m off to walk the pug and then to CrossFit.

Enjoy the night, friends!

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  1. between you and Theodora, I’m feeling so much better about quitting the streak when I hurt my ankle rather than pushing through the pain for a mile every day. THANK YOU for the encouragement and inspiration to listen to and take care of my body!

  2. Yeah I don’t think the run streak is a very good idea for the injury prone; I am the same way so I didn’t even want to try it since I am just starting to run again after injuring myself in April!

  3. I’m sorry it was not your choice to end the streak. Sometimes our body has a mind of its own!

    Confession: When you first announced your attempt at the streak, I was so jealous! I love running too, but my 32 year old body has different ideas. I noticed that the older I get, the more rest days I need. I suppose at this point I should just accept that my body is no longer a 23 year old one (oh if I only appreciated it THEN!) and just be grateful for what it can do.

  4. I also broke my streak on Sunday. I vowed to complete the rest of it as long as I was running pain free. I really don’t like cottage cheese, but it is such a great source of protein, I use it in smoothies now instead of yogurt.

  5. No run streak for me. I don’t like getting all dressed up and sweaty for 1 mile, plus my body needs a rest after a few days of running.

  6. Yeah, I think the streak was a little too ambitious for me. I only lasted 5 days! I had some shin splints, so I’ve just been doing my cardio classes and walking.

  7. I would of loved to take part in Run Streak but I’ve been off running due to a trapped nerve in my lower back/hip for over a month because I didn’t listen to my body and over did it! Best to listen 🙂

  8. Oh no! I’ve been battling an it band injury since April… Hoping it will get better soon so I can continue training for my first marathon in October. Good idea stopping, the it band in such an annoying injury!!!!

  9. Oh man! Bummer!! BUT major props to you for listening to your body and knowing when to ease up a bit. I’m still participating, and am HOPING my body will cooperate for the full 38 days. I’m a young breast cancer survivor so between the surgeries, chemotherapies, radition, and the meds I have to continue on, my body feels like I’m 90 most days and I am definitely more prone to injuries now.

  10. Oh man! Bummer!! BUT major props to you for listening to your body and knowing when to ease up a bit. I’m still participating, and am HOPING my body will cooperate for the full 38 days. I’m a young breast cancer survivor so between the surgeries, chemotherapies, radition, and the meds I have to continue on, my body feels like I’m 90 most days and I am definitely more prone to injuries now. Hello two broken ribs and thigh splints in my femur bone all within the past several months. So we shall see! I’m hoping for the best:)

  11. Sorry to hear about the end of your running streak. I too am healing an IT band injury and have not been running as much. 🙁

    Cottage cheese is delicious! Have you tried Friendship’s whipped cottage cheese? It’s so good!

  12. I liked the idea of the RW Run Streak, but there’s no way I could run everyday–I am TOTALLY injury prone, & am currently sticking to a strict 3-runs-a-week training plan for my half marathon. Living in fear of injury!

  13. I participated in the summer running streak for about 1 week and a 1/2. However I am training for a 10k and a half marathon and my it band (which I injured last december and brought me on a 3 month hiatus from running) started to kill me. Mind you I am only 20. :(. Its ok though because isn’t running everyday not good for you? Kudos to everyone who has started the running streak and has stuck with it or has ended it :)Those sweet potato fries look divine! Keep your IT band safe!

  14. I’m still streaking! However, I’m used to 1-2 rest days a week so today was super slow and my legs were very tight.
    This might be the time I eventually break down and buy a foam roller or stick for my sore muscles. Do any of you use any of that stuff? Does it work?

  15. I have had a really great few months…. I ran every day in April averaging 4 miles a day (longer runs on weekends) and took two rest days in May. I know it sounds nutso… and I go through sneakers like crazy and my pace has plateaued but running keeps me sane haha I MUST start swimming soon on designated rest day… I’m running the Falmouth Road Race later this Summer, the BAA half, and the cape Cod marathon in the fall.

  16. Hey Tina, quick question – when you make a smoothie with kale, can you taste it? I usually use spinach in my green smoothies and find that the fruit masks the spinach-y flavor nicely; however, I find kale has a stronger and more distinct flavor so I’ve been apprehensive about using it in smoothies. Also, do you think just fruit would be enough to balance out the kale flavor (my smoothies are usually just frozen banana, frozen berries, greens and soymilk), or is it the protein powder that covers it up? Thanks!

  17. That’s why I decided to not participate, I’ve learned already that I can’t run very many days in a row. Now I make sure to never run more than 2 days in a row if I can help it. Too many past injuries and issues!

  18. Take the rest! Your body is telling you that you need it! I’m sure it will heal with a little time off. I hate taking rest days but I always tell myself its my body’s chance to recover and get stronger! I need to remember to try your Paleo oatmeal too ASAP!

  19. Good choice – I find that listening to my body is one of the hardest things to do since I’m not easily discouraged from accomplishing something. It takes more self-discipline to stop training sometimes than to keep training!

  20. Yep, I’m still in the streak. The weird thing is I have back problems and I feel worse not to exercise every day!! It’s sad your streak has ended. But I totally understand – I pushed past pain and ran a 5k on a broken foot because I had already paid for the race. Needless to say, that race I did not PR and was in a foot brace for 3 months.

  21. Good call on the running. As stubborn as I am when it comes to challenges, you definitely don’t want to mess with your IT band or hips.

    Cottage cheese on salads is fantastic right? I need to do this more often!

  22. My streak ended on Friday. My ankles weren’t too happy with me running that many days in a row. I’m training for my first marathon, too, so I decided to end it. Why risk injury for streaking when I want a marathon much more?

  23. I haven’t kept up the streak either. I try to tell myself every day that it’s just a mile, I should be able to get it done. But since I’m helping my husband to build our house, my mind is decidedly preoccupied. Sometimes running just doesn’t make the cut. Even for just a mile. 🙂

  24. I got a 4 month run streak going even though a while back I was hurting and should have stoppEd but just reduced my mileage.

    As for cottage cheese I know it’s amazing try blending it into whipped cc it’s like a mousse add vanilla extract and sweetener, heaven!

      1. @Liz: @Alek Prus:

        Hmmm….seemed to be a reply malfunction. I meant to say: I like to puree/blend cottage cheese & use it to make mashed potatoes (instead of milk & butter)! 🙂

  25. I never really started the running streak, but I’ve been running almost every day anyway since my friend and I are preparing for our first half marathon with one of Hal Higdon’s programs. Sorry to hear about your IT bands, but it’s good that your listening to your body. Don’t want to hurt yourself.

  26. Thank you for declaring your ending streak! I am very suspicious of a continuous running regimine. Some bodies may be able to do it, but I feel like it’s asking for trouble over that much time.

  27. I had to change up my running streak to just a fitness streak. My old back injury was flaring up with all the running. I’m shooting for 2 days running, 2 days crossfit, and 2 days cycling. Def need 1 day of rest!

  28. Giving up is much better than risking a potential injury! I’m glad you did what is best for your body! 🙂 That’s why I didn’t participate in the running streak in the first place – I only run every other day or less, but my knees still sometimes bother me, so I knew that running every day would just be asking for trouble!

  29. Thanks for this post! My streak broke today because of a nagging, but mild, hip/IT band issue as well. I thought I could handle at least a mile a day, but those rest days are important! I honored National Running Day by getting fitted for new shoes 🙂

  30. I am ending it today … it is 11:25 PM and I did not run today … I ended my #Plankaday streak not because I could not continue – but because I think I am getting tired of feeling that I was close to not completing yet another thing … I am very precise about completing my to-do’s at work and at home … but all these “a day” activities that I am imposing on myself are taking the love out of my activities …

    I am just thinking that I will make a conscious effort to run as much as I can until July 4th.

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