The Old Irish Goodbye

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy, happy, happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here’s a quick little recap of mine”¦

kettlebells_4_kids   glazed_donut

3-ingredient_sangria   photo 2 (3) (800x800)

photo 1 (800x800)   sunday_morning

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Left to right starting at the top:

  • Kettlebells 4 Kids. The WOD was a lot of fun (and surprisingly challenging for just 8 minutes) and we got sweaty for a good cause!
  • Glazed donut. Mal and Q took a ride to Dunkin Donuts while I was WOD-ing on Saturday morning and brought me back a donut. Aren’t they the sweetest?
  • 3-ingredient sangria. This stuff is the best and soooo easy to make. In a large pitcher, just combine 2 bottles of champagne with 48 ounces of fruity flavored seltzer (I used 2 cans of pomegranate and 2 cans of pompelmo San Pellegrino) and frozen berries. Easy as that!
  • Gretta. She came over on Saturday and played with Murphy. They stole socks and ran around the yard like freaks.
  • The best pancake mix. It makes the lightest, cake-like pancakes ever!
  • My view on Sunday morning. The cutest baby ever, blackberry pancakes, stripey sweatpants.
  • Sporting my new shorts before a run on Sunday afternoon. I rocked out 5 miles, which is the longest distance I have run since last October! Yay!

So, Friday night… Mal and I went to a friends’ birthday party with Q. We were all having a great time until Q starting crying and crying and crying. He just wouldn’t stop. Mal and I both took turns trying to calm him down, but a solid hour passed with no luck. Q was actually getting more and more upset and nothing we did chilled him out, so we decided to leave the party and head home.

Instead of making a big deal about our departure, we did the old “Irish goodbye” and quietly slipped out without saying goodbye to anyone. Well, we said goodbye to a few friends, who were hanging out outside, but we didn’t say goodbye to the majority of people at the party. We felt bad peace-ing out like that, but a very upset baby encouraged us to make our exit as quickly as possible. Can anyone else relate or are we just jerks?

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Question of the Day

Have you ever done the old “Irish goodbye”?  (I used to do it ALL the time in college and pretty much any time I was really drunk. I just wanted my bed!)

Moms (and dads): What do you do when your kid is having a meltdown and you’re at a party/get-together or out in public? (Clearly, we had no idea what to do the other night!)



  1. I’m pretty notorious in our group of friends for this because when I get tired I hit a wall pretty quickly. 🙂 I don’t want to deal with goodbyes or people trying to convince me to stay longer.

  2. I did the “Irish Goodbye” at my own wedding! The last song had been played and a lot of people were gone already, so my husband and I just grabbed our guest book and moseyed out. We were like zombies at that point. Then my mom came over the next day and said, “You didn’t even say goodbye to your father and I!” Whoops…

  3. I used to do that in college a lot. But is totally understandable if Q was not a happy camper. I’d send a message or call the host to day thanks for the party though.

  4. I ALWAYS do the Irish goodbye and just recently learned it was called that lol. My husband is one of those people who can make saying goodbye take another hour, so I’ve even got him doing it in the last few years ha ha. Also, his friends will try to pressure us to stay longer ha ha. Now that I have a 7 month old, this is pretty much the only way I leave parties. Obviously if it’s a smaller get together, I say bye. ha ha.

    1. @Kelly: OMG yes!! There have been times I’ve just left my husband in there and I go out to the car to wait. I’ll sometimes text that I’m pulling away. All about the quick departures.

  5. I have never even considered “the Old Irish Goodbye”. I didn’t know this was a thing!!! It sounds tempting, depending o the situation. Making my usual goodbye sweep and giving a goodbye hug to everyone I know at a party takes at least 30 minutes… When we notice it’s getting late, my husband encourages me to “start saying goodbye” 😉

  6. Absolutely! Having a little baby, I think, is an automatic “OK” to leave whenever you need to. We’ve done this with our 2.5 month old, too! Have also had to cancel last minute with friends because our baby was extra fussy or not feeling well. People understand! And, I feel like crying babies make people feel uncomfortable!

  7. Never heard it called that and I don’t do it. I mean I don’t say goodbye to every single person at a reunion/gathering but I would feel bad if I didn’t at least say goodbye to the host. My own dad tried to pull this at my wedding by waving from across the room when someone pointed out he was leaving. I can understand some random cousin I never see but c’mon father of the bride!

    If you have an upset baby in tow, totally acceptable.

  8. Not jerk-y at all. I’ve gotten good at doing that because I hate saying goodbye and explaining to people that I’m worn out and don’t feel like drinking/staying up too much more. With a crying, tired baby, totally justified.

  9. I can so relate to just wanting to leave a party with a super fussy child! I applaud you for attempting it to begin with! I found that when mine were little babies they would easily get overstimulated by social situations, the noise, the new people, etc, and just melt down. It would make my husband and I so frustrated and miserable! Especially me because I dealt with most of it. I don’t think anyone will think you’re a jerk for sneaking out, you do what you have to do!

  10. I am a huge fan of just leaving…especially if its a large group of people and you have a cranky or hyper baby to deal with. My husband on the other hand has to go around and say good bye to everyone. It takes a half hour to leave and drives me crazy!!

  11. Totally not jerks. Babies just dictate life and I assume kids do the same. We hate getting babysitters so we usually don’t go to things after bedtime but you guys seem way more social lol! Maybe a sitter next time?

  12. I agree its totally fine, especially with a baby! Also, I feel like its just female guilt to say goodbye – my husband and his friends do it to each other all the time!

  13. I prefer to leave like that. Then I don’t have to go thru the “stay for 5 more minutes” business. I think people probably figured out you were gone when they stopped hearing an upset baby. If I was the host, I would totally understand, and figure you did what you had to do.
    lol, I have some sort of thing against pictures of feet and food together. I just don’t like it, it seems to be an instagram thing. Ah well, everyone has to have their own little hangup or quirk. 🙂 I like the pants, baby and pancakes, I chose to make french toast on Saturday and Sunday….yummm.

  14. My rule is, if I have spoken to someone at length at a get-together or if I know them well, I ALWAYS say goodbye before leaving. The only exception to this is if they are busy talking to someone else or if I can’t find them. I just feel like it’s the “right” thing to do, although that’s just my personal preference! I don’t have kids so I don’t know what I would do in that type of situation.

  15. I majored in the Irish Exit in college. As soon as I get my bed in my mind, exiting stage left through the backdoor is all I can think about and I don’t want to have to deal with people asking me to stay a few minutes more. =)

    The donut looks delish!!!

  16. I actually did an Irish goodbye at a wedding this weekend! We said goodbye to the bride and one other friend and rolled out. I played the “pregnant lady needs to go to bed” card and we left a half hour early. 🙂

  17. I am the master of the Irish Goodbye :). As an introvert who actually enjoys social situations, once I decide it’s over, it’s over, and I’ve gotta go! But I hate making a big to-do of goodbyes, so it’s much better to sneak out :). Congrats on the run!

  18. I just think it is great that you still go out with Q! My daughter is 17 months old and the hubs and I are just slowly getting back into the whole “leaving the house” thing!

  19. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with an irish goodbye–I def do that often if my baby needs to leave or I’m feeling exhausted and want to leave. I think everyone understands! 🙂

    Cute shorts!

  20. We’d do the Irish Goodbye all the time in college, only we called it the “Shady Dip” – and it’s even more necessary now with a little one than it ever was before 🙂 Luckily most people are pretty great and totally understand! When our girl has a meltdown, we scoot as quickly as possible. If we have to, we’ll explain it later, but usually people just figure it out 🙂

  21. Totally agree — the Irish Goodbye was a staple for drunk college nights. Sometimes I still do this when I’m out and don’t want to go onto bar #3, but also don’t want people to give me grief for being a party pooper. At that point, they usually don’t remember who was at the third bar of the night anyway!

  22. Yep – we have had to leave social functions due to a cranky baby.
    I think it’s best to leave when our son won’t settle down. No one likes to listen to a cranky baby and it’s not fair to him either. It’s best to get him home to familiar surroundings. It’s hard b/c we’ve had to cancel going places at the last minute if he is cranky or gets sick…..and then we feel bummed out, but it’s all part of being a parent. But there are also many times that we went places and our little guy did super, so it all balances out.

  23. Yeah, I do that all the time…I call it “Ghosting Out”. I lose my ish quick and don’t like to have people try to convince me to stay out.

  24. I can definitely relate to the drunk Irish good-bye! Haha. I don’t have kids (yet), but I feel like I would have done the same thing in that situation. I think it’s totally acceptable to rock the Irish good-bye when you’re doing it to be respectful of the party and not wanting to interrupt people’s fun-ness to tell them that you have a hysterical baby to take home (I’m assuming that was your intention- lol). Seems like, from a blog standpoint at least, that you and Mal are doing a great job balancing new baby with a social life. You are definitely a role-model to me in all things fitness and mommy!

  25. You’re not a jerk for doing that! My friends know that when I’ve disappeared, I’m probably already home, in bed, and asleep! I just text everyone when I’ve gotten home. It’s so much easier than people pushing me to stay longer when I’m cranky and tired! haha

  26. I get up SUPER early in the AM, so I cannot stay out that late. We also have a kiddo who needs naps and has a schedule. I usually give a disclaimer in the beginning and tell them if I “go missing” I had to leave early. I usually get a laugh and they totally understand.

  27. sometimes if we’re out and about i find that william gets overstimulated and actually does better if we put him down on a blanket or in a crib or something… he likes to kick around and doesn’t love being held ALL day. plus going to a quieter area also helps as it minimizes stimulation..

  28. I think you guys did the absolute right thing! I think we probably did the same when Girlie would get fussy as a baby. I know that later on the meltdowns would be because she didn’t want to leave the gatherings! Those would often be handled by carrying a screaming toddler out to the car. Oh so fun.

  29. We do that too, but we didn’t have a name for it. Since the hubs is Irish, I’ll start calling it that! I always checked out early when the kids (I have 3) were crying or having a melt down. Those come later, talk to me when Q is 2!

    I’m going to have to buy that pancake mix now!

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