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For years, Mal and I have been obsessed with recreating The Red Onion Sandwich from the Red Onion Cafe in Burlington, Vermont. It’s the most delicious sandwich I have ever eaten, and I would easily eat it at least once a week if I could. It’s that good. Seriously.


From what Mal and I remember, the Red Onion Sandwich is made with roasted turkey breast, smoked Gruyere cheese, red onion, sliced Granny Smith apple, bacon, and sun-dried tomato mayo. However, when we visited the Red Onion Cafe website today, the ingredients of the sandwich were different. It seems that we were mistaken about the type of cheese. The original sandwich actually has Vermont Smoked Maple Cheddar, not Gruyere. Even still, I love Gruyere on this sandwich. Definitely a good mistake by us! 😉


The Red Onion Cafe offers all sorts of freshly baked breads, but I think the Honey Oat is the best option for the Red Onion Sandwich.


And, of course, you must toast it. The cheese gets all melty and sort of “holds” the sandwich together, so you get all of the delicious flavors in one bite. It’s truly the most amazing combination of ingredients ever.


Tonight, Mal and I came pretty close with our recreation of the Red Onion Sandwich, but it’s still not quite right. We haven’t been able to find a good sun-dried tomato mayo. We keep trying to make our own, but it’s never like the original. I guess we’ll just have to visit Burlington again to do some research! 😉


Best sandwich ever! :mrgreen:



For dessert, I broke into some chocolate chip cookies from VeggieGirl. Mal and I are doing some damage to these babies!


PJs and movie time! Enjoy your Saturday night, bloggies!



  1. Native Burlingtonian here and I love, love, love that sandwich too! If I hadn’t read the comments I would have said my best guess on the cheese was smoked gruyere too. PLEASE let us know when you’ll be visiting next. As you can see you have a lot of fans in Burlington!

  2. OMG. This is so timely. First of all, I have always loved red onion on a sandwich…that’s really the only kind of onion that I buy. But lately, I’ve also been loving these sandwiches I’ve been creating VERY similar to this one that you describe. Only- I swear, just today I was thinking, “I should make the turkey and cheese HOT”. And here I am reading this. NOM NOM. Great pictures too! 😉

  3. I think it’s so hard to recreate a great meal and get it right. If you ask me, a lot of it has to do with the atmosphere. Part of an amazing meal is where and how you experience it! This sandwich does look and sound great!

  4. this sure looks good . like you could take a bite . do you think they would miss it ? food has to look good to be good . if it looked bad then we wouldnt eat things .

  5. Hi Tina! I’m actually taking a trip to Burlington this summer…do you have any other restaurant or activity recommendations?

  6. Just tried this awesome sandwich! I skipped the bacon on mine but added it for my kids. We did add some avacodo slices. I found a brand of mustards called Woeber’s Reserves and we added the cranberry honey which has 10 cals per serving. It was fabulous! Thanks for sharing!! Winner at my house! We had sliced watermelon with this and very filling!

  7. Live in Burlington and I LOVE the Red Onion. Have you had their Eggplant Melt? It’s just like their spinach melt sandwich but with eggplant! Everything at that cafe is delicious!

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