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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I saw this post on Janetha‘s and Lindsay‘s blogs last week and I thought it was really sweet, so I decided to do it on CNC. The simple things in life really are the best things in life!

AAlmonds. I’m pretty sure I’m going to turn into one at the rate I eat them throughout the day every day.

BBagels. Preferably the one’s from Theodora‘s favorite bagel shop near her old apartment, but I pretty much love all bagels.

C – CrossFit. Duh.

IMG_1387 (750x560)

D – Downward dog. The first Downward Dog of a yoga class feels, oh, so good.

E – Eggs. Such a versatile and healthy food. Love ”˜em.

F – Flip flops. I’d wear them year-round if I could. Damn snow.


G – Grandparents. I miss mine.

H – Hydrangeas. My favorite (and wedding) flower.

IMG_7398 (750x563)

I – Iced coffee. It makes me ridiculously happy.


J – Jack-o-Lanterns. I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to carve one.

IMG_0048 (800x600)

K – Koozies. They instantly make a beer more fun to drink.

L – “Lap” dog. There’s a good chance if I am sitting, Murphy is on my lap.

IMG_7064 (569x750)

M – Murph ”˜N’ Mal. They make me smile every single day.


N – Neon. I’m loving the neon color trend this summer. It’s so cheery!

O – Outdoor movies. So fun, so relaxing!

IMG_7623 (750x563)

P – Pineapple. The fruit, of course, but also pineapple-flavored coconut water. Best summer beverage ever.


Q – Quotes. I love them.

IMG_0072 (800x600)-2

R – Running. The easiest way to clear my mind.

S – Sprinkles. Especially on vanilla soft serve ice cream. Such a simple pleasure.

TTOMS. After I ruined my first pair, Mal bought me new TOMS for my birthday. Wearing them is like wearing slippers.

UUS Weekly. I love to unwind with an issue of US Weekly.

V – Veggies. Roasted, please.

_MG_7104 (640x426)

W – Watermelon beer. I’m not usually a fan of fruity beers, but the Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment outstanding. They use real watermelon (not artificial flavors).

IMG_7242 (563x750)

XeXhale. Ok, I kind of cheated on this one, but a nice deep eXhale always seems to calm me.

YYou Have a Choice. Stay stuck or do something about what you want.

ZZero. I love it when the number of items on my To Do list is zero. Not that it happens often, but when it does, it’s the best feeling ever!

Question of the Day

Pick a few letters and tell me some of the simple things you love in your life!



  1. A- Apples (my favorite fruit)
    B – Bread (love it in any form)
    C – C is the first letter of my little sister’s name, love her

    I – Ice cream, the perfect ending to any meal

    M – Mall. I can’t wait to go shopping (even just window shopping) with my mom when I finally go home to get some summer break and catch my breath in mid-August! You know, actually just MOM for M. I miss her so much!

  2. LOVE 21st Amendment watermelon beer! It tastes a little bit like the rind of the watermelon, doesn’t it? Much better than that Jolly Rancher fake melon flavor.

  3. Hell or High Watermelon is one of my favorite beers and it used to always be on draft at the Yardhouse in Dedham. I found out last night, from my brother, that they just stopped serving it last week. Noooooooooo!!! Update if you see it anywhere near here on draft. For now I’m going to stock up on cans.

    If you ever see Kona Brewing Co Wailua Wheat, it’s great with a slice of lemon. It has passionfruit in it but isn’t too sweet (also formerly served at the Yardhouse).

  4. Love this Post!

    N – New classes. I love trying out new fitness classes. Today was Bikram Yoga!
    U – Up. I always try to up my training by pushing myself.
    T – Try. I try my hardest to live a well balanced life.
    S- Stretch. One of my goals this month is to increase my stretching to improve flexibility and minimize chances of injury

  5. I am loving these posts all around the blogsphere. Here are my letters

    B – Blankets. They are perfect for snuggling under on a cold winter’s day or to lie on in the backyard on summer evenings watching my daughter chase fireflies.

    P – Pancakes. Whether they are protein pancakes, gluten free, or traditional I am really digging pancakes right now.

  6. Love this post, here are a few of mine:

    A= Avocado. I’m going through a real craze of loving them right now.
    F= Frozen yoghurt. It’s quite new here in the UK, don’t know how we went so long with out it!
    H= Hot yoga. I feel so alive after a session

  7. C- Concerts are the best events to look forward to, and dancing to live music just makes my heart happy
    G- Grilling by the pool is my favorite thing to do on any summer day
    I- Ice pops, one of my favorite desserts, and eating them reminds me of being a kid
    P-Pistachios are probably my favorite snack. Ever.
    S- Sand. Okay, maybe not in my bathing suit or in my car, but between my toes=my happiest place
    W- Windows down, music up is the perfect way to put me in a good mood.

  8. Wow! That is the only word that comes to mind every time I see your blog. It is seriously fantastic. You have obviously put so much time and effort into an amazing end product. I can only hope to one day have mine be HALF as amazing as yours. You are such an inspiration through your posts, recipes, workouts, and overall positive attitude. Keep it coming; I love it.

  9. B- Bath time!!!
    R- Reading a good book!
    W – William, my beautiful son!
    V – Vacation. Love me some free time.

  10. P ineapple martinis (or anything with FRESH pineapple)
    L aughter (it really is the best medicine)
    E veryday is a fresh start
    A vocado (tastes great on anything)
    S hopping (always makes me feel good)
    U nconditional love from my family keeps me sane
    R unning is the best excercise
    E ggs benedict sound so good right now

  11. How fun is this! Might have just made my Monday 🙂

    M: Mutts! I love mutt dogs!
    O: Outdoors. Being outdoors is my favorite thing. I’ll take sitting out on the deck any day over sitting inside in front of the TV
    N: Nutella… need I say more?
    D: Drinking Beer! (Thats why we workout right? So we can enjoy the beer, guilt-free!)
    A: Animals. Especially baby animals. When I am having a bad day, I will google “cute baby animals” and just smile at the adorable-ness of all the baby animals!
    Y: Yellow, love the color yellow. I painted my laundry room yello and that might have been the best idea I have had in a while. Makes doing laundry do much happier!

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