The Old Irish Goodbye

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Hi, friends! Happy, happy, happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here’s a quick little recap of mine”¦

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Left to right starting at the top:

  • Kettlebells 4 Kids. The WOD was a lot of fun (and surprisingly challenging for just 8 minutes) and we got sweaty for a good cause!
  • Glazed donut. Mal and Q took a ride to Dunkin Donuts while I was WOD-ing on Saturday morning and brought me back a donut. Aren’t they the sweetest?
  • 3-ingredient sangria. This stuff is the best and soooo easy to make. In a large pitcher, just combine 2 bottles of champagne with 48 ounces of fruity flavored seltzer (I used 2 cans of pomegranate and 2 cans of pompelmo San Pellegrino) and frozen berries. Easy as that!
  • Gretta. She came over on Saturday and played with Murphy. They stole socks and ran around the yard like freaks.
  • The best pancake mix. It makes the lightest, cake-like pancakes ever!
  • My view on Sunday morning. The cutest baby ever, blackberry pancakes, stripey sweatpants.
  • Sporting my new shorts before a run on Sunday afternoon. I rocked out 5 miles, which is the longest distance I have run since last October! Yay!

So, Friday night… Mal and I went to a friends’ birthday party with Q. We were all having a great time until Q starting crying and crying and crying. He just wouldn’t stop. Mal and I both took turns trying to calm him down, but a solid hour passed with no luck. Q was actually getting more and more upset and nothing we did chilled him out, so we decided to leave the party and head home.

Instead of making a big deal about our departure, we did the old “Irish goodbye” and quietly slipped out without saying goodbye to anyone. Well, we said goodbye to a few friends, who were hanging out outside, but we didn’t say goodbye to the majority of people at the party. We felt bad peace-ing out like that, but a very upset baby encouraged us to make our exit as quickly as possible. Can anyone else relate or are we just jerks?

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Question of the Day

Have you ever done the old “Irish goodbye”?  (I used to do it ALL the time in college and pretty much any time I was really drunk. I just wanted my bed!)

Moms (and dads): What do you do when your kid is having a meltdown and you’re at a party/get-together or out in public? (Clearly, we had no idea what to do the other night!)

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