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Over the years, quite a few readers have asked me what type of sports bra I wear to exercise. I’ve answered on my FAQ page, but the sports bra question doesn’t always receive a straightforward answer from me. You see, I wear different sports bras (and sport bra combinations) depending on the workout type.

For most workouts, I wear two sports bras together for extra support. Usually, I wear a C9 Sports Bra from Target with a sports bra from Old Navy. I also like Under Armour’s HeatGear Shaper Bra and wear it with one from Target or Old Navy.

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When it comes to running or more vigorous activity, my sports bra secret is Lululemon’s TaTa Tamer.

As much I love the clothing at Lululemon, I can’t usually justify the price, except for their TaTa Tamer. (FYI: It goes on sale!) It is easily the best sports bra that I’ve found– and I’ve tested out A LOT of sports bras over the years! I wear the TaTa Tamer with a sports bra from Target or Old Navy over it. For me, the combination prevents just about any sort of movement! 😉 Even on long runs, I don’t experience any sort of chaffing or discomfort– no body glide required!

What’s your favorite sports bra? Do you have a sport bra secret?


For lunch this afternoon, I had a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich with a spinach salad, topped with Annie’s Goddess dressing, on the side.


After lunch, I satisfied my sweet tooth with some candy corn. Well, actually, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a lot of candy corn! 😉


I just finished eating lunch about an hour ago, but I’m already thinking about an afternoon snack. I’m craving something cold and creamy. Perhaps a banana smoothie? Mmm! I think it’s definitely going to happen! 😉

Feel Great Weight

Now that summer is officially over, it’s not as easy for me to stick to my workout schedule. Check out this week’s Feel Great Weight post: 5 Ways to Excuse-Proof Your Workout.

Taking the pug for a walk and then meeting friends for dinner and drinks.

See ya! 😎



  1. I have very little to actually support, so I can get away with just about any sports bra. I do tend to double up though. I just prefer keeping what little I have very wrapped up.

  2. Am I the only one that doesn’t wear a sports bra? I am pretty small chested and I don’t wear any bra under my work out tops. I used to but it felt so constricting plus they always show and I hate that!

  3. I commented above about not wearing a sports bra but I’m also not a runner so maybe that makes a difference? I do Zumba and Pilates and don’t really feel like I need a sports bra.

  4. @Michele: I don’t wear sports bras either, Michele. I’m a runner, but the built-in shelf bra on workout tops is good enough for me since I don’t need any support. I was thinking I was the only one reading through all these comments!

  5. I use the same sports bra 😉
    I haven’t been running in a while, but I needed something to help me stay in place. I’m on the larger side ( C/D ) and so I definitely want to reiterate how great the TaTa Tamer is.

  6. Oh! Also wanted to add, for the larger chested (boob-ed?) girls out there, my roommate in college was around an F-cup and she HAD to wear two sports bras.. so it isn’t uncommon and she said it helped.. though she was annoyed at having to wear two!

  7. I am so jealous of everyone who gets to wear cute little sports bras instead of the ugly mechanical contraptions that these ta-tas necessitate!
    I always go with 2 as well….something more expensive and then a Target bra. My current favorite is the 7 Wonders Bra from Title Nine. I was all excited to try the Lululemon bra, but sadly it doesn’t come in 34DDD. Ah, the story of my life. 🙁

  8. Kimberley : Don’t get jealous , because everyone can wear cute little sports bras. Especially if you are eager to have a sexy body like me to wear that bras. But hey it will take you a lot of efforts and time. Guys love girls with large tits , so do your best to show them what you’ve got. 🙂 By the way i have 300 Cute bras and half of them are with a swimsuit. hahahaha

  9. I usually run in a REGULAR bra…I’ve got absolutely nothin’ up top! Actually, I only own one sports bra that I’ve had for about four years…meaning from the ages of 14 to 18, not much has changed. Ouch.

  10. I don’t tend to like sports bras, but with the fiancee and I seriously talking about taking up running, I need to figure out one that will mimic a corset-like support in the top, without the rib squishing.(I wear an underbust corset to my LARP once a month, and combined with my overdress- running is NOT a problem).
    And YUM for the Candy Corn. So far, i’ve been able to avoid buying it, because if I do, the munchkin and I will kill the bag in a sitting. Seriously

  11. For those of you with a need for larger sports bras….Under Armor has the most amazing one I have ever found. I originally wanted to try the TaTaTamer from Lululemon but it would not accommodate my 38Ds. Thank goodness for Under Armor, the bra fits perfectly, holds securely, and there is no need for using another bra, or even body glide!

  12. I can’t afford to get anything more than just the “sports bras” at Wal-Mart. But I do make sure to get the right size and that I’m left with minimal bounce.

  13. I have tried many sports bra due to an ever changing bra size. I have gone from a 34B up to a 36DD when I was pregnant. Through all the changes I still swear by my Frog Bra from Title Nine. It is a compression bra and when I have it on nothing moves.

  14. Moving Comfort is the ONLY thing that works for me. I have a larger chest; and I always wore two sports bras; but that’s just not comfortable for me. Moving Comfot is super comfy and does not move….and here’s my *secret tip*

    I have all my sports bras tailored. I’m very small around the back (about a 32); but my chest is um, substantial. Tailoring is the only way to get the right fit around and in front!

  15. Sportsbras! UGH. Such a challenge to find the perfect one if you REALLY need one (like I do). Need an underwire…I have finally found that the Gap Body Max Support ones (made by Champion) are working really well for me. I like that I can use 20% coupons on them so I’ve finally got a few in my possession to go into rotation (instead of constantly washing!).

    your spinach salad looks so good! I love Annie’s GG dressing. And I’m steering clear of candy corn right now…trying to get to my feel great weight before a trip the end of this month! I have a weakness for candy corn! My kids have been begging! 🙂

  16. Another vote for the Ta Ta Tamer! The first couple times I wore it I felt like it was giving me torpedo boobs, but it doesn’t seem so bad anymore for some reason.

    I used to get a Champion bra that came in real bra sizes — you know, rather than small, medium, large — but I never realized how much my boobs still bounced until I tried the TTT. The girls do NOT move in that thing, for serious.

  17. I have found sports bras in the blog world oddly fascinating! I live in Australia and our typical sports bras are more like actual heavy duty bras – they look a lot like the Ta Ta Tamer actually, but with underwire.

    Most of the ‘sport bras’ I see on American blogs look like simple crop tops to me – nothing like what we’d call a sports bra here! I actually couldn’t imaging wearing one of these – doesn’t look like much support? Ta Ta Tamer looks good though.

  18. When I started running (uh, barely a mile) and only going on the stationary bike or elliptical at the gym – I made do with the c9 sports bra you posted a picture of. They are so cheap and and I have some in a couple colors. But when I started running more, and re-measured myself for regular bras, I found I was a 32D and required more support for longer running distances! The Tata Tamer gave me quite a torpedo shape, so I passed, despite the good reviews. I picked up a nice Under Armour and New Balance sports bra…then realized more support was available in the way of Moving Comfort’s Fiona and Juno bras! I love them (the Juno more, because it’s racerback and I can wear with my tanks). No chafing here.

  19. when do ta-ta tamers go on sale?! i have never seen hem on sale which is why i have not purchased one 🙁

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