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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good times in New York City!

IMG_1241 (640x640)

I can’t believe my trip is already over and I’m back on the Bolt Bus to Boston. I think I may have spent almost as much time on the bus as I did in the Big Apple! Even still, I had a blast in NYC, and now I’m excited to head home and start my Reach the Beach adventures with Team Off Balance. Theodora arrives tonight and Monica gets in tomorrow morning, and then we’ll meet the rest of our team at New Balance in the afternoon””that’s when the fun really starts!

[rewind to yesterday afternoon]

When I arrived in NYC, I headed straight to the hotel where Beth is staying for the week. We were both starving after our long days of travel, so we quickly freshened up in her hotel room and then headed out in search of food.

IMG_4622 (640x480)

Theodora came to the rescue with a great restaurant recommendation: LuLu & Me.

IMG_4623 (640x480)

LuLu & Me is an adorable, little restaurant with a nice wine list and a menu of “snacks” and small plates””perfect for sharing with a friend.

IMG_4624 (640x480)

Beth and I had plans to attend a launch party for Bob Harper’s new book later in the evening, so we didn’t want to fill up too much just in case there was food at the event. We also thought we might want to go out for dinner after the launch party, so we shared three small plates:

Grilled asparagus with crispy prosciutto.

IMG_4618 (640x480) (2)

Baked cheesy goodness (aka Frico – griddled Montasio cheese).

IMG_4619 (640x480)

And ricotta crostini with tomato and basil.

IMG_4621 (640x480)

All three plates were delicious, but the Frico was by far my favorite. I mean, griddled cheese? Come on now. Is there anything better?

Once we finished eating, we met Theodora for a drink and then headed to Bob Harper’s launch party at Santa Maria Novella, an “upscale apothecary” (aka a home/candle/perfume store), which sort of seemed like an odd place for this type of event, but it was pretty and smelled really nice inside.

IMG_4657 (480x640)

IMG_4630 (480x640)

When we arrived, the place was packed with people and Bob was already mixing and mingling with those in attendance.

IMG_4633 (640x480)

While we waited for our chance to chat with Bob, I snacked on some passed appetizers.

IMG_4628 (640x480)

And enjoyed a cocktail. (Well, I drank about a 1/3 of a really strong vodka soda.)

IMG_4638 (640x480)

Eventually, Bob made his way over to where our (blogger) group was standing, so Cat introduced herself and struck up a conversation with him. (Way to break the ice for us awkward and shy people!) Cat told Bob we were all bloggers to which he replied: “I love bloggers!” Ha!

IMG_4640 (640x480)

Bob was super friendly and spent close to 10 minutes chatting and snapping photos with us before he moved on to the next group of people.

IMG_4643 (640x480)

My interaction with Bob was only about 30 seconds, but I managed to tell him I was a fellow CrossFitter (nerd alert). He replied: “So that’s how you got those arms.” A compliment from Bob Harper?! So cool!

IMG_4650 (640x480)

Blogger friends: Beth, me, Ashley, Theodora, Cat, and Nicole.

IMG_4655 (640x480)

As we left the event, we were each given a goodie bag with an autographed copy of Bob’s new book inside.

IMG_4674 (640x480)

In his book, Bob explains his “simple, nonnegotiable principles to get thin,” which include tips and techniques, such as drink a large glass of water before each meal, read food labels, and don’t drink your calories. Of course, this is all great advice, but none of it really surprised me. I only briefly flipped through the book, but most of what I read were “rules” that I’ve heard over and over again. However, for someone just starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle, Bob’s advice seems really straightforward and attainable.

One of his rules, in particular, caught my attention: Eat protein at every meal””or stay hungry and grouchy. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this one before, but I thought it was important to note since I wish I followed it during the early days of my weight loss (instead of eating tons of low-calorie carbs and being hungry all of the time). Nowadays, including protein (and healthy fats) in all of my meals and snacks is key to maintaining my weight and controlling my sugar cravings, so I’m curious to read what Bob has to say about it. I’ll be sure to report back!

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Question of the Day

What are your initial reactions to Bob Harper’s new book? Would you buy it? Do you follow any sort of “rules” in your own diet?



  1. This event seems so fun and I love Bob’s glasses!! I used to have TONS of rules that I never broke (ie. no hamburgers, no pizza, no cheese, etc). So glad I’m over that stage and eat in moderation now. I find that in most books or articles (“the keys to losing weight”) are all things I’ve heard a million times. I guess they’re helpful to beginners, but I wish there would be new secrets!

  2. Ha! I love Bob Harper – I do his workout DVD’s all the time since the workout classes in Europe are few and far between. I love his yoga one! Would probably buy his book at some point too 🙂

    1. @Jeanelle @ Glocal Girl: Jeanelle, That is so familiar! I also became hooked on Bob’s DVDs while living in Europe. I am now back in the States and still do them. Yoga Warrior was the first one I purchased and is still my favorite!

  3. I LOVE Bob Harper and I’ll definitely check out the book. I’m sure its got a lot of solid recommendations. I don’t like the title though. I hate culture’s desire to be ‘skinny!’ Can’t we just want to be healthy?!

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